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'View's' Demise

Greatly Exaggerated

2/16/2007 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rumors are swirling anew that morning TV's biggest girl-group -- Rosie, Elisabeth, Joy and Barbara of "The View" -- are breaking up the band. But TMZ has learned that it's just not true.

According to an In Touch report, the yenta denizens of "The View" might be set to go their separate ways -- O'Donnell to her own show when her contract ends in June, Hasselbeck back to E! network to host a "style" show, and most oddly of all, Behar into the hosting chair currently occupied by former "View" moderator Meredith Vieira on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." Vieira is reportedly signed through the 2008 season of "Millionaire." In Touch didn't specify what might happen to den mother Walters.

But a rep for "The View" put the speculation to rest. The report is "completely false" and that there's "no truth in any of that whatsoever."


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i wish that show was ending.. except with all of them off tv forever

2808 days ago


#1 is is neccessary to say that you want all gay people to die? I am not a lesbian, I just think that you are a hateful person. Does it really matter to you whether people are gay or not? You need to get a life and worry about your own self. Are you really that miserable and unhappy with yourself?

As for the View, I do think Rosie was a bad choice because she just doesn't "fit" in with her "truck driver" style. I would imagine the end of the View is nearing!

2808 days ago


lol Maybe it'll be like the very, very end of the cult '80s classic 'Stand By Me'. You know, when the voice-over says Chris tries to stop a robbery while standing in line at a fast food restaurant and gets stabbed in the throat and died instantly. Any guess who which "View" talker would end up like Chris?

2808 days ago


I think that adding Rosie to the show will spell its demise, she is ranting on everyone and has lost credibility with a lot of people, me included. People in glass houses should not throw stones, a lesson she obviously did not learn. As for the view, I stopped watching when Rosie went off on the Trump stuff.

2808 days ago


Please let this be one story that is true and replace it with something that is positive, uplifting and a joy to watch!

2808 days ago


I only watched the view a few times and find zero appeal.
They lost me as a viewer years ago.

2808 days ago


If you don't like The View, then don't watch it. Simple as that. I love The View and I think Rosie rocks! She is a good person and a loving mother and she gives lots of money to charities. She probably does more good than any of you losers who don't like her. I don't care what anyone says... I think Rosie is great!

2808 days ago

Hollywood Heartbreaker    

Actually, I didn't like the View at all, ever. Not that I watch other shows though, I do not have TV. None. period. Just this trusty computer to keep me connected...

2808 days ago


To #10, "jenny sizemore", Hardaway's comments are vile, repulsive, and indicative of the climate of ignorance, bigotry, hostility and prejudice that continues to pervade the sports culture and our larger culture, just as YOUR supremely ignorant, hate-filled comments do. I would suggest putting YOU and your ilk on that island you spoke of all to yourselves and YOU can "have at it" hating anyone different than you all day and all night long. Meanwhile, decency, tolerance, kindness, equality -- these traits can then blossom and flourish in the fresh air and bright light of all the places where you and your ignorant kind are not.

2808 days ago


They should've known when they hired that fat dike cow!! She is a bitch!!!

2808 days ago


Barbara Walters is a fool. Hiring Rosie is one of the dumbest things she's ever done. I never really liked "The View" and thought of it more as a gossip-fest rather than any kind of journalism show. But when O'Donnell came on.... the credibility went right down the crapper.

Walters wanted her journalism career to end with a bang, not a whimper. She's a pioneer in this business. But now she's a laughing stock.

2808 days ago


Rats! I am sick of hearing about these hens cluck, cluck, clucking. Rosie is so loud an annoying even when she's not speaking.

2808 days ago

Jason Elias    

Rosie O' Donnell signing on and Meredith Vieira and Star Jones leaving (or whatever) really killed the show's charm. It was a good program at one time--now, not so much. The set looks horrible, the guests seem to be shrinking in star power, it's time to end it. I wish it would just go off the air.

You know what else I hate? Those Kimberly-Clark Singers and Dancers. They're inane...

2808 days ago

ozzie o.    

they should all disband and take a trip to see ANS at their own expense. they won't be missed. we're tired of looking at and hearing from these ugly pieces of shit.

2808 days ago

Alec has no brains    

Rosie is a balloon without a tether and an ounce of class. The View might want to dump her when they realize she only ups ratings temporarily--it's easy to get sick of her behavior.

2808 days ago
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