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Was Anna Nicole About to Change Her Will?

2/20/2007 9:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the cover sheet to a fax, sent six days before Anna Nicole Smith died, and it raises questions about Anna Nicole's intent to change her will.
Smith's will
The cover sheet shows the fax was sent on 02/03/2007 at 02:18. The fax contained the existing will of Anna Nicole. It lists a phone number with the initials RAR -- we believe that to be Ron A. Rale, Howard Stern's lawyer. It is unknown to whom the fax was sent, but as far as TMZ knows, Rale's only connection to Smith was Howard K. Stern.

We know Stern was concerned for Smith's well-being. TMZ has obtained a statement from Smith's former nanny in which she alleged Smith tried to take her life twice after Daniel died. Under the will, Stern was not protected. Daniel was the only beneficiary with Stern as trustee. As a result, Smith's infant daughter would inherit her mom's property outside the will, and unless Stern could prove he was the father, he would probably lose his claim to serve as trustee.

There's a serious question as to whether Smith was even mentally capable of changing her will. There is evidence she was on methadone, and video several months earlier shows she was almost incapable of functioning. Indeed, even on a segment of "Entertainment Tonight" that aired just days before her death, Smith seemed out of it.

The question -- was Stern in the process of changing Anna's will just before she died? And if so, is this an acknowledgement by Stern that Daniel's death derailed his position? Stay tuned.


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Were we not just talking about this a couple of days ago when TMZ posted the will? A day late and a dollar short, TMZ!

2712 days ago


Stern loved this woman - platonically if nothing else. He is a hero in my eyes.

2712 days ago


If the baby had a huge beak like Howard there wouldn't be any DNA required.

2712 days ago


she was surrounded by vipers. It's a nightmare.

2712 days ago

A, Faillaci    

Sick to death of this story! However, if she was on drugs when she was pregnant the baby would have been born addicted and would have had to be detoxed. No hospital personnel had come out and spilled the beans on this. Something different tabloids haven't explored yet?

2712 days ago


Could also be Stern getting his "ducks" in a row, since original is in CA...
Already determined it was faxed before she passed, when the fax # and date across the top was detected on CNN copy.

Another question for TMZ.... any life insurance policies floating around out there??

2712 days ago

deez s    

Boy this stuff is crazier than a soap opera. Who really will ever know what the hell was going on. Maybe she was changing her will too because they were to be married this week or adding the baby. Who knows all I know is she needs to be buried with Daniel in the Bahamas.

2712 days ago


There is no question that Howard loved her. I honestly feel he was the only one who did. He has stuck with that woman for over 10 years when she would have been a handful for any man. He never stood to inherit a penny and just looks so sad. I hope he gets custody of Danielynn since she is all he has left of Anna. It's really just so winners here at all. :(

2712 days ago


Howie is getting air-time on almost every channel and not getting paid for it! Heaven Forbid! It must be killing him that his image is being used and he can't profit from it. Seems quite ironic to me.

2712 days ago


Oh Boy , where did u get this TMZ? Oh yea you never tell... darn.

2712 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

#2 Stern A Hero? Take another look at the clown video he made of Anna 8 months pregnant, high on something with an 8 year old child in the house.
Just click this link to see the awful video.

2712 days ago

Sean Kemble    

Such a coincidence changing the will days before she died. He's guilty of something. But this entire spectacle is so soap operatic that one can't turn away. Expect more of the bizarre..I love to wince..

2712 days ago


Thank you n°2, I do agree.

2712 days ago

Sean Kemble    

Stern seems so subservient when you see clips of him on with anna nicole..but her association with him caused her demise even if he didn't directly cause it if he's responsible.. He effing creeps me out..

2712 days ago


#2 is dilusional! This man was a snake....his attorney even goofed up today in court by saying Howard 'managed' Anna Nicole's money (oops!). The truth always comes out one way or another! Any man that obtained his attorney license and then goes out and opens a business named "Smoochie Lips" is a total loser! Give Howard Anna's body and give he baby to the real father - Larry!

2712 days ago
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