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Klum Clown in Hometown

2/19/2007 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Having two kids does something wacky to blonde celeb moms; Britney chopped off her hair, now Heidi Klum is a scary clown!

This isn't from a photo shoot for the new LaCroix fashion line -- Heidi was just celebrating with her family at a carnival in her hometown near Cologne, Germany.

After seeing Britney's crappy platinum hairpiece last night, it looks like she and Heidi are buying their wigs from the same costume shop.


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Get your facts straight, TMZ.

Klum as three kids, not two.

The highly untalented one (Spears) has two offspring, God help them.

2781 days ago

Vanessa Somerville    

Of all celebs, Heidi Klum seems the most down-to-earth and normal. For TMZ to try to shame Heidi for being a mom who loves being with her children-- that is the only thing that is messed up with this story.

2781 days ago


Heidi Klum has THREE children, not two.

2781 days ago


TMZ's obsession with Heidi has a lot to do with the majority demographic that reads here. TMZ will do whatever they can to bismerk her character because the kluxers here hate seeing her with Seal.

2781 days ago


You guys have never been to Karneval, everyone dresses up in the craziest outfits. One can see the town's mayor dressed up as a clown, priest, or a movie star, it's a lot of fun and everyone enjoys it because they get free candy from the floats. Last year I got to see the "Pope" and his posse at a small town in Germany during Karneval, nothing is off-limits but it is still very family friendly, it's similar to Mardi Gras and Carnival in Rio but with more clothing; it's worth a visit that's for sure!

2781 days ago


How refreshing Heidi Klum is!!! However, she has three kids, not two as in the article.

2781 days ago

Vanessa Somerville    

It's too bad TMZ feels the need on a slow news day to bait their readership with this garbage. What, did you run out of crotch shots or celebs giving the finger shots?

2781 days ago


Shiet! I thought it was Britless Spears for a moment.

2781 days ago


tmz doesn't like her because she is a famous blonde who has a black husband and kid.

2780 days ago


I agree with the comments here about TMZ and Klum. It's not just them it's a lot more... heaven forbid a blonde be with a black man... nevermind reproduce.

No matter what they say every single picture you see of Klum and Seal portray a healthy, happy couple in a very functional relationship. Maybe others in Hollywood and probably some at TMZ could take a cue from these two and model their own relationships after it...

Jealousy is hilarious... Ignorance, bliss.

2780 days ago


Heidi is one of the few celebrities that actually spends time with their (3) children. Why the negativity TMZ?
She's down to Earth and really seems to love her husband and family life. How refreshing is tha?

2780 days ago


I also wanted to comment on the wrong info, since she has 3 children.
And Karneval is about having fun and partying not looking stylish and ready for the camera. You could have also printed her Karneval pictures from last year, she looked very nice in her costume along with Seal.
I am not sure it is about the marriage with Seal, it is just one of those instances I find so repulsive in American media Euro-/Germany bashing. TV and movies are great at it, too.

2780 days ago


Heidi was just having fun celebrating Fasching, which is a big deal in Germany. People get dressed up in costume and the children get candy that is's a real family affair. It's like Mardi Gras in the states, or Karneval in Rio. The day after Fasching ends, lent begins. It's so refreshing to see a celebrity taking part in her community's traditions.
Koelle Alaaf, Heidi!!

2780 days ago


It's Karneval in Germany - especially in Cologne. Everyone dresses up
in the craziest costumes.

2779 days ago


Heidi and Seal are two beautuful human beings with 3 beautiful children. Heidi was just having a good time in her home town and I won't be surprised if her children were also enjoying the day. How can you compare her to Britney?

2775 days ago

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