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Anna Nicole Stoned -- Stern Sees $$$$

2/20/2007 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comA stunning video shows a barely functional Anna Nicole Smith, stammering and stuttering, as Howard K. Stern rhapsodizes about how much money the clip will be worth.

The tape, which aired Monday night on Greta Van Susteren's show on FOX News Channel, shows an eight-months pregnant Smith, her face painted like a clown and clearly stoned out of her mind. As she talks to a doll in a baby carriage as if it's real, Stern repeatedly says, "Is this a mushroom trip?" He then adds, "I'm kidding."

Another part of the tape shows Smith even more out of it. Stern's comment: "This footage is worth money."


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Is there a FULL version of the video where Anna is getting her face painted by a 6 year old? Its sad, but must be seen! It really shows Anna High!!!

2756 days ago

velma barton    

h.k stern must have had something to do with anna n. son's death, after all he was in charge of the drugs. if he is guilty, he needs to be behind bars. velma

2756 days ago


Anyone remember that BABY SEDATIVES were found in the hotel room of ANS? !!!!!

Howard K. Stern was not heard from for a good day and a half after ANS died, and Atty. Ron Rale (Stern's long time buddy) told everyone that he was grieving inconsolably.

My theory is that since Howard's sister went to the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida to console Howard before going to the Bahamas, perhaps she took the baby Danilynne back to the Bahamas quickly before Howie arrived with ET proving that Howie flew alone. When Howie gets to the Horizons house in the Bahamas his mother and sister Bonnie are already there with the baby.

I wonder if the Hard Rock hotel has surveillance cameras in the hallway showing the comings and goings of guests and babies. Maybe Mo's errand was to get that baby out of the hotel room.

Makes sense to me

2756 days ago

Faye Cochran    


If you get the baby, please let the grandmother see her. Photos show wonderful times spent with Anna and her mother together and family when she was GROWN, also video of Anna saying how much she LOVED her dad, despite what she says in those drugged up tape videos of her. She and her mom were close until Howard came along in her life and tried to alleniate her from all her family and friends and not even letting the grandmother attend the funeral of a grandson she helped raise. What mother WOULD want their child on drugs and NOT try to get her off them? Not a mother that cared or a boyfriend that cared or a friend that cared either! It's very odd that all the brothers and sisters of Anna have a good repoire with their mom, like as I said, Anna did also BEFORE Howard Stern. I guess he now will try to keep the large new luxury boat too and already sold ET rights to film the funeral. Drugs can destroy a person's mind and make them say almost anything, true or not. I've never read or seen any evidence to support Anna was abused in any way by any members of her family. If that was so, why hadn't she ever spoken up before about anything or brought any type charges, doesn't add up!

2754 days ago

velma barton    

yes i made that comment and i stand by it. all his so called friends stand to gain money wise by being on his side.

2753 days ago


It is too bad that Howard and his sister were brought up to be so greedy and ill mannered. Who would chose a funeral to insult anyone...let alone the mother of the deceased. No matter how little they think of her, she shined in comparison to either of them. If Howard and Bonnie were my children, I would hide my head in the sand.

2753 days ago

Vicki Trussell    

My belief is that HKS was filming Anna at her worst in case she ever got clean and sober, came to her senses and tried to throw him out of her life. I doubt that she even remembered he was filming her that day and it is highly unlikely he told her. What a great way this would have been for him to blackmail her. I doubt very much she would have wanted anyone to see that video and Howard KNEW that!!

2741 days ago


Howard, did not love anna, if he did love her he would have dragged her to the first treatment center he could find. I mean she laid around the house sleeping the day away,pop some more pills and go back to sleep.

2739 days ago


I dont believe that two people (such as:) Howard and Anna were going to drive a boat to the bahamas (after howard bought it) I mean Really !! I cant see Howard (as a sea captian) transporting a Starlet on a long boat trip with stern at the wheel, OR (maybe, he was planning on dumping her body at sea,and he could just say she (fell overboard) and she prolly would have (if this trip actually happened) But I just cant see it, or maybe he was a sea captian (BEFORE) he was a LAWYER (which, BTW, he's not very good at) or else he would have made sure Anna (and himself) was protected with an updated WILL. and he would have kept his pants on., something about this guy is FISHY (maybe) it's just "STUPIDITY" but something is NOT RIGHT about him, (he's a leach) and will suck the LIFE out of anyone (who comes in contact with him) BEWARE!!!! it's amazing she stayed ALIVE, this long, with him as her (supposed) protecter !!!! I dont believe that he was checking on a boat, and couldnt be reached by his cell phone, while ANNA WAS SICK WITH FEVER , when he NEVER LEFT HER SIDE (in the past) its awlfully weird that he would make himself (UNAVAILABLE) at this time., he just had to make sure he wasnt around when she died so no one could PIN IT ON HIM but HE KNOWS SOMETHING,. I believe he was either the cause of her death or he knows who was and maybe set it up (to put her out of her misery) after her son died( which could be seen as SOME KIND OF UN-NATURAL LOVE) but still an OFFENCE, and WHY wouldnt he just give the father his baby (whom ever that might be) and get off the ANNA high HORSE, and show the world (HE IS NOT A BAD GUY) other wise, HE HASNT GOT A PRAYER, in that HAPPENING ( he will always be) THE WEIRD MAN WHO WAS A LEACH ON ANNA NICOLE SMITHS HIP)and wouldnt let go of her (even after her death) by trying to keep her baby, even though its not his. just because a child is left behind after someone dies dont MEAN you get to KEEP IT (STUPID) I WONDER HOW MANY CHILDREN RESIDE IN THE BAHAMAS that are not with there NATURAL PARENTS (for what ever reasons) BUT BECAUSE OF THE LAWS (makes it easy for them to get away with it) IM ONLY TALKING ABOUT (KID NAPPINGS) not loveing adoptions.
well anyway, thats my take on this whole thing (signing off)

2732 days ago



Because LB tried to get ANS off drugs;ie brief hospital stay when ANS was being titrated off drugs...while PG. HKS and LB were both in the hospital room. HKS reportedly slipped ANS some drugs he'd brought into the hospital in a duffelbag.

LB and HKS got into some "skirmishes" over HKS enabling of ANS. Apparently, LB lost the battle on this one.

HKS tells ANS that LB might attempt to gain custody of the baby because of ANS's known and documented drug use. ANS gets scared. HKS advises ANS to get out of the country and to put his name on the birth certificate. This way, HKS believes, LB will have no standing and ANS gets to keep her baby.

It's really just that simple, IMO. Hope this helps.

2729 days ago

Carrie Lynn    

Anna Nicole should be held responsible for her own actions. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP TRYING TO BLAME EVERYONE ELSE IN ANNA NICOLE'S LIFE FOR WHAT SHE CHOSE TO DO!! If Howard K. Stern is an enabler.... so is the rest of the world that just sat back and watched Anna Nicole destroy her own life and did nothing to help her. So, before you pass judgement on anyone, ask yourself this question.... What did YOU do to help Anna Nicole? Hmmm... You just sat back and watched too... didn't you?!? So, does this make YOU an enabler too?

2701 days ago
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