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Stern to Birkhead: I Own You, and Your Little Girl Too

3/3/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As TMZ previously reported, it looks like Larry Birkhead is on his way to being crowned Dannielynn's daddy – but only if the price is right for Howard K. Stern.

As Stern continues to lose control of the whole Anna Nicole circus, he's pressuring the would-be daddy into making him look like the good guy.

According to FOX News, Stern has tried to force Birkhead into signing a contract saying they will appear side by side in upcoming exclusive interviews on "Entertainment Tonight," but Larry won't ink the deal. "Howard wanted Larry to sign so that it looked like ... it wasn't just Howard benefiting from these deals," a source says.

But TMZ has learned that is not the way it went down. Sources say Stern and Birkhead discussed a deal that would have benefited a trust for Dannielynn, but ultimately Birkhead wouldn't sign. Did Stern then cut his own deal? You be the judge.

Brooke and Brit -- New BFFs?

Brooke Shields, who suffered from post-partum depression, is reaching out to rehab-ridden Britney Spears, reports Access Hollywood. As TMZ first reported, doctors at the rehab center think that Brit may be suffering from post-partum, and Brooke agrees. "It really needs to be reckoned with," Shields says. "It's very common, and she'll get through it."

TMZ reported that Brit was spotted in rehab reading Brooke's book, "Down Came the Rain," about the subject. "I hope it's helping her," Shields says. "If it's not, and she wants to talk to someone, I'm available."

Is Angelina Pulling a Madonna?

Angelina Jolie is quickly moving forward on adopting a Vietnamese boy, and being a celebrity sure has its privileges. It seems that Vietnamese officials are turning a blind eye to the fact that Jolie has filed papers as a single parent, even though she lives with Brad Pitt and shares custody of her other children with him. "This is a clear contradiction of Vietnamese law, and such situations would not be allowed for other couples," international adoption advocate Tatiana Beams tells Page Six. "Most co-habitating couples who try to adopt as a single parent are either turned away from agencies or face difficulties."

Party Favors: Spielberg Hands Over Stolen Art ... Elizabeth Hurley Gets Hitched ... NYC Says No to the N-Word

A missing Norman Rockwell painting was found hanging in Steven Spielberg's office. The painting was stolen more than three decades ago, and purchased in 1989 by Spielberg, who didn't know it was stolen. ... Elizabeth Hurley and businessman Arun Nayar were set to wed today in western England. Guests will include Elton John, Kate Moss and Hugh Grant. ... New York City has symbolically banned the N-word. The City Council voted on the new campaign, which carries no legal penalties but hopes to curb the use of the word.

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No Avatar


Oh, and to Truth Sleuth -- I too, work in Cardiology and there is no such thing as a LDA is a LAD (Left Anterior Descending). There is a PDA however (Posterior Descending Artery).

2760 days ago

El from TN    

I use to like watching ET, but not any longer. Shame on you ET!!
HKS, I just don't get it. He wasn't married to Anna Nicole Smith, but some how he has made this all about him, and being a victim. If he had any ounce of love for ANS, he would not have let her walk onto the stage during the Grammys, or something like that. in the condition she was in. Plus, if ANS was carrying his child, I think he would had taken the necessary steps, to make sure she was not hurting his baby. By the way he did not make a great big sacrifice giving up on his law career. The only client he has ever had, wad ANS. He preyed on her insecurties and paranoia.
I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot, and it was his funeral everyone was attending, how would he feel, seeing his Mother and family being treated like dog do,do,? hummm??

2760 days ago

Wendy R    

Can you believe the "theme" in Howards SPEECH (no where near a Eulogy) was TRUTH???
"I know the truth b/c I lived it" what the hell?????? Truth? If you were about truth you would not go on LIVE TV (larry king)saying you are the BIOLOGICAL father. Remember that? Not just "father" in Bahamian law, he said he ws the biological father on that show. And even though there is a mountain of evidence showing that Larry did have a ROMANTIC relationship with Anna, on ET when asked if she had a relationship with Larry, "I did not have a relationship with him" and the huge battle with the DNA and still saying he is the father of that baby. TRUTH??? Its bad enough that he lies about everything but then tries to pass of that he is a man of truth and everyone else lies????

He is a pig and for ET to support that scumbag, they are WHORES!

Whatever nice things there were about anna, she was despicable to lie like that and deny a father to his own child. What kind of person does that??? and what kind of show tries to make this couple and now Howard to be a man of integrity??? WTF??????

I was already turned off by ET b/c they just became too cheesy but now it is way more than that!

I'm so glad that people are starting to know the truth about that ridiculous show!

2760 days ago


Stern is a bottom feeder. What are the judicial powers that be waiting for? Force the DNA test to be done, give Larry HIS baby....and tell Howard to grow up and be a man....something he has never been before!

2760 days ago

truth sleuth    

42. Oh, and to Truth Sleuth -- I too, work in Cardiology and there is no such thing as a LDA is a LAD (Left Anterior Descending). There is a PDA however (Posterior Descending Artery).

