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P. Diddy: "I'll Smack Flames Out of Your Ass"

3/5/2007 5:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy Lawsuit -- Click to ViewSean "Puffy" Combs has been sued by a man who claims the music mogul "unlawfully attacked, assaulted and battered" him during a post-Oscar party.

In a lawsuit, filed March 2 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Gerald Rechnitzer claims he was at Teddy's nightclub at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood with his girlfriend after the Academy Awards. Rechnitzer says that as he was leaving, he stopped in the restroom. When he came out, he saw that his girlfriend was speaking with Combs, who was surrounded by his private security detail.

The suit claims "Combs, also known as 'Diddy,' also known as 'P. Diddy,' also known as 'Puff Daddy,' also known as 'Puffy,' hereinafter Defendant Combs," suddenly said to the Plaintiff, "What the f**k you looking at dude?'" Combs then allegedly followed up by yelling, "I'll smack flames out of your ass!"

The suit claims Combs then attacked Rechnitzer. His lawyer tells TMZ Combs punched his client in the jaw, causing him to fly backwards. The suit claims, "At no time was Plaintiff, who is five feet, seven inches tall with a slim build, ever a threat to Defendant...."

The suit alleges "after attacking Plaintiff, Defendant Combs intentionally, willfully and knowingly pushed Plaintiff's girlfriend and attempted to spit on another female member of Plaintiff's group."

The lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

The LAPD tells TMZ they are investigating the allegations against Combs.

A rep for Combs tells TMZ "These claims are completely false and ridiculous. It is pitiful that Mr. Rechnitzer is stooping so low to prey on Mr. Combs celebrity. Mr. Combs will not stand for such ludicrous accusations.".


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Puffy ain't no thug!!!! He needs to worry bout them baby's a less but tryn to be hard! Any way I don't even like the guy for the way he makes his MONEY off Biggy!!!!!!!

2789 days ago


Puffy thinks he owns the world..........

what a jerk, i totally believe this story

2789 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

P. Didntaoughtdonethat. $Ka-ching$.

2789 days ago


How many times does the guy have to change his name. JEEZ!

2789 days ago

If what he said happened is true, then he deserves to be sued and held accountable. Is it hard to believe that someone of that wealth truly believes everyone else is beneath them and treats them as such?

2789 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

How exactly would I smack flames out of someones ass?

2789 days ago



You are a disgrace to your race. With a screen name like "Bootylicker" how about you just keep sh*t in your mouth and keep your racist comments to yourself. Obviously, you have nothing relevant to write so how about you invest in some mouthwash for that sh*tty mouth of yours. Stupid idiot. Race is all that matters to you so therefore you may need to realize that you live in America,,,the colorful country as some put it.

2789 days ago

Tawain Kelly    

No he is a want to be. The public is a fault because they have boost his head up and he think he can get away with anything, but the truth is he is just a man with money. Like Donald Trump he is just a man with money because at the end of their time and when it is all said and done whether be heaven or hell they will be just like everyone else, so watch how you treat people while you down here because if you don't make it upstairs, downstairs will be hot like hell

2789 days ago


We all make mistakes but his mistakes are getting to be costly, to me what ever he's being accused of know one knows what really happen but him and the victims but if he wants to just give away money i will gladly take it, tell him to holler at a sister

2789 days ago


And moulis gonna pay for it. LOL

2789 days ago


The racist comments are so ignorant there almost funny,,,love thy brother and sister. It reminds me why half of this country is going to hell with gasoline drawers on.

2789 days ago


Ok, so Sean decides to be a prick... and hits on a whore.. whose boyfriend comes out of the toilet and sees this.. you mean to tell me he's not going to try to "show" off to his whore?
5ft 7", still could be packed with atitude. Now he's got a free meal ticket...

Sean, pay the guy off.. (since that is what he wants you to do), and take his whore to another party..

2789 days ago


P doody is not a thug, nor a rapper!! He's the lamest wanna be thug. The only thing he can make are the songs hooks and thats even questionable. How come we never hear that puffy gets into it with a big time celeb like hime.....cuz he;s a punany....and he knows it...

2789 days ago


"I'll smack flames out of your ass!"

I never liked Diddy until now.

2789 days ago


Honestly whats up with everybody sayin the N word. Does anyone really know what it means? IGNORANT!!!!! HEllo people!!! I personally think it should be taken completely out of the dictionary. Its a racist word that some dumb ass WHITE person came up with to remind the world how the white people and anyone who continues to use the word to surpress the people that made america because us the white people were to damn lazy to do there own labor. Thats the reason I don't date white guys and Im ashamed of my race. I don't use the word an who so ever does use it they are the IGNORANT ones. WHY CAN"T THE WORLD JUST GET ALONG!!!! We are all the same. If the first thing u see is color or race your the biggest a**hole in the world. Everyone just needs to face the fact that we have to live with one another. LET RACISM DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2789 days ago
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