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Methadone Babies -- Not "Sexy"

2/19/2007 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When it comes to Dannielynn's weight, Anna Nicole might still get her wish ... and it doesn't involved a lo-cal baby formula.

TMZ contacted a medical professional at celeb-friendly Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, who informed us that long-term effects on a child born to a mother on methadone include slowed growth; meaning Dannielynn could have a lower weight and smaller size than un-methed tots.

Anna Nicole: click to launchOther side effects may include both impaired behavioral development and organizational abilities. Short-term effects the baby might experience in the first year are involuntary muscle spasms, irritability, high pitched crying, diarrhea, disturbed sleep and inconsistent breathing patterns.

If the baby is a little off, it will be difficult to say what is attributable to methadone ... and what part to genetics.


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Post #13 mentioned something about the baby not seeming to have good focus which prompts me to write this and I hope someone who cares for the baby has her checked for "Retinoblastoma." My son was born with retinoblastoma and he is now 27 yrs. and is doing great (early detection). However, he did have to have radiation treatments and some children if it's caught too late, lose their eye(s). Retinoblastoma is cancer of the eye that occurs in infants/newborns, usually born premature but not necessarily. Most parents report seeing a "glow" in the child's eye and it often goes undetected by the pediatrician until it's well advanced. From some of the photos I've seen of the baby, it seems she holds her head to one side much like my son did. There are other celebrities whose children have been born with this; Hunter Tylo (the actress on Melrose Place who sued Aaron Spelling for firing her when she was pregnant) and there's also another actor, he is on one of the soaps; I believe his last name is Ashton? Pediatricians do not routinely screen for this disease and it is not all that uncommon.

2810 days ago


I second that motion, #71!! (by hit the nail on the head)
Owl, you never did answer any of those questions, all you did was throw
insults. So, where is your "proof" of all the "facts" you talk
about? And why do you always think that anyone that disagrees with you is
deranged, or strange, or lacking morals or something equally stupid?? Just because their opinion differs from yours?

I agree! Put down that bottle, I hear Betty Ford calling!

2810 days ago


LOL I just can not believe what the heck I am seeing from such uneducated people that actually believe taking Methadone is okay while pregnant???? How stupid can people actually be????

And sorry to point out not one creditable good Dr will say that taking Methadone is okay while you are pregnant. The ONLY Dr saying it is the one who will be having his medical license taken away real soon the one who gave Anna the methadone.

You are not suppose to be taking pain killers while pregnant period. I have migrains and guess what you suffer with them you are not allowed to take your reg meds because it can be harmful to the baby so don't sit here and try to say that Dr's are saying methadone is okay to take while pregnant it is not.

2809 days ago

the wise old owl    

POST # 83 EMMA : I could care less if you agree with me or not. I don't have to give you " proof " or answer any of your questions. HKS has proven his intentions ......OVER AND OVER AGAIN. If you can't see the forest through the trees by now. Your hopeless.

By you having to resort to name callling and accuse me of " hitting the bottle " just shows your lack of intelligence. It just doesn't get any more immature than your comments. I wouldn't be surprised if you are HKS sister or some relative in DENIAL

2809 days ago


This little baby girl is going to grow up and see the pics of her mom holding her, and that's all she will have for memories to last the rest of her life. I think it's so sad that everyone knew that Anna Nicole had a serious serious addiction and no one loved her enough to make the effort to get her help. Sure she needed to help herself but there was a whole show about how fucked up she was. When ratings are more important than the well being of a person, when we hope for the worst in someone for our own entertainment, it is a sad sad thing.

2809 days ago


Anna should have had her tubes tied. Any woman is a selfish jackass to get pregnant while their body is a cesspool of drugs and alcohol.

2809 days ago


Lisa, I hate to break the news to you but YOU are the one uneducated. Don't comment on an issue unless you are educated on the subject. I am so sick of listening to this ignorance. I'm sory but you are NOT going to tell me that my doctor and the THREE different OBGYN's I have spoken to (on top of reading various reports on the subject) are wrong. Unless you are a doctor that has studied the effects of methadone on a baby don't post false information. NO medication is 100% . No credible doctor would prescribe methadone? Why don't u talk to your doctor about it at your next visit. Every doctor I have been to has told me the pros and cons, the pros, no doubt, out way the cons...Methadone is approved and recommended to be used during pregnancy. The doctor who gave Anna the methadone is was wrong only because he gave it to her under an alias which is illegal. If he loses his license, that is why. Do you have any idea how many people take pain killers while pregnant? obviously not! Don't you dare tell me that doctors haven't told me that I am a liar. I'm sorry but you have absolutely NO CLUE. about what u say. Before I put something in my body, I am going to make sure I know EVERYTHING about it and I am going to find out every risk and side effect that is available, I'm not going to claim to know anything about you migraine, for I know nothing about them or their treatment. Don't tell those out there who know about methadone and it's uses that they are wrong.

2809 days ago

janice bloodgood    

All we know is this one person state ANS was starving her baby. We don't know that to be FACT. Also, HKS definitely had something to do with Daniel
and ANS deaths. He is a bloodsucker. He thinks by getting rid of the two that he will have access to the baby's millions. ANS was not wrapped real tight and I think HKS used that to benefit himself. Just my opinion.

