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Snoop Detained

In Sweden on Drugs Suspicion

3/12/2007 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

031207_snoop_wi3-1Snoop Dogg was held by police in Stockholm last night on suspicion of using illegal drugs, after police stopped him and he was "deemed to be under the influence of narcotics." TMZ spoke to a press officer in the Stockholm police department who said that Snoop -- real name Calvin Broaddus -- was "arrested;" Snoop's lawyer says that "Mr. Broaddus" was neither arrested nor charged.

The rapper was on his way to a party after his Sunday night concert with Diddy when, as a police spokesman told the AP, the car the rapper was riding in was stopped, and Snoop and "a female companion" were suspected of using drugs and were detained at a Stockholm police station.

"He underwent some tests that will now be sent away for analysis," said the spokesman. "In two to three weeks, we'll know if he was on something." Swedish cops didn't specify what narcotics may have been involved.

Sweden, which has some of Europe's strictest drug laws, has also spelled trouble for fellow musicians Pete Doherty and Axl Rose, who were both fined last year for various run-ins with the law. Snoop, for his part, was arrested three times last fall on drug and weapons infractions, all in the Los Angeles area.


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2783 days ago



2783 days ago


No not my snoop doggy dogg =(

2783 days ago


Can't they just leave him alone. Just let the guy live his life. Was he really hurting anyone I don't think so!! I'm so sick of Snoop getting pretty much harrassed cause of his past and who they think he is. I mean he dosen't even have to do anything wrong and they're pulling him over. I think that it needs to stop!!!

2783 days ago


Snoop carrying/doing drugs shouldnt even be in the news, DUH

2783 days ago


It's sad. This is a person who kids look up to. He looks scarey to me. He definitely looks like a crackhead. If this was an ordinary citizen they would be in jail. He's been stopped so many times. Now he was stopped in another country. I don't have anything personally against Snoop but he sets a bad example for kids.

2783 days ago

All American Girl    

Whats new!

2783 days ago


#3 how old are you 15? this guy is constantly carrying weapons and smoking something. The fact of the matter is he breaks the law. Maybe he should try not to be so stupid as to do this stuff where he may get caught. Stay home and play with your guns and smoke your weed.
He gets arrested because he's stupid.

2783 days ago


Funny how Trump called him a close personal friend on last weeks Apprentice reward for the winners. Is this where Trump gets his drugs?

2783 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

The Trumpsters buddy busted for drugs? I am suprised that the trumpsters buddy would even have any thing to do with drugs,maybe donald is the ring leader,snoop is smoking with donald and ubonka? blunts?

2783 days ago


Hey # 8 So your telling me that Snoop doesn't get pulled over more often cause of who he is? That's all I'm saying. I never said that he should carry around guns did I? No!!! And until he starts randomly hurting and killing people I just think that there is a lot worse people out there that I think the police need to be worrying about than Snoop Dogg!!! How old are you 90?

2783 days ago

He's Boring now    

How is it that an already convicted felon, out on bond on 3 seperate incidents involving weapons and drugs is allowed to travel internationally?

2783 days ago


He should get arrested for that hair....Lock his ass up, just like they would lock up mine except you would'nt read about it here.....

2783 days ago


Marley, he gets arrested because hes always breaking the law. Not because of who he is.
If he was a good citizen, no reason to arrest....plenty of well know people dont get arrested

2783 days ago


Hey #3:
#8 is correct! He maybe 15 or 90 -- but he uses his brains when posting on this site

Snoop was arrested because doing illegal drugs (especially in Sweden). He gets busted all the time because he probably carries illegal drugs all the time. Snoop's been in the news lately -- not for doing any good, but for illegal stuff he did. He would have been in jail if he was the ordinary Joe Schmo.

The law does not descriminate anyone.

2783 days ago
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