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Kim Basinger Saves Face

4/24/2007 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim BasingerIn the wake of Alec Baldwin's threatening message to his "thoughtless little pig"/daughter Ireland, his "pain in the ass" ex-wife Kim Basinger just scored a fat new modeling deal with beauty giant, Coty. That's gotta hurt.

The 53-year-old will represent the Lancaster skincare line, which calls itself the "anti-ageing expert," in their new ad campaigns worldwide, except in the United States. Doh! Basinger's new gig brings her back to her cover girl roots, as the former Breck girl was a Ford model in the 70s.

One can only imagine what Alec has to say about this!


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Go Kim! Congratulations on your new gig!

2747 days ago


YOU GO GIRL! Kim has been out of the limelight for a while and I look forward to seeing her beautiful face once more.

2747 days ago


I wonder what her new employers think of her personal traumas.... all publicity is NOT good publicity --- and I think that she should be apologizing to everyone - asking for all media outlets to STOP playing that awful recording as well as STOP reporting on it - FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILD

2747 days ago


Way to go U can show that pig u were married to what U r made of. It goes to show when U are living right good thing's will happen. What does that say for Alec dont stand to close to him if lightning strikes.

2747 days ago


Since they broke up Alex has had much more success than Kim, including a number of successful movies and 30 Rock. A modelling contract with Polyfill will not make up for how much more success Alex has enjoyed.

2747 days ago


Kim's a full-grown BITCH! Why anyone would want to be neurotic, vengeful, lying, and sad like she's been is crazy
. If that's what COTY wants to represent, count me out on buying anything with their name on it.

2747 days ago

A. Benet    

So, is this why she released the voicemail??? Wow..... Sorry, folks, but I think the problem with this is a SIX YEAR CUSTODY BATTLE!!! Are you kidding me?? You mean to tell me that these yahoos haven't settled on a custody agreement yet? Seriously? I guess you all would like for Alec to be like Joh Voight, who owed nearly $175000 in back child support for Angelina Jolie and her brother, James. Wow......

2747 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

You think Kim Basinger is going to make me want to buy Lancaster? I'm the age group they are trying to appeal to. She doesn't represent me.

2747 days ago


Go Kim! Look forward to seeing you grow with much continued success!

2747 days ago

yvonne adler    

It's about time that she goes back to work after sponging off of her former husband for all the years since her divorce. Does she really need to spend 24/7 to lead the war against her former husban and her daughter? Methinks not.

2747 days ago

who cares?    

they are both whacked out people! good for them---the daughter will be another Paris Hilton--another Hollywood Whore!

2747 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Ew. You NEED a new face, Kimmy. :-p PsychoBitch! (Alec, too.)

2747 days ago


I feel so sorry for Ireland to have such an A Hole for a Dad. Kim, why don't you remarry so Ireland can have a nice step dad. I hope this doesn't sour her on men. Alec Baldwin, you are a PIG. You are a horrible example of a human being. Animals are kinder to their young than you, mister.

2747 days ago

yvonne adler    

"Coty" has the stench of the founder's collaborationist background to it: a prominent WWII French Faschist. "You go girl" is right. Her unredeeming hatred of her husband and daughter over the last few years will show up in each and every photograph printed.

2747 days ago

carol ard    

Kim is the one who exploited Alec's rage and used it to demean her own daughter publicly..Now we all loose our tempers and you all have to remember Kim and Alec have been having a custody thing since 2001 or so and they are acting like children at the expense of their daughter...But Alec was set up this time as Kim released this ..Who else could have and she cared not about what it did to Ireland ..So if you were a father who was under a court order on exactly what time to call your daughter and you try and try and keep getting her voice mail wouldn't you kinda loose it too... I feel her mother made sure Ireland was not personally avaliable to take her Dad's call as she is a vindictive witch! I disagree with everything Alec stands for politically but on this issue i cansee his point but he should not have gone so angry but than again Kim is under a court order not to release anything that will hurt the child and we all know Kim was behind this and I think that makes her the worse parent here..The father is trying to stay in contact with his daughter and Kim does not want him to and she did this whole thing...You all wait until you face this in your own families and you will see the truth here!

2747 days ago
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