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Deacon: Ban Elton John,

He'll Make You Gay!

3/16/2007 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

eltonThe Archdeacon of Trinidad and Tobago wants to ban Elton John from a local jazz festival for fear that he'll tempt locals into becoming gay.

Elton is scheduled to headline Tobago's Plymouth Jazz Festival in April, but the country's Archdeacon Philip Isaac told a Jamaican newspaper, "His visit to the island can open the country to be tempted towards pursuing his lifestyle." Trinidad and Tobago immigration laws makes it legal to bar openly gay individuals from entering the island.

Despite the Archdeacon's homophobic and preposterous request, organizers of the Plymouth Jazz Festival maintain that John will close the three-day concert on April 29, adding "This country should be honored to have Sir Elton John perform in Tobago." Can you feel the love tonight?

Besides Elton, other artists scheduled to perform at the jazz festival include Miss Diana Ross, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J and Gladys Knight.

A rep for Elton John declined to comment.


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I am so disgusted... as a young Tobagonian(from Tobago) the level of hypocrisy & ignorance is appalling & quite disturbing... Those pastors need to listen to The Chief Secretary of The Tobago House of Assembly and put their energies into more pressing issues.
SIR ELTON IS A GREAT PERFORMER & THAT IS WHAT HE IS COMING TO DO!!! His personal lifestyle has nothingto do with us... he is a humanitarian and a wonderful person!!! How the hell could Sir Elton John tempt us???... and the homosexual lifestyle abounds everywhere.. TV, Radio, Internet.. & IN THOSE VERY CHURCHES...steups... Please not generalize and stereotype all is just a small sect of society...who is giving everyone a bad name with their cynical attitude and narrow-mindedness!!! I know I speak on behalf of the majority when I say...bring him... tickets are sold out...& all flights are booked... that should say something!!! This is the 3rd year of the festival & to have Sir Elton is indeed an honour!!! Tobago Jazz is only going to get bigger and brighter!!!

2765 days ago

Feel the Love    

I am from the Caribbean and I know that Tobago is a beautiful island with very friendly people but as in many other parts of the world, the religious conservatives hold views that some consider archaic. From what I am aware, there are many people in the country who support Elton's visit and are able to separate his lifestyle and his talent.

2765 days ago


I'm here to clear Trinidad completely. Trinidad & Tobago are twin islands, but Trinidadians should not have to suffer because one idiot decides he does not want Elton John to perform in Tobago, his problem is that he's close minded and illiterate, that preacher is out of his mind because as small as Tobago is ,quite alot of people are gay, especially the priests and other religious members, Tobago is gay heaven.His opinion has nothing to do with any events that will take place. So please stop saying Trinidad & Tobago because we have the greatest respect for Sir Elton and we are definitely not supporting anybody who chooses to judge another. Blame that preacher who am sure is a fraud like the others. He does not represent Trinidad, also due to not enough exposure Tobagonians tend to be a bit backward. Trinidad is different we are open minded ppl.Sir Elton your the best there's no one like you, forget these attention seekers whose trying to tarnish our good name. Trini ppl are full of love and compassion and we are the last to judge anybody.


2764 days ago

Lissa Dee    

For all you ignorant people out there probably thinking the worst of Trinidad and Tobago right now, we are not stupid in thinking that one can 'catch' gay by listening to a clearly homosexual performer. Let's just get the record straight. It was the view expressed by one religious person, but not everyone thinks the same, so I should expect that one religious person does not speak for everyone here. I don't even understand why this issue is receiving such international attention like that. It's a trivial matter, yet it's being blown wayyyy out of proportion. Besides, has Elton John said anything about it yet? NOOO. So why are we debating this? Moooove on!

2763 days ago


So i guess what this Deacon dude is saying is that if i went to say a Jay Z concert im going to automatically turn into a big male black rap star/ Entreprenear whose dating a Beyonce Lookalike? i don't think so lol Btw i am a white, straight female

2737 days ago


Not to worry, Deacon. Elton is already taken. Your guys are safe.

841 days ago
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