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P. Diddy: "I'll Smack Flames Out of Your Ass"

3/5/2007 5:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy Lawsuit -- Click to ViewSean "Puffy" Combs has been sued by a man who claims the music mogul "unlawfully attacked, assaulted and battered" him during a post-Oscar party.

In a lawsuit, filed March 2 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Gerald Rechnitzer claims he was at Teddy's nightclub at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood with his girlfriend after the Academy Awards. Rechnitzer says that as he was leaving, he stopped in the restroom. When he came out, he saw that his girlfriend was speaking with Combs, who was surrounded by his private security detail.

The suit claims "Combs, also known as 'Diddy,' also known as 'P. Diddy,' also known as 'Puff Daddy,' also known as 'Puffy,' hereinafter Defendant Combs," suddenly said to the Plaintiff, "What the f**k you looking at dude?'" Combs then allegedly followed up by yelling, "I'll smack flames out of your ass!"

The suit claims Combs then attacked Rechnitzer. His lawyer tells TMZ Combs punched his client in the jaw, causing him to fly backwards. The suit claims, "At no time was Plaintiff, who is five feet, seven inches tall with a slim build, ever a threat to Defendant...."

The suit alleges "after attacking Plaintiff, Defendant Combs intentionally, willfully and knowingly pushed Plaintiff's girlfriend and attempted to spit on another female member of Plaintiff's group."

The lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

The LAPD tells TMZ they are investigating the allegations against Combs.

A rep for Combs tells TMZ "These claims are completely false and ridiculous. It is pitiful that Mr. Rechnitzer is stooping so low to prey on Mr. Combs celebrity. Mr. Combs will not stand for such ludicrous accusations.".


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Hang him by his wallet. He's just rich black trash, nothing more. He's nothing.

2700 days ago


Hey Puffed up: petiful what you will do for attention. Good thing you got some money 'cause nobody would be looking at your silly looking ass if you didn't. You are THE fool. Instead of making a scene of yourself in Hollywood, you need to get your sorry black ass back to Atlanta and do something about the petiful service and disgusting food at your stinky ass restaurant Justin's. You are the joke man. It's a shame you aren't all that you think you are. Maybe you should go home to your over-made up mama for some lovin'!!

2700 days ago

Johnny J    

A piece of shit in fancy clothes and a nice car is still a piece of shit,


2700 days ago


This is just a another example of what happens when a no talent bullshit creation that is in no way of any entertainment to the world is paid too much and invented by some media group. It is absurd that this idiot is worth what he is. Who invented this piece a shit anyway? He sucks.

2700 days ago


He is not a thug. He is a thug wanna-be with a teeny tiny little penis. TRUST ME!

2700 days ago

Big Daddy    

The percentage of ppl who think diddy is a thug is astonishing!! This dude is far from a thug, not even close to it!!! He may be a rich asshole, that did something stupid. That doesn’t make him a thug!! Or is it that if your a blk male, and get sued for hitting someone that makes you a thug?? Every other race can hit someone, & get sued. Does that make them thugs too?? No, i guess only blk males can be thugs!! So if this was colin farel (spelling his name isn’t important to me), Woody Harrelson, or that dude from gladiator, you know the one who goes around beating up ppl in hotels or whatever he did!! My point is this, are these ppl considered thugs too??? I seriously doubt it!!!

2700 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I've read both Harrelson and Russell Crowe described as thugs on net blogs after their temper tantrum outbursts too. People who threaten and use violence are called thugs. Even on the Sopranos. Diddy threatened and used violence. Then he pushed the female to make a point, and spit. Diddy pushes women. Nice. He's a thug, alright.
While I'm at it, what makes the girl being chatted up a whore?Nothing. She's waiting for her fiance to come out of the washroom,and Diddy surrounds her and chats her up. If a recognizable star chatted me up while I waited, I would talk to them for a few moments.
Then if Diddy said or did to my husband what he did to that fellow,I'd sure as hell tune him in. She ought to sue him for being pushed also. That too is physical assault. What a horny turd.

2699 days ago



2699 days ago

Truth B. Told    

I am almost at a loss for words!!! That arrogant Puffy gets on my last nerve. Why do people even put up with his mess. HE CAN'T RAP!!! He just needs to keep his behind at home and take care of his "Kept" woman and his kids!!! Someone needs to sue his ass!!!! Its about time!!! Have you seen the pictures of his child getting a lap dance??? How disgusting, disgraceful and demented. I hope he and that child molester lap dancer get charged for that too.!!!I hope he pays through the nose for assulting that man.....bring him down a peg or two. Maybe it'll make his big swollen, funny looking head sit down somewhere!!!

2699 days ago


#47, this is 2007 get hip to it baby!! What would happen to Diddy if he mouthed off to a "whiteboy" in the country? You'd get your lynch mob after him? I think not...

2699 days ago


num 1 im sick n tired of ppl using race as an excuse to get away with shit n num 2 puffy aint shit in da streets no 1 respect him we all know he aint nuthing without bodyguards n we suspect him of being involved in biggie`s death,i believe the allegations da streets know puffy we know he pimps his artists dont pay them we have no respect 4 this man hollywood worships this man but the hood knows the real puffy thats why he doesnt show his face around da hood since u ppl like him so much ask him why he left biggie behind when he ran da red light what was he so scared that made him go thru that red light. N 4 those rednecks out there dat every race has there rotten apple grow up or maybe we should start maken the word cracker a popular slur n then we will see a reaction

2699 days ago


its easy to beat anybody up when you pay some strangers and call them your "friends" to watch your ass! a real thug could take a few to the face and kick ass on his own. if diddy was not with his bufoons and someone delivered five to the face, he'd fall to his knees and cry because his white pants got dirty, cracked one of his giant chicklet veneers and got blood on his seanjohn cardigan sweater. nothing a little lunch money could'nt fix to keep those real thugs off his back! i've known flaming gays that are tougher than he is!

2699 days ago


2 all u racsist ppl dat luvs 2 comment with racial slurs u have updated ur life with computers n cell phones wat about upgrading urselves mentally cath up on some history if u gonna judge an entire race 4 sum idiot like puffy then i should judge every white person 4 being a serial killer or child molester , racsist or a racsist redneck

2699 days ago


Diddy is out of control. The only reason he is abusing people is because he has security. Lets get real, he is no gangsta just putting on a show for TV.

2699 days ago


Diddy IS a thug pure and simple. Only thing he's good at is impregnating various women he won't bother to marry. Typical. He'll be broke in a few years just like Whitney and MJ.

2699 days ago
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