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Jolie in Vietnam to Pickup Tot

3/14/2007 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie was photographed with son Maddox, 5, on their arrival at Ho Chi Minh City.

It's been reported that Jolie and companion Brad Pitt will be adopting a Vietnam-born boy to join their international brood. Their other children are Zahara, from Ethiopia, and Shiloh Nouvel, born in Namibia.


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no one    

It seems that they wanted to adopt a playmate for Maddox. He can't have any regular friends because they are always on the go so this is a way for him to have a friend who will go through the same life experiences as he will. That's why they chose an older boy instead of a baby. It's a celebrity version of buying their child a new play thing.

2782 days ago


I'm sick of reading A's "companion", "partner", etc, BP, like that legitimizes their skanky liason. I think "boyfriend" or "common-law husband" is more real. Why is she not Mrs. Jolie-Pitt? And him Mr. Jolie-Pitt?

2782 days ago


In the beginning, I had alot of respect for Angelina and her humanitarian work. But now, this latest adoption really smacks of self-righteousness to me.

What disturbs me is the number of white people who feel it's okay to take children of color from their homes and their cultures and stick them in the caucasian system-of-thinking WITHOUT addressing the real issues or poverty, injustice in the world, racism, elitism and the Caucasian European/American continued exploitation of the planet.

Geez, I wish Angelina would talk about the negative influences and exploitations of Vietnam and Southeast Asia by the Europeans and the U.S. for centuries in its quest to promote imperialism. This is the case in Africa too. You don't strip a continent of 25 million of its people, enslave and de-humanize them, purposefully underdevelop the continent for colonization, exploit the masses while propping up dictators and then say, gee what happened to those people? They are so pitiful, let's have a music concert to benefit them (I don't think Africa got 10% from any concerts held for African aid).

I think Angelina is trying to do good things to wipe away her sins...sorry Angie, God sees all hypocrits. And the chickens always come home to roost. Her preteniousness is boring me now. So she gets a 3 year old to be a plaything for Maddox...anyone seeing the problem here? If we'd all just ignore her, maybe she'll go away- or at the very least stop taking children away from their homes and their people.

2782 days ago


#23 Christi
First off, Ms. Jolie has already gone through the initial adoption process--home study, criminal/background check, financial check etc. when she adopted Maddox. So she doesn't need to repeat all of that. Most people will tell you that second adoptions on go much faster. Secondly she started the process when Shiloh was born, so this is hardly speedy. Thirdly if you go to the Vietnamese government/US adoption website you will see Vietnamese adoptions can take one month to over a year once you have been approved. So I hardly think she has received special treatment. Yes, these last few weeks have been speeded up by the government--probably don't want to have the paps all over the place. If you are going to criticize then look at Sharon Stone--three blond haired blued boys (the most in demand in the US baby) - one right after the other. Now that is special treatment.

2782 days ago


Hey alex,

Just b/c these people have the "resources" to adopt doesn't mean they should. I think you're missing the point---which is the more kids you have the less time "bonding" and being the best parent you can be to the ones you have. Yeah, it's great that they have money and can afford to hire nannies, but what about trying to raise the kids themselves? Yanking Maddox out of school countless times per year and dragging them around the world doesn't count as raising a child.

If adopting a child means plucking him/her out of the shit-hole in which they were living then by all means adopt entire third world countries if you can afford it, but if you're doing it out of love, selflessness and a great sense of family then you should try to be a family with the ones you already have. This woman has adopted three kids in seven years with the last two kids adopted within less than 1 1/2 years of each other. It's as if she goes souvenir shopping. It's just wrong.

And just in case someone tries to jump on a soapbox and preach about how she's doing so much for those poor people she visits, I guarantee you she stays at the most luxurious places available---she doesn't slum it like the natives---and she always has her bodyguards. How very noble, huh?

2782 days ago


Dear #23 I feel your pain. I too was on a waiting list for years until we finally decided to adopt a toddler. All I can suggest is to give up on wanting to adopt a baby and adopt a child instead.

2782 days ago


Isn't is us, their fellow Americans, who are the majority, that have helped to make them the successful stars that they are? Then why is it that when it comes to helping out American Charities, or adopting an American child, these famous stars choose to go outside our country? Hollywood is very focused on bashing the American government, Bush Administration, etc. Ion't they realize that it is only in America that they can be this successful and rich? They ought to begin to appreciate America and all of their American fans and begin to contribute financially, emotionally and patriotically to America!

2782 days ago


#27 Margaret
She did not skirt the Vietnamese adoption law. It states married couples and heterosexual (no gays) singles may adopt and they must be 20 years older or more than the child they are adopting. Many singles who adopt from Vietnam are in cohabitating relationships--they cannot adopt together in Vietnam--but the one who did not can do so back in the states.

2782 days ago

The other side    

There is a lot of agression here. It is very difficult to adopt in the United States (with some good reason, I think), and I know this from many years of personal experience trying to adopt. However you feel about these people, the fact that they are giving a child a home is the issue. Good for them.

2782 days ago


Oh by the way, why are we "friendly" with this communist country, but can't even go to Cuba? And no one is criticizing Angelina for going to this communist country. Bet if she went to Cuba, everyone would make a big stink...

Just keeping the politics going...

2782 days ago


I can't wait to hear what she'll call him. It will be something out there for sure!

2782 days ago


I love this poster's name "BRADPITTISPUSSYWHIPPED."

2782 days ago


I have to agree with #25 about the Jennifer/Brad marriage. How on earth do you deny a man who has waited five years for a child because you want to make a series of lousy movies. They, too, had lots of money. I think Angelina lied like a dog when she said she wasn't involved with him while they are married and she did give him a biological child, but adopting more kids every year is weird.

2782 days ago


More power to Angie and Brad both have said the want big families Brad wants a soccer team They have the money and the time to take care of all these children it's win win for all
Before you start tearing people down learn about them. These are people who donate their time and money to many causes. Most people in their situtation sent a check.
They use their fame and fortune to bring good to the world. WHAT DO YOU DO

2782 days ago


Comment #31And just in case someone tries to jump on a soapbox and preach about how she's doing so much for those poor people she visits, I guarantee you she stays at the most luxurious places available---she doesn't slum it like the natives---and she always has her bodyguards. How very noble, huh?

Posted at 4:31PM on Mar 14th 2007 by Boogey

I agree with you Boogey. It's even to cry for the poor when you ain't poor.
Spending 30 minutes with refugees or starving peoples who are being exploited by their governments with the help of imperalist Europe and America, then getting on your f'n private jet doesn't count as being "one with the people".

Trust me, she may be empathsizing with these "people of color", but she sure as hell is glad she ain't one.

Honestly, I'm really getting sick of the whole Hollywood thing.

2782 days ago
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