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Barba: Skanky Pics Were an "Unnecessary Distraction"

3/9/2007 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Although rejected Jerseyite "Idol" wannabeen Antonella Barba was distracted by racy pics of her that spread over the web, her parental units apparently didn't blink an eye.
Click to hear Barba on Seacrest's show
"They're really encouraging me to just not get battered by nonsense that doesn't matter and that's not relevant to the competition," Barba told Ryan Seacrest this morning on his KIIS-FM show. The fallen slut-ebrity added that the whole situation was "hard to deal with" and an "unnecessary distraction." Yes, it was distracting for many!

Barba revealed she'll probably stick around L.A. for a bit to see what offers come her way, saying she'd like to keep singing (ack!), act, or even model. Looks like "Girls Gone Wild" may get their wish.

And while fellow rejectee Sundance Head spilled details on a behind-the-scenes brat, Barba played dumb and wisely kept her mouth shut ... for once.


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daddy's girl    

She will have to stick the sluty pics because her singing sure won't get her anywhere. I cannot believe that she made it that far, and Haley, what in the world are you guys thinking? Clearly Sabrina should have stayed instead. I guess that this is not a singing comp. anymore. Go home Antonella. Your old news and played out already. Your 15 mins of fame is over!

2749 days ago


Clearly, this girl doesn't get it. But hopefully she will when the SINGING offers DON'T come her way and the ones offering to pedal her BODY do. Hope that makes her feel REALLY good.

Making money off her body...yeah..nice girl.

2749 days ago


#25 - Antonella Rocks: Yes, leaving your parent's basement once in awhile might be a good idea. Just remember to take a shower first, and get the cheeto crumbs out of your beard. Oh, and stop wearing your bathrobe when you go scares people.

2749 days ago


Nasty is nasty and this old gal is nasty !! And she has NO TALENT !! Well maybe one !! But we won't talk about that !! Glad she is gone !!

2749 days ago

My Two Cents    

She is young. She has learned her lesson. The pictures don't make her a bad person. They are not that bad. Because of all the free publicity, we will be hearing from her again. She will be laughing all the way to the bank. She has a great personality and she will go far.

2749 days ago


I agree with #18. Why not go after the racist, cocaine whore, herpes infested parasite and leave this little girl alone? Is parasite paying your bills???

2749 days ago


Just an FYI, the pics of the girl giving oral ARE NOT BARBA!! I have the complete set of these pics, about 15 in total. While there is a slight resemblence in the pics released online, the others CLEARLY show it isn't her. As for the other pics of her posing, who cares? It's not like she's a whore, she posed for sexy photos for a boyfriend. Bad judgement? Sure. Whore? No. If you want to talk about morals, let's talk about the scum who sent the private photos out to the press in the hops for a payday

2749 days ago

chin chin    

Thanks again Wanda, I'll try to take your advice. One step at a time, right? I'm kinda sick of mom & dads basement anyway, also, my bathrobe stinks like hell...& moms goin' to the laundroat anyway today.

2749 days ago


Antonella Rocks? Is that you Antonella?

2749 days ago


Yes she took some sleazy pictures, but I honestly don't think she wanted them made public. Her parents "whatever" attitude about this is what is most disturbing. Do they want her to go work with that sleazebag lowlife joe francis and exploit herself? Why not teach her some self respect?

2749 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

# 34 - I hear ya....and I'm with you on this! What is up with attractive females acting like desperate drunken whores? It's a total turn off for me! I want the chase. When it's just thrown at you like used clothes at the salvation army it makes all cheap and unsatisfying.

2749 days ago


I'm glad she is off if they could get rid of that Sanjaya kid. This isn't the last we have heard from her and all the publicity will help her. Good luck kid.

2749 days ago


Jeez, everyone is so mean. She did sing well. She is talented and beautiful. I hope she does some modeling. Antonella, don't let the "hater's" get to you. You have been poised and did the best that you could on AI. Best of luck to you!

2749 days ago


Does anyone else think that Gina girl is a total poser?

2749 days ago


she had no business in the competition......the girl could not sing! It was painful to listen to. I felt really embarassed for her when she sang.

2749 days ago
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