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Anna Nicole:

Six Feet Under,

But Still on Top

3/4/2007 5:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Even in death, Anna Nicole Smith knows how to draw a crowd, as TMZ reported. She was just buried on Friday, but her grave has already become the No. 1 tourist hotspot in the Bahamas.

"Everybody wants to see this," a taxi driver tells the New York Daily News. "People are getting off the cruise ships, and this is where they want to come. The tourism board ... can't buy the kind of exposure they had here the last few weeks."

Some gawkers booked their trip to the island just to visit the grave and see what all the hubbub was about. A few lucky travelers even got an added bonus on Saturday, when Larry Birkhead graciously took photos with them at the Bahamas airport, while he was waiting for a flight back to the U.S.

Nicole Richie Rushed to ER -- for a Snack

A "dehydrated" Nicole Richie was rushed to the hospital Friday. After nearly 20 straight hours of filming "The Simple Life," Nicole started to feel faint and dizzy, reports US Weekly.

Apparently, the stick-thin star was shooting until 2:00 AM the night before, only got a couple hours of sleep and skipped breakfast before returning to the set. At the hospital, she was given fluids and food before being released. She returned to work the next day.

"Nicole has gained weight and is doing really well," says a source. "The producers overreacted -- she didn't need to go to the hospital."

Foxy Brown: Dine 'N Dashing Diva

Foxy Brown just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Just this past weekend, the New York Daily News reports that the bad girl had another run in with cops, when she illegally parked her SUV at a bus stop in Brooklyn -- while she was across the street eating. When she saw New York's Finest pull up, she flew out of the restaurant and moved her car -- narrowly escaping a ticket or worse.

The night before, Foxy was banned from the borough's Junior's Restaurant when she tried to dine and dash, which she has done multiple times there in the past, according to the New York Post. This time she walked out on a $53 check, and when someone from her entourage came back to pay, the manager said: "Look, don't pay for it, just don't come back." She was given the boot not only because she constantly skipped out on bills, but because she's rude, and "none of the waiters want to serve her because she's known for cursing out people."

Party Favors: Ann Coulter Drops the F-bomb ... Jared Leto Injured During Concert ... Michael Jackson Visits Japan

Apparently, Ann Coulter learned nothing from Isaiah Washington's recent PR fiasco. During her speech at a conference, the right-wing commentator referred to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards as a "faggot." ... Actor-turned-musician Jared Leto broke his nose and suffered other minor injuries while performing in concert in El Paso, Texas. He apparently jumped into the audience during a song, but no fans were injured. ... Michael Jackson landed in Japan today to host an exclusive party where fans paid $3,500 each to shake his hand.

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SillyPutty long before someone tries to rob Anna Nicole's grave? It was highly publicized that she was buried with a tiara and Howard Marshalls ashes. The cemetary is not gated or guarded. I am sure the Marshall family would pay top dollar to get the ashes of their father back!

Maybe ET will have the exclusive on that story if it happens!! I can see the headlines now!!

2798 days ago


Larry is loving the popularity, he is behaving like a rock star...oh yeah! I almost forgot that this is all about MONEY for him. I have lost all respect for him, never like Vergie and still hold out that HKS is the only one who truly loved/s ANS and Dannilynn! I think that people have been too quick to judge him, label him a murderer, when there is NO proof. I say best case senario, HKS is the father and he can continue to love this little girl and continue to do what ANS would have wanted him to.

2798 days ago


People flocking to her grave!!!! This just goes to show how pathetic people are!!!

Ya I wanna see the gravesite of the biggest bitch that ever lived! she was a slut and drug
addict! For what she did to Danielyn's natural father is a disgrace and so hurtful! How many fathers want to be called the sperm donor what an insult!!

If anyone can tell me why this woman is so crediable... please change my mind

Bahama must love all this new found tourist money!

Although she did not have any ethics in life I do hope she can rest in peace now!!

2798 days ago

Kat in Houston, TX    

Well I won't be paying out the butt for a ticket to the Bahamas.


2798 days ago


Oh please, for those that say Larry is out for the money. Umm, Larry wasn't the one that got 4 million dollars from Anna's Funeral. It was HKS. Larry tried to prove paternity months before Anna died. If anyone is out for the money, it is HKS. He is no man. He lived off Anna for years, because he couldn't hold a real job. Now, he is trying to live off her while she's dead. I just can't wait until the paternity tests show that Larry Birkhead is the father, so Dannielynn can start having a normal life. Her Mom was on drugs and abused drugs while she was pregnant, and if Anna was still alive, Dannielynn would've still been better off with Larry Birkhead raising her, because she probably would've ended up like Daniel at a young age. It's just sad, that kids are the ones that have to suffer, because of the selfishness of some adults.

2798 days ago


Regarding Nicole Richie...

Do these publicists ever say..."Yeah, my client was dehydrated again and needed treatment." They really think the public is stupid.

Publicists that lie to us...

Paris Hilton's
Nicole Richie's

Just to name a few.

If she wasn't starving herself again why did the hospital perform intravenous fluids and provide food.


I am so sick of this E. T. looking freak.

2798 days ago


The new Graceland...

I wonder when the Anna Nicole sightings will start?

2798 days ago


Foxy Brown-someone should teach you to act like a human instead of the animal you are, ghetto trash

2798 days ago


#7 - You go girl! You hit it right on the head!

2798 days ago


Nicole is pure skank. She looks like sh*t and I can't for the life of me understand what anyone sees in a talentless and homely boney freak.

2798 days ago

Jennifer Schuhmacher    

Hey David #6, What year is it? Leave Foxy alone, we all have problems. Sounds like your major one is you're a racist with a huge ego! R.I. P. Anna.

2798 days ago

guess what now    

#12 what about Paris

2798 days ago

guess what now    

Larry is an out of work bad actor and photographer WHO IS PAYING HIM MILLIONS? Someone is. Catch on the tube before the funeral he grins ear-to-ear and say he's feeling like a rock star then he remembers he is being interviewed turn sad and say I just want my little girl. anna nicole was right he just want money and fame. As she said if she had not been Anna Nicole he would not have been doing this to her.
Remember your promise to her Howard and keep Dannielynn safe.
Bahama govt. please deny all Virgie and Larry's request.

2798 days ago

Jennifer Schuhmacher    

hey #6, you racist pig, leave her to do her own thing, where do jerks like you learn that it's still okay to use that word? Peace and Love to Anna.

2798 days ago


To No.2, why are you so cynical? I think Larry is very sincere in his feelings. I hope he is found to be Dannielynn's father...

2798 days ago
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