2809 days ago


I think it is sad that everyone who knows nothing about methadone has everything to say about it. I personally have been in treatment with methadone for six years. I have done all the research there is to know. I am glad she had a doctor who would give her this miracle drug. yes you heard me miracle drug. it saved my life and my 5 year old daughters.

2807 days ago

Jan Strainer    

If your sister ,wife, daughter, left her baby with her mother about 7 yrs,to strip and lap dance and drugs, drink. I'm not saying she didn't love Daniel. How would you rate her as a mother of your child. The truth is as long as it isn't my family it is OK. Just like a cheating husband I don't hate yours for doing it. But you haven't ever seen hate and mad till mine did it. And I am 37 yrs into it.
You can't say you love then do all this crap After you become a mother. She left the USA before the baby was born because if Larry could prove the baby was born on drugs He could get full cust. I would go for it. Wouldn't you.
We have seen enough on TV about the baby's on drugs all 9 mths or a few in the first mths. Is not a good outcome ever. She will pay the price. It is just which one.
I am afraid HS is a sicko and when it starts coming down on him as it will. He will take his life along with Dannielynn So His family can be together. Per HS on why 2 DBL. plots. What man with any balls give up his life. I'll just say every thing we heard on him (NOT GOOD) He is a SICK O All he wants is to be with Anna and her baby and Son. He has nothing to go back to. Every body hates him just like OJ . He may not be able to be a lawyer, would you hire him after that very bad will. I think he is a con man and our eyes are open. And If HS had SEX with ANNA it was with a date drug. The plots are in HS name. And if HS killed himself Anna would be buried with her killer.
If Anna leaves USA and the reports come back she was killed . NOT often but it does happen they may need to take another look. Could be a drug they didn't check for. Then what
IF it looks like a pig and smell's like a pig IT IS NOT A DUCK!

2805 days ago


I was on methadone the entire time I was pregnant, under a doctor's care. For me, it was better than the heroin I was taking when I unexpectedly became pregnant and it is against medical advice to detox from narcotics while pregnant. Under a doctor's care it is perfectly safe to take methadone while pregnant...the same as taking any morphine, Percocet, Vicodin etc. HOWEVER, while it is safe that does not mean that the baby won't be born addicted. Some babies are born addicted and some are not. I was fortunate and my baby did not experience any withdrawal symptoms...the hospital has a scale that they monitor the baby closely for any signs of withdrawal. If the babies do show withdrawal symptoms they are usually given morphine and then slowly weaned off. It can cause babies to be smaller, have trouble sucking, be really sensitive to light and noise and a few other things, but all are related to the withdrawal and are gone once they are detoxed.

I have known many women afddicted to both heroin and methadone while pregnant, and doctors in the US will not let you detox from either while carrying a child, the risk is too great. So if you are addicted when you get pregnant, you have to be on methadone for the most part-it is much safer than heroin! So Anna was right to be on methadone if she was already addicted to opiate-based narcotics when she became pregnant, but she may have taken lots of other things or too mucn methadone. It doesn't always work this way, but generally the higher methadone dose you are on, the worse the withdrawal for the baby. There are generally no after effects once the baby has been detoxed from the daughter is 12 now and completely healthy and normal in every way (thank goodness).

2804 days ago


#44, You are 100% correct, i thank you for telling it like it is... To Anna's mother Virgie, and to Larry, SHAME ON YOU!! For one, trying to separate Anna from her beloved Daniel in death, she deserves to rest beside her son in the Bahamas. And Larry, knowing Anna's fragile state and her own addmission to taking pain medication and tranquilisers to cope with the mourning of Daniel, you (still) threatened to take from Anna her one reason to live, her baby girl.....After the way you treated her mother, you don't deserve to be Dannielynn's father.

2800 days ago



2800 days ago


Anyone remember that BABY SEDATIVES were found in the hotel room of ANS? !!!!!

Howard K. Stern was not heard from for a good day and a half after ANS died, and Atty. Ron Rale (Stern's long time buddy) told everyone that he was grieving inconsolably.

My theory is that since Howard's sister went to the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida to console Howard before going to the Bahamas, perhaps she took the baby Danilynne back to the Bahamas quickly before Howie arrived with ET proving that Howie flew alone. When Howie gets to the Horizons house in the Bahamas his mother and sister Bonnie are already there with the baby.

I wonder if the Hard Rock hotel has surveillance cameras in the hallway showing the comings and goings of guests and babies. Maybe Mo's errand was to get that baby out of the hotel room.

Makes sense to me

2798 days ago


ANS had a pritty hard life and mabey she did turn to drugs for comfort but just mabey it had something to do with the fact that the only support system she had was her son.EVERYONE around her was after a piece of the pie even her own mom. There are a million people that do the very same thing every day the only difference is they don't live their lives in the spot light.So why is everyone making such a big deal out of this? Anna was a very sweet caring loving woman but no one seems to wan't to mention that all I ever hear about are her flaws (men,partys,drugs,ect..) name me 5 girls in young Hollywood that arn't doing the same thing?It seems to me that the people that are to blame are the people around her who turned there heads as long as she was putting money in their banks. So can every one find someone else to gossip about and leave this poor woman alone.Stop tarnishing her memory because someday her little girl is going to want to know who her mommy is I hope she has more to look at that headlines that say "Anna N. Smith pillhead,alcoholic&mentally disturbed"becase honestly thats all thats being said!

2773 days ago
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