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MySpace Hunger Striker Wanted to "Motivate" People

4/4/2007 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MySpace profile of Sanjaya Hunger StrikerSanjaya won the battle, but "J" thinks she'll win the war.

"J" is the "American Idol" fan who starved herself for 16 days in an effort to get Sanjaya Malakar off "American Idol." It hasn't worked (yet), but she tells TMZ that she thinks the tide is turning. "I wanted people who were upset Sanjaya was still on the show, but hadn't voted, to be motivated to call because of what I was doing. I believe that I got people to do this."

"J" lost 17 pounds during her protest and says the desire to eat had completely disappeared. She says that she could have continued, if not for doctor's orders, and that she had the support of friends and family until her health became an issue. "For the most part, it was a pretty positive reaction," she says. "They were glad that I took a stand for something I believe in."

In her final video posting, a computer screensaver can be seen in the background -- an ad for So was this all a publicity stunt for a dating website? "It's funny that so many people are reading so much into that. I actually have a job with Fitness Singles in their support department, so that screensaver has been on my computer for quite some time now."


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This chick is so full of it. She didnt do a hunger strke.

She had her head turned in a funky angle in a dark room on the last video, so you could barely see her face.

Its all a publicity stunt. Hell she actually looked like she gained weight.

No one believes her.

2756 days ago


I hope he wins American Idol!!! He is GREAT!

2756 days ago

Just Another Hater    

Yeah, way to take a stand on something you believe in...

I'm inspired. I'm going to starve myself until they bring back "Twin Peaks."

What a loser.

2756 days ago


#1 - oh i know, i was watching some of the response videos and one guy called her out about using camera angles and lighting to cover up what was appearant weight GAIN I can't believe TMZ even gave her press but here we go making celebrities out of nobodies again...

2756 days ago


J that's great you lost 17lbs!! so that means you now weigh 212lbs? only 90 lbs to go FATSO!!

2756 days ago


This is so crazy...first some crack pot starvation this no talent is everywhere.Does everthing have to be a stupid stunt of some type..This kid can't sing, but he just strange enough for everyone to like him...So when he wins,then what, we have some no talent running around the country making crazy money, for what?? Lets vote this one off, get a good laugh,and move on to someone we won't mind seeing and paying for...This isn't America's Funniest Video's

2756 days ago

Sexi Lexi    

2756 days ago


J you dope! The more you protest the more America votes for him you jackass!!! Oh and P.S you look fatter then when you started...DUMBASS!!

2756 days ago


J just go away. you are stupid and retarded. Do something productive with you votes. you know what Sanjaya was pretty good last night. ive heard on the yahoo that judges and producer dont want to help him improve like he did with other contentest, he wants him to differnt and weird. i thinks its really rude. Stinky #7, grow up. your comment is just sucks. Guess what i am indian, i dont vote for him like billion times, i also vote for lakisha or other contestant or i dont vote at all. i gurantee you that people are watching american idol becuase of sanjaya and when he does get booted from the show, rating will go down.

2756 days ago


This 200 pound publicity stunt wonder has stirred up some interesting sociology issues.

Let it be known that I am not a fan of American Idol. I don't dislike it. I just don't watch alot of television. Though I was forced to watch it when a friend came over for coffee, so I grit my teeth, smiled and pretended to be fascinated by the show. I come from a family of musicians, and I possess a greater than average understanding of the complexities of musical skill and talent.

Apparently, this particular episode featured the introduction of Sanjaya. I was mildly impressed by his vocal abilities. I sat silently thinking about his demeanor and appearance. He wasn't a typical masculine Caucasian. I also thought about how many Americans are going to dislike him just because he is not masculine, white, and the fact that he actually has vocal skills. Even in a nation that preaches freedom, I was concerned that his ethnic background and non-masculine attributes would provide fodder for individuals with deep racist and homophobic tendencies. Racism and homophobia in America is alive and well, and some of the responses I've read in regards to Sanjaya has come as no surprise.

I think it's sad that even in the year 2007, some people are focusing on his appearance and demeanor more than his ability to actually carry a tune. The underlying message that I am reading in to this whole 'J' and Sanjaya hysteria is, racism and homophobia are alive and well, and it thrives no matter how talented you are.

I'm disgusted and yet not surprised by a portion of the publics response and I can't really blame the reactions of some pre-teens comments whose moral-conscience centre of their brain is underdeveloped, but I'm even more shocked that the 200 pound publicity wonder would allow herself to be the vehicle to promote underlying racism and homophobia. Clearly, the word "shame" is not part of her vocabulary.

I don't know Sanjaya, but he comes across as an individual who loves singing, he loves life, and his good spirit has not been tainted by racism and homophobia. Whether he wins or not, I sure hope he doesn't allow ignorant bigots to change his views on life. Life is far too short to be worried about what others think of you, and I hope his good spirit prevails for the rest of his life.

2756 days ago


Posted at 12:18PM on Apr 4th 2007 by BruceLD

Awesome hits the nail in the head. Thats what I been saying.

2756 days ago


I can't believe all the negative stories written about a 17 year old who had the talent to beat out 100,000 people who audition for American Idol. This kid has dreams, and he is going for it. What is your dream? To tear down others? Don't worry about this guy doing what he wants, search for meaning in your own life and live it. The sad thing is fighting "against" something is not the same thing as fighting "for" something. Empty lives some folks lead, too bad, it will be over before you realized how you didn't do anything yourself.

2756 days ago


This is not......... RACIAL...........He can't sing....Why is everything reduced to this???

2756 days ago


It was all a publicity stunt.
Look at her top 8 on her myspace.
Her #1 friend is


2756 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

....................Oh MY GOODNESS, Give the boy a bannana...................................

2756 days ago
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