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Stern to Birkhead: I Own You, and Your Little Girl Too

3/3/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As TMZ previously reported, it looks like Larry Birkhead is on his way to being crowned Dannielynn's daddy – but only if the price is right for Howard K. Stern.

As Stern continues to lose control of the whole Anna Nicole circus, he's pressuring the would-be daddy into making him look like the good guy.

According to FOX News, Stern has tried to force Birkhead into signing a contract saying they will appear side by side in upcoming exclusive interviews on "Entertainment Tonight," but Larry won't ink the deal. "Howard wanted Larry to sign so that it looked like ... it wasn't just Howard benefiting from these deals," a source says.

But TMZ has learned that is not the way it went down. Sources say Stern and Birkhead discussed a deal that would have benefited a trust for Dannielynn, but ultimately Birkhead wouldn't sign. Did Stern then cut his own deal? You be the judge.

Brooke and Brit -- New BFFs?

Brooke Shields, who suffered from post-partum depression, is reaching out to rehab-ridden Britney Spears, reports Access Hollywood. As TMZ first reported, doctors at the rehab center think that Brit may be suffering from post-partum, and Brooke agrees. "It really needs to be reckoned with," Shields says. "It's very common, and she'll get through it."

TMZ reported that Brit was spotted in rehab reading Brooke's book, "Down Came the Rain," about the subject. "I hope it's helping her," Shields says. "If it's not, and she wants to talk to someone, I'm available."

Is Angelina Pulling a Madonna?

Angelina Jolie is quickly moving forward on adopting a Vietnamese boy, and being a celebrity sure has its privileges. It seems that Vietnamese officials are turning a blind eye to the fact that Jolie has filed papers as a single parent, even though she lives with Brad Pitt and shares custody of her other children with him. "This is a clear contradiction of Vietnamese law, and such situations would not be allowed for other couples," international adoption advocate Tatiana Beams tells Page Six. "Most co-habitating couples who try to adopt as a single parent are either turned away from agencies or face difficulties."

Party Favors: Spielberg Hands Over Stolen Art ... Elizabeth Hurley Gets Hitched ... NYC Says No to the N-Word

A missing Norman Rockwell painting was found hanging in Steven Spielberg's office. The painting was stolen more than three decades ago, and purchased in 1989 by Spielberg, who didn't know it was stolen. ... Elizabeth Hurley and businessman Arun Nayar were set to wed today in western England. Guests will include Elton John, Kate Moss and Hugh Grant. ... New York City has symbolically banned the N-word. The City Council voted on the new campaign, which carries no legal penalties but hopes to curb the use of the word.

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How much will you pay for your baby?

2734 days ago


Howard Stern doesn't even own the house he is squatting in!!! And he said himself he is living off his parents. He's a loser, and a hanger-on. He, Entertainment Tonight and attorney Krista Barf all deserve each other.

2734 days ago


TMZ ... I dont believe half the shit i read on here.. Its entertainment.

2734 days ago


people criticize Howard K. Stern for everything he does. I personally think he loved Anna and Daniel and Dannielynn and I think his statement in his eulogy is "right on" and Anna would have approved. Howard has always protected Anna and it's nice to know he is going to continue to fight for what SHE wanted. People seem to forget Anna Nicole in all this. Howard knew what she wanted. They worked together as a team and he always had her best interest in mind. As for videos and interviews that were paid for, he has Dannielynn to take care of. Who isn't making money from this? At least he plans to use his to benefit Dannielynn and he deserves to get paid. He's worked for Anna all these years on a contingency basis and gave up his own private practice to be Anna Nicole's attorney. Does he not deserve to be paid? If not, then no lawyer should be paid for his services. With that said, I think everyone needs to stop with the accusations and false statements and focus on the fact that Anna Nicole had rights even in death and Howard K. Stern fought to have her wishes carried out. Stop making him the bad guy. He loved her and he has no one now. Don't add to his grief, give him some time to grieve.

2734 days ago


$tern LIED about living off his parents. PLEASE people, he AND his parents are living off the $3million that ET paid.

2734 days ago


So we see old howie baby cant control larry like he did doper anna , poor howie , next hopefully we will see hin in a orange jump suit . And he wont be able to control who raps him in prison , poor howie , my heart bleeds for you , LOL , ya right . The house of cards will soon fall . And as far as E.T. not paying him that may be true but who is to say someone in his family didn't get the scratch , old attourney trick deny , deny, deny, till the day you die , LOL

2734 days ago

Bring it on!    

"As Stern continues to lose control of the whole Anna Nicole circus, he's pressuring the would-be daddy into making him look like the good guy. "

~Larry please don't make a deal with the devil~

If Dannielynn is really your baby...things will work out in the end for you.

2734 days ago


No one has to make any deals to get his rightful child back !!!!! Stern just doesn't stop !! He knows he's not the father of that child and he is holding Dannilynn as Ransom....Stern needs to get sent to JAIL...The sooner the better...HKS is not the good guy here...He is EVIL !!!!! He's still squatting in another man's home with yet another man's baby !!! Where's the JUSTICE ????????

2734 days ago


#6--of course he lied about living off his parents---we all figured that out. He did it to cover up that he lived off of and continues to live off of Anna, and since he hasn't had a law practice in years, he had to say he lives off his parents. We get it. Just wanted to show that, even in a court of law, he lies. And he lies about a baby that isn't his. And he lied about Anna's drug use in a court of law..#5, Patricia, if he loved her so much, why didn't he get her help with her drug use? Why didn't he take his loved one to a hospital with an off the chart temperature? That's not love....

2734 days ago


That German link above to the funeral speech by Howard K. Stern is from footage shown on ET.

Footage that has been edited in such a way (because ET did not show the complete speech, only clips) so as to make Stern look at his best.

Therefore, by having "exclusive" access to Stern in exchange for millions of dollars, ET gets to not only record events but also skew them any way they want.

And then other outlets pick up this skewed version.

2734 days ago


I wonder if Brooke would go to the average persons rescue with personal conversation? I mean I know someone famous can get her personal attention, but what about the mother in the trailer park or housing development? But she is only one person & maybe she does go offer lower class people personal attention too, I don't know for sure I just never hear it reported by TMZ or other media.

2734 days ago


Madonna adopted for attention, trying to copy Angelina. Angelina did it because she loves ALL kids.

2734 days ago


HKS is a HABITUAL LIAR !!!! Anyone who can go on National TV and into a Nationally Watched Court Room and Lie needs to pay the piper....He lied under oath for god's sake !!
I sincerely doubt that he will ever work again in the court of law in the US...who in their right
mind would want a worthless piece of crap defending them ! He's ruined his life and took away the lives of Anna and Daniel, who'd still be alive if they had never met him !!

2734 days ago


Larry has already missed out on 5 months of HIS CHILD'S life. Larry has lost everyone he loves BUT that baby. If HK$ can withhold from the DNA test for a year...he isn't required by law to give one and is declared the legal father of Dannielynn (with soul control over her estate) The only way around it, is if the birth certificate is proven to be forged or otherwise false document. Larry only wants his child to be safe in his she SHOULD be.
I agree..where is the justice!?

2734 days ago



2734 days ago
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