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Britney's Post-Partum Struggle

2/27/2007 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' troubles may have little to do with substance abuse. Sources say doctors at her rehab facility think the underlying reason for her trouble may be post-partum depression.

Sources tell TMZ that Britney's doctors have two operating theories -- either that she suffers from post-partum depression or bipolar disorder. The doctors strongly believe post-partum is the problem.

As for substance abuse, as one source says, "No doubt about it - she likes to drink." But doctors believe the drinking is a way Spears has coped with a bigger problem.

We're told Britney, who is sticking it out at the Promises rehab facility in Malibu, is currently reading Brooke Shields' book, "Down Came the Rain," in which Shields reveals her battle with post-partum depression.

We're told doctors believe Spears' problem is complicated by an intense feeling on her part that she has lost control of her life.


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510. I am not a Britney fan .. I'm a 44 year old woman who has more sophisticated and cultured music preferences than to be entertained by the type of music that Britney produces (pop ain't my bag!)
However, as a caring, empathetic human being, and also a parent, I am truly and sincerely concerned, troubled and touched by the recent series of events that has unfolded before the world's eyes.

Who wouldn't be saddened by watching someones life unfold and by watching the meltdown of a person who was the 'darling' of the media and the girl who many (pre) teens aspired to be like. Who dreamed that perhaps one day they too might live the fairly tale life of their idol.

I care about people, famous and otherwise, who suddenly, for whatever reason, breakdown, meltdown and come down from a very high, high. I care that they are breaking inside, that their spirit is slowly losing its spark, that they feel their life has lost direction and meaning and that the two become merged into one big dark and lonely (hell?) hole.

What changes from empathy and sympathy to anger and indignation is the realization that the likes of Paris Hilton, et all, are nowhere to be seen since their best pal, Britney, started to meltdown.
I haven't read one thing anywhere where any of those "friends' of hers have offered their help, support, concern, etc. and that pisses me off, BIG TIME.
Oh, Justin Timberlake apparently did make a subtle suggestion at the Brit Music Awards to Britney that she get it together because she was becoming "sloppy" and that a certain magazine would likely make unkind comments about her, but that's about all that I've seen/read, where anything has been offered to her (advice wise) from her buddies.

I want to know where all the people that have been riding on Britney's coat-tails, enjoying the success that she has allowed them to share with her, are now? They've all had a slice of the pie and enjoyed every last bite of it, but where were they when she needed someone to say "no" to her? Where were they when she needed them to say, "I don't think that this is a good idea" or "It would be better if you didn't do this or that" or "Let's not go out and drink tonight. Let's stay at home with your babies and have fun at home with them"
Why didn't her 'friends' tell her that going out without wearing any panties with a mini-skirt was a stupid thing to do (for example)

There is a high price to pay for being a celebrity, but for one who was thrust into the limelight at such a young age and for one who was in the spotlight before she could really grow up emotionally, spiritually, etc. it seems even more tragic.

I do question her what her parent's role has been in all this ... methinks their concern has come along a little too late in the game for them to be able to make any difference to what she does with her life from this moment on and no doubt she'll have some 'issues' to work through in counseling with regards to her parents. I know as a parent myself that I would never have even let this begin in the first place. ... she became what her parents wanted her to become and I doubt she had much say in the matter. Besides, what child doesn't want to live the "Hollywood Dream"? All little girls want to be a famous pop star, etc. but then again all children want to do all kinds of unreasonable things .... they are children and have little to no understanding of the laws of cause and effect, etc. Its us, the parents, who have the responsibility to guide and reign in our children, draw boundaries and be consistent, not sit on the coat-tails and reap the benefits of a life (and an opulent one at that) that their children have given them.
I'm not saying she hasn't enjoyed it all and I'm not saying she would've preferred to have left school at 18 and gone onto work at the local supermarket instead, but when you feed your children's dreams and nurture those dreams as if they're your own, you have to think ahead and prepare for the eventual outcome, good or bad. At best you have to make sure that your child prodigy has a good back-up support system. As concerned parents you don't just accompany them on their journey of fame and fortune, swooning over the fact that you put them there in the first place, you make a vow, a pact, a promise that you will always be the parent and will always define and re-define the boundaries and (moral?) rules, expectations and standards that you draughted and set in place long before the stardom began.
My son is 18 and I still tell him when I think his behavior is inappropriate. I still tell remind him what is and what is not acceptable behavior and if he gets out of control (which is rare) ... I get in my car, drive to his apartment and read him the riot act. Sure, he doesn't like it and sure he wishes I'd just butt out, but everyone needs a moral compass and as long as I have a breath left in my body I

