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Enrages Condo Residents

4/10/2007 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

EntourageHBO's "Entourage" has invaded a Hollywood condo complex, and the residents aren't happy.

The condos, located at the foot of celeb-hiker favorite Runyon Canyon, has become home to the boys of "Entourage," along with a large crew, lights and cameras.

At first, residents of the complex, including porn king Ron Jeremy, were told that shooting would go on for a week or so, and that their daily lives wouldn't be affected. But a TMZ source inside the complex reveals that the group has been anything but unnoticeable. Our source said that crew dudes can be found lounging in a top-floor gym, and that the pool area has become a smoking section for the show's grips and cameramen. "It has definitely made a huge impact having the crew roaming around," said the source.

For those who watch the show, the reason for the new location is that the new season finds "Johnny Drama" finally getting his own place. The residents at this condo just wish it wasn't in their building!

TMZ contacted HBO reps for a comment, but didn't hear back by press time.


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yero abdul ba    

she is just a big loser

2717 days ago

Britney Spears Photos    

What will happen next?

2717 days ago

I love it!    

Oh please! If it wasn't a problem from the begging it shouldn't be a problem now. People that smoke are gonna smoke and if they're smoking outside it certainly shouldn't be a problem. People will find anything to bitch about.

2717 days ago


this is so not true! they are filming, there are crews and i have yet to bump into anyone. although i wish i would. in fact, they help when we need to exit the parking garage, they stop traffic and/or direct us... talk about bs drama (not you "Drama")... who reported that?

2717 days ago

Franklin Towers Resident    

Methinks TMZ needs a new fact checker. The agreement was never for just a week--always for several months. And we are thrilled that Entourage chose our building for Drama's new luxury apartment. The production team has bent over backwards for us and we aren't at all unhappy about the contributions they're making to our building reserves fund!

2717 days ago


Who's mansion is it where the crew/cast eats lunch? I see them on the front lawn, and I wonder what is the deal made for this???? Maybe Franklin Towers resident knows or can find out. And how do neighbors feel about all the trailers and Star Waggons taking up parking in a neighborhood that is already upset for years about people parking to take their dogs to Runyon Canyon!!!

2717 days ago

King Kwame    

Thanks for the damn spoilers TMZ

2717 days ago


I live in the building. And even though i am not a fan of the show ( i never watch it) the crew has been really cool. They try to be quiet, minimize their presence, and guide traffic when necessary. So far, their impact has been minimal and positive at best.

2717 days ago


I also live in the building and totally disagree with the article. In fact, I have been shocked out how courteous, respectful, and polite every single person on the crew has been. I have never seen anyone smoking by the pool and as the poster above said, they direct traffic whenever needed. Most other tenants of the building are pleased and excited about the exposure, regardless of whether they watch the show. TMZ definitely got this one wrong.

2716 days ago

Condo Blog    

This is great. Anyone have the address or name of the condominium building? This post is a must for our Condo Blog!

2716 days ago

johnny cash    

I live in the building too, and this is way off.

The Entourage staff has been very courteous, friendly, and seem to go out of their way to not be in the way. Never have I seen them by the pool smoking, or in the gym hanging out.

And, they aren't crashing here...the HOA has a agreement with them where they pay us tons of money. We agreed to this. Sure, there is an inconvenience, but in no way are the condo owners up in arms about it; in fact we agreed to it ahead of time and are being compensated for it.

Give it up TMZ. Maybe interview more than one source in the building, or talk to the HOA. Or, maybe find something that is actually newsworthy, even if it is only about celebrities getting pulled over.

2716 days ago

Drama's Condo    

Whomever wrote this needs to get their facts straight. My condo is the one they are using as "Drama's", so I know for a fact that they have always said the filming would go on for months, not a week. Entourage also told the Board the duration of filming and it has been posted in all the elevators.

With the exception of a few inconsiderate and careless people, the cast and crew have been polite, considerate and even helpful at times. The filming brings to all residents, much needed money that can be used to improve the building. It will also hopefully increase interest in the building and help with the resale of units. As for the inconveniences, we as residents of the building deal with elevator and parking parking issues on a daily basis anyway, so why not get paid for them?

My unit/Drama's condo should be up for sale soon. Anyone interested may contact me directly. Be sure to watch the 4th season, airing in June to check it out.

2715 days ago


Hey Kim, not sure what mansion you're referring to, but the cast/crew for the filming of Drama's condo at Franklin Towers has food service around the corner, and none of those guys eat on the lawn. My boyfriend lives in "Drama's condo", and like he has said, all of them have been very considerate. I know the plumbers and/or gardeners sometimes eat on the grass, which is normal, but I think you're talking about the house location, not the condo.


2711 days ago


This sounds like the perfect set-up.
How can I get someone to pay my condo's HOA lots
of money with little or no inconvenience?

2710 days ago

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