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Stripped Katie Lives Large in Vegas

4/2/2007 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-Miss Nevada Katie Rees was stripped of her sash over saucy pix, but Katie's clearly enjoying her post-public-humiliation career just a little more than ex Mess USA Tara is enjoying hers. TMZ got an exclusive peek at the Sin City beauty queen's latest incarnation as a poolside attraction.
Katie Rees at the Mirage
Katie lived large at the Bare Pool and Lounge at the Mirage in Las Vegas over the weekend, though in typical Rees fashion, she flaunted the rules of the hotspot -- by leaving her top on. (Bare is a topless pool, and by "topless," we don't mean "open-air.")

Elsewhere, she played a few hands -- of poker -- at the JET Nightclub Celebrity Poker Tournament, and was spotted with Vegas high-roller George Maloof, an owner of the Palms. And she ended her night at JET's one-year anniversary party, sipping Grey Goose.


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the wise old owl    

P.U. Haven't we seen enough of this whore?? Her 15 minutes were up LONG AGO.

Please move on and cover something more appropriate. You don't need " fill space " that much do you ? Is some employee at TMZ doing this prostitute or what ? I just don't see any reason to write about her.

2728 days ago

no pervs allowed    

you would think little boys would be able to go topless without any restructions. btw nice package in those bottoms, does she have a swizzle stick in there or was she just happy to see the cameras,,,, again.

2728 days ago

Only in    

This sad story continues,Maloof sacks them,then packs them,so sad and no direction from her family.

2728 days ago


She's so ugly, and her nose is HUGE.

2728 days ago

Only in    

All of her appearances will be sex related at the clubs and hotels in Las Vegas. I could only imagine what her family feels.She would probably be better off at a strip club, this way the patrons would know what their getting for their money!

2728 days ago

Only in    

You could drive a 55 buick up that shanozz

2728 days ago

Go somewhere else    

Hey Truth 101, this is not about the 911 attacks! I had a family member killed in tower 1 and I certainly don't appreciate being reminded of it on an entertainment web-site. Go F yourself somewhere else!!!!!!!!!

2728 days ago

Only in    

She has a lot of veins on her legs for a young girl. Could be all that dancing at the strip clubs.

2728 days ago

Only in    

Ever since she lost the Miss Nevada title Katie Rees has never been the same. You can see the sadness in her eyes, when shes not wearing sunglasses to hide them, poor soul.

2728 days ago


How did this boyish girl ever win any kind of beauty pagent? Just looking at those pictures, I get the sense that she smells like a combo of sweaty gym socks covered by a heavy spraying of Curious by Britney Spears.

2728 days ago


I don't feel I am a mean-spirited person, but I don't think this girl (Miss Nevada) was pretty enough to win a beauty contest. She's also obviously starved for attention. As for Tara Conner , she was a doll when she won her title as Miss USA, but she doesn't look as good now. She's gained some weight.

2728 days ago

She was no different than any other former stripper still trying to make money off her body at almost 40    

This ex-Miss Nevada will most likely end up in the porn world making jerk-off DVD's. Has she signed a contract with Wicked Pictures yet?

2728 days ago


I think you meant to say she *flouted* the rules, not "flaunted."

To flout is to treat with contept and disregard.

To flaunt is to show off.

Just an English teacher gripe.

Oh, and George Maloof, your mama ought to smack your face, go find a nice Lebanese girl instead of this sharmouta!

2728 days ago

Agent D    

Is she even 21? I just don't understand how these underage kids can drink in casinos, at pool bars and where ever the hell they feel like. I wish it was that easy when I was underage. Christ.

2728 days ago


I don't understand why we keep seeing pictures and stories about her on this website. All it is doing is extending her 15 minutes, she certainly isn't a celebrity. I would much rather see stories about anybody else. She was at a pool in Las Vegas with her top on for once, who cares?

2728 days ago
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