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Sanjaya -- The Hairvolution

3/14/2007 11:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America is still stunned over the fact that "American Idol" contestant Sanjaya Malakar is still hair there.
Sanjaya Malakar
TMZ found Malakar's MySpace page, where his pics reveal the many faces of the pretty warbler.

There's one constant: those perfectly plucked eyebrows! Luscious!

While his singing doesn't seem to be winning any praises (except, perhaps, when he stops), on Tuesday night, Randy was all about Sanjaya's do, dawg.


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Sanjaya is one of the weaker singers this year. The girls have more going on. Chris and Blake are way better singers. Melinda is by far the most talented. It's time for another "Idol" scandal. The show is fun to watch...there usually is an upset at the end. Melinda might lose the competition (and generate "buzz") but get the recording contract. This show plays games with it's viewers. It's very formula.

2744 days ago


Has AI jumped the shark?

If AI has jumped the shark, I say it was this season when they put those two slow guys on the air from Seattle.

Or maybe it was when they repeatedly thought "other door" was funny.

[u]I think, in hindsight, we'll realize the show PEAKED the night Taylor won. I think it's all downhill from here.[/u] No contestant will spark the enthusiasm the majority of us had that night.

2744 days ago


I heard that the big headed one was Chris (Hurley) Sligh.

2744 days ago


1 - HE IS GAY!

2 - HE'S A FREAKIN M.J LOOK-A-LIKE! (not a complment..)


2744 days ago

Just Another Hater    

33 - Very enlightened. I love it when people say that racism is no longer an issue in this country. Not only is your comment appalling, but it's irrelevant. But that's probably what you were going for.

At least choose a username that doesn't tarnish the rest of us by association.

Let me know if this e-mail was too tough to understand. I'll repost a dumbed-down version just for you.

2744 days ago


USA, why so much hatred? Why wish that fate on a 17 year old boy? You need therapy!!!

2744 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

................#3, you beat me to it..................#4, funny stuff.............................
This kid is a little to "in" to himself on-line...One day he'll come"out"....

2744 days ago


I see the same female names here throwing out the gay crap. I believe you are guys who are very insecure and believe the entire male population is gay. Get a life. How about you stop trashing people you don't even know.

2744 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

......................#18, funny stuff....Thank you, come again...........................

2744 days ago


Those are the biggest "blowing" lips i have ever seen on a guy!

Straight my ass....

2744 days ago

Only in    

I can see him driving a cab in a couple of years, going to nite school and then appointed judge in Seminole County in Florida. Stay there with the rest of the Indians!

2744 days ago


Every performance of his is one big Drag Show. I hope he sticks around til the finals, cuz my friends and I have a bet going on whether or not he'll be in full drag by the end of the show. He stole Diana's hair so let's pray for entertainment sake that Dolly Parton visits the show. "Aint those mountains high enough?"

2744 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

...........................#42, Native American's are located all throughout the US. Different Tribes, Different Names.....The Seminole Tribe are located in Florida....."Indian's" are from INDIA.................

2744 days ago

Mick Crisler    

For another week I get to laugh at the woeful American't Idol. Nice show you created there, Simon and friends. Leaving who gets voted off strictly to the tin-eared teenagers that control your mega-million dollar futures. Brilliant. Sanjaya, I hope you win it all. You are the least talented top 12'er I've ever seen on this program. Honestly I'm not being rude, but this is the best comedy on TV in '07. Hah, i'm laughing through your tears! Here's hoping the final show pits Sanjaya vs. Haley. At least she's good-looking. Neither one can sing but that's okay, this is only a singing maybe it's always just been a beauty contest. And Paula, you're my vote for Miss Congeniality. First Hicks, now this. Clive Davis must be turning in his grave. Oh wait, he hasn't died yet. Well this year oughta do it!

2744 days ago

Only in    

Dogg, What do I know?I've been in the country only 3 months,and pumping gas.Fillaupp misher!

2744 days ago
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