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Barba: Skanky Pics Were an "Unnecessary Distraction"

3/9/2007 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Although rejected Jerseyite "Idol" wannabeen Antonella Barba was distracted by racy pics of her that spread over the web, her parental units apparently didn't blink an eye.
Click to hear Barba on Seacrest's show
"They're really encouraging me to just not get battered by nonsense that doesn't matter and that's not relevant to the competition," Barba told Ryan Seacrest this morning on his KIIS-FM show. The fallen slut-ebrity added that the whole situation was "hard to deal with" and an "unnecessary distraction." Yes, it was distracting for many!

Barba revealed she'll probably stick around L.A. for a bit to see what offers come her way, saying she'd like to keep singing (ack!), act, or even model. Looks like "Girls Gone Wild" may get their wish.

And while fellow rejectee Sundance Head spilled details on a behind-the-scenes brat, Barba played dumb and wisely kept her mouth shut ... for once.


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chin chin    

Antonella, sweetie, you're done.........go back to Jersey........BA-BYEEEEE!!!

2748 days ago


Then Wanda turn your black and white TV of in your mobile home then

2748 days ago


I actually feel sorry for the girl. I wish her the best in her endeavors. Hopefully she will hold out for the respectful gigs and not jump on the trashy offers. She is a pretty lady and can do well if she can hold on pass the obscene offers. Good luck girl!

2748 days ago


Again, in a singing competition, a competitor must sing. Antonella can't sing..PERIOD...Her voice hurt my ears and made my dog run for shelter (like when there is fireworks outside).
Antonella honey, go home to Jersey where you belong, and realize that Hollywood already has a bunch of also-rans waiting for their big break.

2748 days ago

Just wondering    

TMZ, what is your problem? How dare you call this young lady a slut. She didn't do anything that most of us have not done. She was playing with someone she thought she was in love with, so she thought it would be ok. I guess she learned one heck of a lesson.

God, it's bad enough that you want to destroy Howard and Anna with all your lies, now you want to destroy this little girl. Who is next?

Try taking down that piece of shit Paris Hilton. Yea right! Does she own a piece of you?

Better yet, get a real job. You have no talent for this one.

2748 days ago


I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this new trend of young women acting like whores to get attention and everyone thinking it's cool.

Why are women putting themselves in these positions in the first place and why on earth isn't anyone speaking out about how disgusting it is? The girl should've been booted from the show the minute these pictures became public. What parent in their right mind wants a girl like that to be an "American idol"? Where is the outcry?

I truly believe that very few people have respect for themselves in this country. We have self-esteem galore but absolutely zero self-respect. Am I the only one who thinks that's alarming?

2748 days ago

chin chin    

I'm a total loser & need to get a life. Is there a twelve-step program for me & my sick obsession for the slutty Antonella?

2748 days ago



2748 days ago


#17, no there's not. Just shave your head and enter rehab.

2748 days ago


The girl is not 'dog ugly', but how can so many think that she is 'sexy', I just don't see it! She looks everybit of "12" to me! She looks like she could be in PRON, if she had a boob job, but I just don't see the sexipile...She looks like a very young girl! Built cute enough for her age and body structure, but I have seen millons of girls pretty, sexier and better looking in my opinion...I think she caried herself fine, it wasn't her fault if a exboyfriend tried to use her photos to gain some type of nortority, but I thought American Idol was a Singing Competion, and in my opinion there is thousands of other better Singers around! Hopefully like the rest she'll get her 15 min.'s of fame...

2748 days ago


Whoever is posing as Antonella Rocks..Get a life loser

2748 days ago


I think Antonella is Americas replacement for Anna Nicole Smith. Hmmm...playboy center fold maybe?

2748 days ago


Her parents didn't blink an eye? Their daughter was giving some kid head, she was on the toilet? WTF? Poor kid! No wonder she runs around like a tramp. Her parents don't care.

2748 days ago

chin chin    

Thanks Wanda! I'm such a loser that 've been glued to my computer for two days. I need to get outside & see the light of day; but Ican't stop thinking of my Antonella. Maybe I need a hobby besides jerking off to her photos. Maybe I should interact with actual people.

2748 days ago

Agent D    

See ya skank!!! Now just go back to New Jersey where you belong. No one in Hollywood wants you either.

2748 days ago
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