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Lawsuit Be Damned

Kim K. Sex Tape to Be Released!

3/8/2007 8:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sex Tape To Be ReleasedDespite Kim's pending lawsuit, Vivid Entertainment is going forward with a March 21 release of "Kim Kardashian Superstar" -- the sex video Kim made with then-boyfriend, Ray-J.

Steven Hirsch, Co-Chairman of Vivid, told TMZ, "I met with Kim yesterday and unfortunately, we didn't even come close to reaching an agreement. We will now immediately move forward with the release."

After Kardashian filed suit last month, Vivid announced that they would temporarily halt production. The company feels confident that they have a legal right to distribute the DVD of the video. They paid an unidentified third party $1 million for rights to the tape, which was made three years ago.

Vivid promises a new preview clip will be available next week on

Despite the lawsuit, Hirsch tells TMZ he is still a huge fan of Kim's. "Kim has all of the qualities that we look for in a Vivid Girl. She's both beautiful and well-spoken which is a rare combination. In fact, if she was a Vivid Girl I might have cast her as 'Debbie' in our 'Debbie Does Dallas...Again' TV series which debuts [Friday] night at 11pm on Showtime." Nice plug Steve.

A rep for Kardashian confirms Kim and her manager met briefly with Vivid, but says nothing was resolved. She says Kim will "continue to vigorously defend and protect her legal rights" and adds that her lawsuit against Vivid is still very much active.


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Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

This bitch is lying through her teeth. First off, #50 & 51 are right on the money. If she wanted to stop this tape from being released, she could do it in a flash (her buddy Par-ass had that website shut down toot-sweet as an example). They're also right about the injunction vs. lawsuit thing. She's obviously filing the lawsuit (as opposed to actually stopping the tape from being released via an injuction) for publicity purposes. Another clue - this chick does not sing, dance or act and is NOT in show business, yet SHE HAS A MANAGER! WTF? What's he/she managing? Let's think about that one. I'm guessing this chick thinks (ala Par-ass) that this is her entre into show business.

This Kardashian chick has coined a new phrase for those trying to get into the industry by taping yourself fucking & sucking (and getting pissed on) on camera: SLUT-EBRITY.

2782 days ago


She is one of the hottest women in the world so thank God that this tape was made. I remember seeing her with Paris Hilton in a magazine like 2 years ago and I was thinking man she is smokin. So Put out the f***in movie :)

2782 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

So this is how you get to be famous in America now? You get naked, spread your legs and fuck/blow some guy, and get pissed on while on camera? Thank god I live in another country.

#60's right; she's a SLUT-ebrity.

2782 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Don't need the tape, I've already fucked her. Very talented mouth, likes to please... Real tight p***y, also likes it up the poop chute... :)

2782 days ago

Johno Kabbendjian    

She's disgusting and Armenians throughout don't want nothing to do with her, She gets what she deserves! Dont ever represent us please !!!

2781 days ago


The next sex tape that should be"stolen"really should have somebody that matters in it. Ashlee Simpson should be in one then she can disappear!

2781 days ago


this is a real shame, especailly considering who she chose to date

2774 days ago


Is this the way to get on the free clinic list I mean the C-List now and to get a reality show??? Kim K.,Paris,Tara,Nicole,all a bunch of reality hoes!!! Nobody cares!!!

2772 days ago


Here is another C-List whore tryin' to pretend that she does not want her sex tape out there by fightun' it's distibution vigorously!!!

2772 days ago

big mama    

Finally the sleaziness we were waiting for. Kim K. shouldn''t act like this is ruining her reputation when she hangs out with Paris!! Ray J is the man!!

2771 days ago


Obviously, this is a publicity stunt to make people aware not only of the tape, but of who Kim Kardashian is (since so many of the previous posters here had no idea of who she wsa before t his story). What isn't being said is how Steven Hirsch played out the lawsuit angle, too, by delaying the tape's release when he obviously had the required paperwork ( U.S. Code section 2257 requires a signed release and proof that the performer is of legal age). This is not the only lawsuit Hirsch has to deal with - he's currently in litigation with Playboy, and his company is being sued by one of its former contract girls, Kira Kener, for $47 million for all kinds of business wrongdoings, and rumor has it that other actresses will be filing suit as well. Imagine: a porn company taking advantage of people? Who'd have thought it was possible?

2770 days ago



2769 days ago


I don't know why any one in this day and age would create a sex tape with a BF or even a husband. We now live in times where we can't trust anyone. I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian. I'm sure she didn't expect this to happen but she should have learned from the Paris Hilton drama! Ray -J seems to forget that he has a sister! There is no way in the world that he would be pleased if someone created as sex tape of Brandy and tried to scandal her name and image by marketing it. Shame on Ray-j instead of focusing on ruining someone else's life he should be focused on supporting his sister who could be facing jail time for vehicular manslaughter!!!!

2733 days ago

Rico Thomas    


I've got a videotape of me, having sex with...........
Me, having sex with.............
Sex, having sex with??????????
Kal Kapnasian, having ses with??????????
Aliens, having ummmmmboy with?????????
Awww fuggit, let's all go home and have sex with?????????

1355 days ago


Obviously you were not taking this seriously, as anything you do. That is you on the tape, and all over the internet, and in every porn store. Yeah sure, I would really let myself go on sale in the porn industry. Because of who your Dad was this should have just been taken care of immediately. But, you obviously don't care and this is what you want to do with your life. I don't expect you will ever find true love or be happy. Because this tape is anywhere and everywhere along with your super wonderful Boyfriend that you need to marry so other people can have normal lives and quit being a total piece of crap.

1279 days ago
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