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Elisabeth: "Rosie and I Are Friends"

3/2/2007 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck set the record, er, straight regarding reports that she is being bullied off "The View" by Rosie O'Donnell.
Elisabeth on Rosie: Click to hear
Earlier this week, the motormouth mamas got into a heated tiff over The Patriot Act, which allegedly left Elisabeth in tears backstage. While rumors swirled that "her days were numbered," Hasselbeck told L.A. radio station Star 98.7's Valentine and Lisa Foxx, "Rosie and I are friends." Define friends! Hasselbeck added that she and Rosie, despite political differences, have "a lot in common," and that the reason the women on the show can talk about such controversial topics is because "there is respect at that table." Is that what you call it?!

In an obvious reference to her previous stint on "Survivor," Elisabeth did admit that being the lone conservative voice on the show can make her feel like she's "out on an island sometimes."

Somehow, sleep deprivation and barbecuing rats seem like paradise compared to sitting with "The View" yentas every day!


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Elizabeth is sad. How can anyone still support Bush and this evil war in Iraq? Rosie's frustration is similar to that of many viewers who constantly wonder how Elizabeth could be so blind to the truth that thousands are dead, thousands have returned home without arms or legs, and we are less safe than we were five years ago.

Hey Rosie, keep up the good work! Maybe Elizabeth will get it eventually!

2754 days ago


I do not agree with most of Elizabeth's comments, but the shouting over each other to make a point is too disrespectful and distasteful. I hope that the View does not become a female "Jerry Springer' show. All of those ladies could state their opinions without being critical to the person involved. I dislike Fox Network (which Rosie continues to jab Elizabeth with), and the men who have their stilted "one-sided" shows, but for Rosie et al, to do exactly the same thing from the left point of view brings imbalalnce and is equally distastful.

2754 days ago

Donna Ferris    

Years ago when Rosie first started out, she was such a sweetie. Funny and very "charming' at times. I loved her when she had her own talk show. But something has happened to that Rosie. She has changed so much. She's bitter and angry, hateful, rude and mean. I understand that she has issues from things that were done and said to her. But if she didn't like it, why does she want to do the same to others?
I wish she would bring back the "old" Rosie who was loveable and just plain cute! I still love you Rosie but I don't agree with what you're doing to others. I really can't speak for others I guess, but I hope there's others who feel the same way.

2754 days ago

Frieda Jane    

I stopped watching the program some time ago, preRosie to be exact. No way would I watch it now. I am so tired of reading about the mouth that roars and spews her opinions and will not allow others to have theres. I know that we do have freedom of speech in this country and are all allowed to voice an opinon, but I also think that if you don't agree there is a way to do so and blasting someone for not thinking as you think the world should think is just plain wrong. The producers have let this situation get out of control. I can only think that the people that applaud the rants and spews are so like the mouth herself and I would not care to meet them. I have my own opinons and my friends and family don't always agree with me, but they allow me to have them, just as I allow them to have theres. We do have discussions, but do not get nasty and mean and turn up the volumne to cut out the others. To Elisabeth, my sympathy that you have to work with such a piece of mean. Chin up there are some of us out here that agree with you and also if we don't agree we allow you your opinions.

2754 days ago



2754 days ago

Hazel Hayes    

The View hasn't been the same since Rosie came aboard. Please get rid of Rosie!!!! I thought she would add a little spice to the show but she is inflicting her feelings on everyone. She doesn't fit in any where!!!

2754 days ago

Hazel Hayes    

The View hasn't been the same since Rosie came aboard. Please get rid of Rosie!!!! I thought she would add a little spice to the show but she is inflicting her feelings on everyone. She doesn't fit in any where!!!

2754 days ago


Rosie is a no talent loudmouth

2754 days ago

Grace Bahr    

For all of you out there who are bashing any of The View hostesses - What is the name of the show for heaven's sake? It is "THE VIEW" or hadn't you noticed. The panel should be allowed to state their view without being slammed by the others. The way it looks, you may as well call the show "The Liberalists" as they don't want any other view except theirs. It's enough for me. Never again will I spend any time watching even a part of this show.

2754 days ago


Elisabeth doesn't give her opinion. She spews "talking points" like they're gospel. Maybe if she watched some news besides Fox she would learn that there are other facts that she never sees. And you can tell by the blogs who's watching with her. The people who can't spell generally agree with Elizabeth. Why don't you ask Rush Limbaugh to give her a job or maybe O'Reilly. That way you could all agree to agree and never hear facts that might confuse your neocon agenda.

2754 days ago


Although I appreciate the sensibilites that both Rosie and Elizabeth bring to the table, I myself am more of a Liberal than a Conservative (as the definition stands by today's standards). I usually find myself disagreeing with Elizabeth on most issues but, I have lately been surprised at how much I understand her more and more. She definitely seems to have grown more tolerant, respectful and far less "bullish" than in the past. Regretful is the sense that while this has occurred, both her partners Rosie and Joy have grown in the other direction. Rosie was flat out wrong to have attacked Elizabeth the way she did and I was pleased to hear her apologize. Maybe with the political tides changing the way they have of late, it's time for a more "compassionate liberal", not a condescending one. If I had been Elizabeth that day, I would have been incensed by the way a "friend" Rosie had treated me. I think Elizabeth comported herself extremely well, far better than I know I would have. I definitely may not agree with Elizabeth most of the time but, I respect her place at the table. She's a brave young woman to sit beside them at times. I have enjoyed seeing the changes in her and I find myself learning from her although I am twice her age! She seems to be taking less on faith these days than in the past and her opinions and thoughts seem to be seasoned by experience, discerning observation and maybe a fairly new found willingness to look at something a little differently than she might have in the past. The show will suffer greatly if she decides to leave.

2754 days ago

Helen C.    

Lighten up! It's a morning gab fest. These yenta's have nothing else to
entertain us with at the 11AM, so they dabble and I mean dabble in their
points of view. Who really cares???

2754 days ago


I don't agree at all with so many people saying that Rosie is a "pig". I'm from down here in the Carolinas where a lot of pork is produced. Calling Rosie a "pig" is a direct insult to every Duroc and Berkshire hog in this part of the world. There must be a word more demeaning than "pig" to call that loud-mouthed slob. She is utterly disgusting.

2754 days ago


Rosie need to find a new job,and not on TV. I'm sick of her Bull.She's just another tv loud mouth that turns NOTHING in to something every chance she gets.I hate Rosie!!!

2754 days ago

Chris H.    

RO is an obnoxious pig who needs to shut up and get lost. There are already enough cretins on TV. We can all have a better day without this mentally defective hogbeast polluting the medium.

2754 days ago
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