2694 days ago


when i had PPD i was like a zombie and wanted to be left alone
didnt look like britney suffered from it!!

larry rodolf is just trying to spin this sorry on us so we excuse her bad bad behaviour as a mother
and when she gets out of rehab she will just pass those babies off to nannys again

shame on you britney and her PR people and Jive records for using the PPD card and trying to make us feel sorry for her!!

cause i dont

she just wants good comeback

#17 i agree with you 100%

2694 days ago


PPD is BS. No one belives a word that comes out of her mouth anymore. She needs to prove herself to the fans by staying clean and sober and being a mother to her kids. She can't drop the PPD bomb and think everyone will forgive her and feel sorry for her. She needs to work her ass off to get back in people's good graces. One day at a time Britney!

2694 days ago



2694 days ago


Posts here are another proof how society do not understand a mental illness.

It is very difficult to change stereotypes.

I do not wish even my worst enemy to go through depression or PPD

2694 days ago

Save Britney    

We feel really bad for Britney and know it's terrible when life begins to feel out of control.....

2694 days ago


PPD is BS. She can't drop the PPD bomb and expect to get sympathy. She needs to work her ass off to get back in the good graces of her fans. By staying clean and sober and being a mother to her children.

2694 days ago


hey number one nik.. yeah so what if she is spoiled..i am spoiled too.. nothing wrong been spoiled okay.. but there is not excuse when you are mom.. which i am not a i really dont know..but the best medicine is when you have kids..its to get a lot of support and a love from a family. so i guess get better soon brit.

2694 days ago


Just another white trash................

2694 days ago


woman to woman Brittany get well for your children. My daughter loves your music.

2694 days ago


Some of the 'people' commenting here need to be shot and spat on. Every time I poke my head into the comments section, I witness the further degredation of common human decency.

Some of you never listened to your mother I suppose. Those poor women.

2694 days ago


Come on PPD! LOL! What an insult to ladies who have actually had it! Shame on you spears for blaming your out of control drinking and drugging on PPD! Grow up loser and stop lying!

2694 days ago


the first thing I thought of was POST PARTUM depression. She had two kids back to back and never had time rest. That stress builds up and BAM!! It hits you especially you are in the public eye and filing a divorce.
BUT.....after hearing she was using drugs before hand then I thought rich white spoiled girl needs more attention. I feel bad cuz she has kids and she is young. She needs to get over it, grow up or get help.

2694 days ago


Wow, I'm surprised how skeptical people are on the PPD theory. I think it makes a lot of sense...she's probably been just overwhelmed since Jayden's birth. Also, her impulsive actions (head-shaving, umbrella attacks, etc) do seem like a bi-polar disorder (that is manic behavior).

I don't think she's a bad person, she seems like a pretty sweet girl actually. She was so eager to have kids and be a mom at a young age... she just didn't realize how overwhelming it can be.

2694 days ago

michele wilson    

Dear Britney,
Hang in there, take your medication, and be kind to yourself. Understand that Post Partum Depression IS a medical condition, and there is help if you are wise enough to listen to your doctors. Dont take any notice of the ignorant people who have no sympathy, they simply dont understand. I was so bad I nearly committed suicide, till a vigilant GP picked it up. I was in therapy for a year afterwards. It is simply caused by a mineral imbalance in the brain which causes the brain to transmit messages in a rather haphazard way, causing abnormal and irrational behaviour. Your medication will correct the imbalance, and you will be OK. Remember, this too shall pass. Love yourself.
God bless you, and your little family.

2694 days ago
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