If Sanjaya Wins Idol...

4/4/2007 4:30 PM PDT

If Sanjaya Wins Idol...

The question burning in the minds of "American Idol" fans: What if Sanjaya actually wins? TMZ has learned that a website is giving its viewers a chance to sound off and answer the searing question.

Ifsanjayawins.com is offering various clothing items and accessories featuring the logo "If sanjaya wins, I will... ," leaving the answer up to the person who purchases the item.

The website allows viewers to answer the question, which is then graded by creators of the site.

Here are a few samples of the posted hypotheticals and their grades:

"If Sanjaya wins, I will have a memorial feast in memory of J, the hungerstriking myspace retard."
Rating: A+

"If Sanjaya wins, I will give up sex ... forever."
Rating: F

"If Sanjaya wins, I will write a letter to American Idol telling them to apologize to William Hung for eliminating him so soon."
Rating: B+