Posted at 11:23AM on Mar 3rd 2007 by Karen

Sorry, typo with the LAD but my cardiologist called the PDA a Right Anterior Descending, I have it right here in my medical reports. I have 5 stents in my heart and have had 4 angioplasties. They then discovered my sister had heart disease and she had a coronary bypass at the age of 51. My dad died of heart disease when he was 49. Had it not been the quick action of my teenage daughter to call 911 and me living right near the Emergency Squad and a major heart center I would be dead. I was told my enzymes were off the charts when I arrived.

2760 days ago


You People can guess all you want on what happend to ANS! Everyone will just have to wait until next week! Some of you people she become FBI's you sure got the imaginations to do so!

2760 days ago


Here's a link to the Fox news story. Unbelieve!,2933,256069,00.html

2760 days ago


HKS loved ANS in his own way obviously in a twisted way (but look at the way ANS lived) HKS was with her for 15 years this is all he knows! he does deserve money. Maybe not off of the baby but he needs to make money somehow! I feel sorry for him because im sure this is all way to much for HKS to deal with. He will be next to die

2760 days ago

truth sleuth    

wait I looked again, he called it an RCA and LAD so I stand corrected on that, the RCA was 100% and the LAD was 95%

2760 days ago


My heart is breaking for Larry. Look how upset we are all about this. Can you imagine how Larry is feeling? God it must be pure torture. I think they already did the DNA test and know Larry is the father. Howard not wanting to look like the bad guy. Too late! He is pure evil. I have this vision of Danny in five years being forced to go on ET with Howard and Larry. Every step of her life will be on film if it was up to Howard. Sick. They will never be free of that parasite will they? I truly hate ET. They said that Larry shed no tears at the funeral yet they showed footage of tears falling down his face. What pro's they are. Howard of course was a saint. *gags* I am glad Larry has such support in the Bahamas but he shouldnt live there. This is the place that kept him from his little girl. Plus he wants to be near his family.

2760 days ago

Wendy R    

Moe said on On the Record with Gret V tha Anna did not leave her hotel room since she got there that week. Weren't ther pics of her and Howard walking htru the lobby?

Plus, this IDIOT Moe. He claimed b/c he did not have the address of the hotel he didn't think the 911 operator would be able to find it so he (first called Howard WTF?) then called the hotel to have THEM call 911. Ok so why would you need the hotel's exact address.??? You say send an amulence to the Seminole Hardrock in Hollywood FL!!! For that matter, the WIFE/nurse should have done just that! MORONS!!!!

BTW, I'm sick of see interviews of that idiot Moe. If they do not just throw "softball" questions at him, he walks out on the interview. as he did with Access Hollywood for intimating there was some enabling going on with her.

2760 days ago

show me the $$    

#21 -- Larry said that he tried to get Anna off drugs. What do you think of the idea that Stern convinced Anna Nicole that Birkhead would take the baby away from her after it was born because of her drug use?

If I was pregnant and on drugs, and someone put that idea into my head, I'd run like hell too.

2760 days ago


Howard K. Stern is the DEVIL. He even looks like the devil. I wouldn't even be a bit surprised he has little horns under his ratted hair.
I had that snake pegged from day one.
I am so glad he's finally being exposed to what he really is...
a money hungry, coniving, controlling, no-life leech!
In my opinion, this "man" has spent YEARS manipulating a very naive & love-starved ANS.
He worked his way in... slowing twisting and poisoning her mind... he isolated her from family and friends... had her believing HE was the only one who ever truly loved her & HE was the only one she could ever really trust.
Blah blah blah --- he makes me sick!

Now here he is... trying desperately to hold onto another man's baby! Why??? For love??? I don't think so!

There's something severely wrong with Howard.
He has interferred with EVERYTHING in Anna's life... things that weren't even his business... like her family... her friends... her money... her personal relationships... that's not love people... that's a sickness.
Hell, he was so far up Anna's a$$...
she could've been a two-headed person!

I can't wait until Larry gets his baby... and Howard is finally where he needs to be... on the outside!

2760 days ago


Light a candle for Anna and her family tomorrow night at 9pm pink please
Judge not lest you be judged.
Anna is now gone her baby is left, I just hope that whomever is awared custody is a good parent, it takes one moment to make a baby years to understand what it is to raise a healthy happy child. It takes a community to raise a child not just one person. I would like to ask all viewers if they would light a candle for Anna Nicole, Daniel, Howard, Larry and even include Vergie a pink candle tomorrow night at lets say 9pm to remember Anna Nicole and her family and the grief that they are all going through. I feel that we all need to go on with our lives and let them all work it out without our comments it is sad enough as it is that a child lost her only mother and brother and maybe even the father who was the first person who really understood what this was all about. Remember my granny always said " you don't want to wear those moccassins" Peace to all remember to light a candle for that family in peace and wisdom.
Love is answer to all so is compassion, another buddhist statement, would be there is no life without suffering.

2760 days ago

The Original D..    

Exactly JMO!

2760 days ago
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