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Burger King to J-Hud:

Free Burgers for Life!

3/12/2007 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Burger King has awarded Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson an all-you-can-eat pass for their fast food restaurants... for life! Have it your way... forever!

Jennifer Hudson
Hudson reacted to Simon Cowell's criticism of her for not thanking "American Idol" in her Oscar speech. She reportedly snapped back, "If I'd been any better at my job when I was at Burger King in my middle teens, I wouldn't be here either, so should I thank them, too?" Hudson worked at the BK on East 87th and State Street in Chicago. Burger King was her first job at age 16, where she worked with her sister, who claims she sang while working the drive-thru and flipping burgers.

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Burger King responded to Hudson's beef, assuring her that no thanks is necessary, and awarded her with BK for life:

"...In response to Jennifer's recent comments in which she asked if she should be thanking Burger King, we say thanks, but no thanks are necessary. Burger King Corporation is proud of Jennifer's success and while we never like to lose employees, in this case, our loss is the entertainment industry's gain ... To further show our support for Jennifer, and make sure she never has to sing for her supper again, Burger King Corporation is giving her a pre-paid BK Crown Card that will be automatically reloaded for life."

Looks like a whopper of a win for Jennifer.


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ahhhhh she thinks she's a lawyer

2719 days ago


You know if they can give away the Oscar, why not Free Cow?

2719 days ago


Size12!!!???NOT. She's way in the plus sizes...try at least a 20-22. As long as the garment doesn't have a hood, if so it'd have to be custom. Her head could not be contained in an off the rack size, not ANY off the rack size.
Honestly I have nothing against plus size women, big can indeed be beautiful. What JH needs to learn is the old adage that beauty is skin deep but ugly goes all the way through, nothing is uglier than someone so full of themselves that they forget to be grateful. Idol's exposure is the reason for her success and she's so full of herself she doesn't get it.

2719 days ago


I cannot stand her-she SHOULD thank american idol-that is why she was holding that f******* oscar-her head is way to big

2719 days ago


newsjunkie i know ur just waiting for me to respond lol awwwwww i know ur obsessed with me but dam get a life. this is my last one yall i hope someone kills all racist white people

2719 days ago



2719 days ago


To laughing... Lawyer or not you still WRITE like an uneducated lowlife.

2719 days ago


To 'by laughing'

Oh yes, I am so jealous of the likes of you. Save the ebonics to speak to your parents.

By the way, don't call me a racist, my friend. My boyfriend is Black. No, not an African American. As he says, not everyone with brown skin comes from Africa. He's from Barbados. You, my friend, are from the nearest garbage dumpster.

2719 days ago


She is very ungrateful. I won't spend any money on her. I'd like to see her disappear. She ain't all that. I like Simon better anyway.

2719 days ago


She is ungreatful PIG

2719 days ago


Laughing - No lawyer I know wastes so much time on gossip blogs. Also, most lawyers I know don't say "ya'll" every other word and they know how to spell. They also know better then to say "I hope all racist white people die."

You are so stupid! You know you are sitting at home with a 10 lb. bag of doritos and doing nothing. Do you think Jennifer "fat-ass" Hudson gives a sh*t about you? You are an idiot!

2719 days ago


I dont care how she looks, whether shes big or small. Its her attitude that is really rubbing pople the wrong way. And for Gods sake, give that food to the poor people who cannot afford a single meal in a day. Not to a increasingly wealthy, arrogant and ungreatful woman who can chow at the Ivy along with all the other celebs.

2719 days ago


Total ditto #48!!!

2719 days ago


Why does she carry on like she has the greatest and most unappreciated voice on earth???
She has the TYPICAL FAT BLACK CHURCH GIRL VOICE that you can hear coming from a good 5,000 mouths on a sunday at any church on the south or west side....
She's just the only one who took it public via an american idol audition, but it's nothing new
In fact, she couldn't sing well enough to get into The Soul Children of Chicago back in the late 90's - oh yeah Jennifer, I went there.

2719 days ago


Just when I thought I couldn't like Jennifer any less, she goes and opens her big mouth again. This is exactly why I couldn't stomach her ass on American Idol. She's an arrogant prima dona beyotch. She's very hard to like.

2719 days ago
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