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If Sanjaya Wins Idol...

4/4/2007 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

SanjayaThe question burning in the minds of "American Idol" fans: What if Sanjaya actually wins? TMZ has learned that a website is giving its viewers a chance to sound off and answer the searing question. is offering various clothing items and accessories featuring the logo "If sanjaya wins, I will... ," leaving the answer up to the person who purchases the item.

The website allows viewers to answer the question, which is then graded by creators of the site.

Here are a few samples of the posted hypotheticals and their grades:

"If Sanjaya wins, I will have a memorial feast in memory of J, the hungerstriking myspace retard."
Rating: A+

"If Sanjaya wins, I will give up sex ... forever."
Rating: F

"If Sanjaya wins, I will write a letter to American Idol telling them to apologize to William Hung for eliminating him so soon."
Rating: B+


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If he wins there will not be anymore American Idol. It will be considered a joke.

2768 days ago

big joe    

you all are a bunch of asses get a life.

2768 days ago

Laurie R    

LOL!! thanks for the laugh....i'm having the blues right now. those are hilarious!
i especially love the feast one and the william hung one. priceless!

2768 days ago

Agent D    

He WILL NOT WIN! #1 is right, there will be no more American Idol, no one will watch.

2768 days ago


If he wins...I'll crash my computer , call tech support, and play Paris Hilton's CD for them

2768 days ago


if Sanjaya wins,i,........will.........NEVER watch american idol again! ....this is soo stupid!

2768 days ago


I will never watch that show again if he wins. i swear!!!

2768 days ago

I Agree........    

Come on TMZ quit giving him all this attention!! If people would quit putting things on about him maybe he would just go away!!!

2768 days ago

Rosie Should Move To The Middle East    

If Sanjaya wins.....It proves that France is right and American's ARE stupid......

Still proud to be an American....but an American no longer watching American Idol, I mean American Joke......

2767 days ago


I like the Sanjaya.

MUCH better than the losers who post hateful drivel on obscure blogs

2767 days ago


If Sanjaya wins, I will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT because I could not possibley care less. I do not watch American Idol because it think it is boring and inane.

2767 days ago


What is sad is that we actually liked him during the auditions. He seemed cute, innocent, honest, real. Now I hate hate hate him. He should step down. What a scumbag slimy pos. Karma is going to bite him for this. Good people have left and he just sails through for the wrong reasons. And he knows it. He needs to do the right thing!

2767 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

It's obvious, American Idol will have to do something totally different if they come back....I honestly can not name one person on the show, except for the last name Doolittle, don't know the first name and of course Sanjaya......Simon created a fun show, I have enjoyed it...But Sanjaya is "straw" that broke the "camel".................Creepy Little Lizard Face!!!!!

2767 days ago


The mystery of Sanjaya, solved in seven easy steps from the simple to metaphysical:

2767 days ago


if he wins i will know idol is a joke.


2767 days ago
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