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Deacon: Ban Elton John,

He'll Make You Gay!

3/16/2007 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

eltonThe Archdeacon of Trinidad and Tobago wants to ban Elton John from a local jazz festival for fear that he'll tempt locals into becoming gay.

Elton is scheduled to headline Tobago's Plymouth Jazz Festival in April, but the country's Archdeacon Philip Isaac told a Jamaican newspaper, "His visit to the island can open the country to be tempted towards pursuing his lifestyle." Trinidad and Tobago immigration laws makes it legal to bar openly gay individuals from entering the island.

Despite the Archdeacon's homophobic and preposterous request, organizers of the Plymouth Jazz Festival maintain that John will close the three-day concert on April 29, adding "This country should be honored to have Sir Elton John perform in Tobago." Can you feel the love tonight?

Besides Elton, other artists scheduled to perform at the jazz festival include Miss Diana Ross, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J and Gladys Knight.

A rep for Elton John declined to comment.


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Leah C    

How ignorant! He should feel honored that Sir Elton would agree to perform! Does he honestly think people would CHOOSE to live a lifestyle where they're ridiculed, harrassed and made to feel alienated, and that being gay is contageious? Most gay people I know have said many times that they would never have chosen to feel this way. I wish people who think this is a chosen lifestyle would put down their beaten bibles and pick up a few science/biology books and do some research. Heck, even TALK to a gay person about his/her feelings. That would be a great start!

2776 days ago

Michael Pierce    

Jazz festival? Much as I love Elton and Gladys, they are hardly jazz performers. And LL? Don't make me laugh!

2776 days ago


Stunningly ignorant comments and laws. Amazing.

2776 days ago

Big Mac    

TMZ, you stated that the Archdeacon's request is "preposterous." Is it? Perhaps this is all lost in translation. Perhaps he meant that Elton's visit will encourage people to come out of the closet and act on it. Someone can be gay, but not "pursue" the lifestyle. For example, they could be celibate because of religous religions.

Either way, I am very accepting of others, so please don't misinterpret me.... I just thought it was interesting how the Archdeacon's statement was interpreted by the writer. It's definitely homophobic though!

Oh, and Drum Funky said it best... where is the jazz at this festival??? It sounds like it should be called the Pop, Rap and R&B festival based on the list here.

2776 days ago

Big Mac    

Let me clarify what I just said.... I think it is interesting that the writer would turn the article into more of an editorial piece instead of just reporting the news.

Then again... this is TMZ.... sorry for wasting your time. :)

2776 days ago


I am from Trinidad and Tobago, and without a doubt, this Deacon is a fool. May be he sould pray that the straight performers would have the adverse effect on the local gay population, especially those homosexual Priests and Lesbian Nuns who hide behind religion.

2776 days ago


He NOWHERE said Elton John would MAKE anyone gay! Geez! Anything to start a mess!

If what he said is what he believes, then leave him the freak alone! You wouldnt want anyone saying anything about what you believe.

2776 days ago


If that is what he believes, leave him alone. He didnt say you had to believe it did he? Get a life!

2776 days ago


Elton! Tempting an Archdeacon.......shame on you!

2776 days ago


He wouldnt make me gay. If anything he makes me want to brush my teeth 24/7. How fuckin disgusting his mouth looks. All that money and wont even get those ugly ass teeth taken care of!

2776 days ago


that's complete crap. Just because Elton is gay, doesn't mean that he isn't a completely amazing musician...and listening to his music won't change your sexual orientation. Saying that it will is immature and stupid.

2776 days ago

Jimmy Phillips    

Well I guess everyone will flip back and forth depending who is on stage. What a simple-minded person Phillip Issac is. Why should anyone care, his fan base speaks for itself. And if their were that many gay people they wouldn't be the minority. A person should be judged by what they contribute to their fellow man and society and not their adult sexual orientation. ROCK ON ELTON !

2776 days ago

Mick Crisler    

I guess we'd better ban people from visiting San Francisco now too. WTF is wrong with people? You can't catch "Gayness" What a bunch of dimwits. I have an idea, let's ban people from traveling to Trinidad or Lumbago or whatever the name of that other dump is. You might catch moronic fever! I hope that the U.S. remembers this type of prejudice exists in these countries when they ask for any kind of "aid."

2776 days ago


So what is Deacon afraid of? That Elton John might tempt him? No one can be tempted unless they're interested in the first place. And so what if they are.

"If what he said is what he believes, then leave him the freak alone! You wouldn't want anyone saying anything about you believe".

True Tara, but people disagree nonetheless, and what the Deacon is trying to do is to "ban" John from performing there which is very different then just voicing your opinions on something. It would much like someone trying to ban you from posting on TMZ because they don't like what you have to say. However, since "Trinidad and Tobago immigration laws makes it legal to bar openly gay individuals from entering the island. ", which is discrimination, the Deacon might still be able to push the matter further and have John banned.

2776 days ago


Blacks are always whinning about being discriminated upon and now here is another ONE doing the discriminating. You damn people are hypocrites. Stop your damn bitching or start treating all as you expect to be treated. Your shit is getting very old........and wearing very thin with everyone.

2776 days ago
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