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Gwen Stefani's

Healthy Demands

4/21/2007 4:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Gwen Stefani's tour rider -- the list of "artist demands" for their backstage dressing room -- and it reveals what a health-conscious diva she really is! Wind it up!

Besides having her room bathed in bright white light (to match her weave!), Stefani asks for 30 bottles of water and a cornucopia of organic items for her Sweet Escape Tour, which kicks off Saturday in Las Vegas. The pesticide-free buffet includes an assortment of teas, fruit, cashews, almonds, vegetables and ranch dressing. Some non-edible needs include ten white towels and four aromatherapy candles, all of which MUST be the same scent. Her Harajuku girls are very sensitive!

Based on her backstage grocery list, it appears our little Gwen is a real natural girl. Well, besides her hair color!


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Lover Of L.A.M.B    

What's so bad? I mean, people make mistakes on those typo's! Now, you're saying that you've NEVER typed on a computer, or how about going to school I'm sure you used spell, you like "U". I know I did, and I'll say it. Everyone makes mistakes. And if she typed it herself, so what? She is a good singer, and she's stress with her new tour (not to even mention her baby, Kingston, on board the Stefani private jet to stardom) She likes to be organic. This really shouldn't be a rant. She said already, that she's struggled with her weight, and when she was in the 6th grade, she went on a diet, and never got off of it. She said, and I qote, "an on going battle" She's even called herself a "dork"

People, if you had a baby and was probably still nursing, would you want him/her to be drinking your(or the mother's) milk that was unhealthy? Like, whould it be better if Kaluah(sp? see I make mistakes!) was on that list insead of all that great-for-you, happy-go-lucky, feel-good food that she wanted? I mean, do you want her to be skipping around on the stange with a wash-board 4 pack, or a bulging belly as she flops and sweats under a double chin? Nasty thought right?

Remember, she's not a ho, like a lot of pop-stars these days. She wont ask for things that unheathy for her one-year-old! People, get a lfe, she has her own, and she'll do it the way she wants! Let her do what she wants and don't add this extra stress to her that she already has from personal problems and staying on top in the fame department. To make a long story that you've already read, short, JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!

Gwen, I congradulte you on this succsess and staying healthy and fit through the almost 22 years you've been on the music scean. Keep going girl, oh, and you'll have a LONG, healthy like ahead of you if you keep this up.

2668 days ago


Thanks for the list!!!!!!!!!!! She rocks!!!!!

2741 days ago


Soooo Gwen, whatever happened to the band that propelled you to stardom? Leave 'em in the dirt behind? Used 'em don't need 'em no more? Got toooo big for those losers?

I guess you're a STAH now?

Got no respect for you at all and if you were drowing I wouldn't throw you anything but bad looks.

2741 days ago


Buzz, get a life.

She eats healthy. I like that she's not one of those people who pretends to eat at McDonalds and sit on their bums all day, yet look extra thin. Way to work for it like the rest of us. No Cheetos or Taco Bell on that list.

2741 days ago


Very un-demanding in comparison to so many other celebrity requests! Give Gwen a break; it takes a great diet and self-control to get a body like hers!

2741 days ago


I'm with you Buzz.
She's a classic example of a narcissist.Just watch her latest video,the one with Akon(the only good thing about the song).
She just dropped the men that propelled her to stardom without a second thought.She did a complete 360 after that.She turned into a Diva,
Good luck to those people who go see her while she's on tour.You could save your money and just stay home and listen to her cd's.That's all you'll be doing anyways.The woman cannot sing.She lip syncs and uses her"healthy" body to sell cd's and concert tickets.So you'd basically pay to watch her writhe around stage,"singing" into her handy little headset.The Madonna of the new millennium.

2741 days ago


Love her some organic vesetables- what are those? And who the hell eats BEETS after a workout?

She does have the cutest kid in the world, tho-

2740 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Gawd!! Do we really need to know this. She's a 3rd rate singer (and I'm being kind) at best. Tacky no talent. Portrays women as sex objects .Total hypocrisy, while she' wants pesticide free buffets, she should ask herself how many suffered and died in poisons, digging those diamonds she wears. How about those poor fools Gwen?

2740 days ago

Joe Nutter    

Interesting list. Very good diets. That is why she has a clean colon and is in great shape.

2740 days ago


2740 days ago


So, basically she wants fruit and veggies, water and tea, some towels and scent candles. BFD!?!?!! Not everyone stuff their faces with twinkies at every given oportunity. Will someone tell me please what is so unreasonable with her request? And I applaud her for wanting everyting to be organic. Pollution is destroying our planet.

Btw, I work at a large company and when we have high profile guests, we ask them what they want and they send us a list at OUR request. Because we want to be hospitable and make them feel welcome.

When you all grow up, get real jobs and get some experience you will see that this is nothing to get your panties in a whirl over.

2740 days ago


Doesn't she have enough money to hire someone literate--"vegestables"?? Give me a break.

2740 days ago


Oh please- you're going to point out a typo. That's ridiculous! It's easy to have a typo on a document. Either way, I like that she tries to make it realistic... nothing about no one looking her in the eyes and having a person to fan her and feed her grapes. I mean, it's mostly food and drink requests. I think those are VERY fair requests. It's hard to have a good diet when you stay at hotels all the time. I also LOVE that she at least said PLEASE. I'm sure there are a lot of celebrities that forget that word even exists.

Oh- about for those talking about her old band members... she didn't LEAVE them behind- she moved on and didn't let them weigh her down. And as real friends- they understood what was going on. If they aren't complaining why are you?

2740 days ago


I don't think it seemed that divaesque at all. I even noted the "please" in regards to the same scented candles.

2740 days ago


I agree with you Ame. I guess some people here can't find anything negative to say about Gwen so they have to point out a typo!!!! Very Classy!
I think her band was weighing her down!! From what I've heard she's still friends with all of her former band mates and talks with them on almost a daily basis, (think I heard that on an MTV show).
As far as her food requests go; I think everyone (including me) should eat more organic vegetables, fruits, etc.. I just had a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast....I wonder if they make organic Lucky Charms! HA! I Wish!

2740 days ago
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