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Hugh Bastard!

Grant Flips Out on Photog

4/25/2007 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Grant was caught taking out his aggression on a pap in London on Tuesday.


Apparently fed up with photographers documenting his every move, the 46-year-old British actor threw an unidentified object and unleashed his stellar kicking skills on one of the paps outside his London home. Not exactly the best way to stop your photo from being taken!

We all know that being a celeb can be tough, but next time, Hugh should try demonstrating some better sense and sensibility.


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Go Hugh!! I've got some toast for those beans!!!!!

2680 days ago



2682 days ago


That polite British gentleman mess is just a farce. Who knew Hugh Grant had it in him? LOL!

2682 days ago


Good for Hugh. These photogs have no right to invade their privacy. Photogs are nothing more than paid STALKERS. It's wrong and I will never put down any person who lashes out. I don't like the person behind me in line at the check-out getting too close to me. These photogs are constantly IN THEIR FACES. It's an invasion of space and privacy. When I leave my place of work, the people I work with aren't following or approaching me in the grocery store and just because someone is doing a movie junket does not mean that the press should be able to invade the personal lives.

2682 days ago

Lisanell Richey    

Sounds like a bully to me, maybe he doesnt like being "important" after all ,, lol, if he really is...who IS he anyway??? hahaha

2682 days ago


Of course TMZ would be against a celebrity going off on a photog. They are TMZs bread and butter. If they don't want to be photographed, then leave them alone. When thier career tanks, they will come back and beg you to take their stupid picture or not. Maybe you should stick with celebs that want the exposure like Paris, Gummie, Greasy, and all those losers.

2682 days ago


Well, Kelly, that makes you a bit of a hypocrite for reading this site, doesn't it?

2682 days ago


It would be fun if they added Amy Sedaris -- who is kind of a female version of Martha Stewart -- to the bench at The View when Rosie O'Donnell leaves in June. She could do a weekly craft and food segment with Joy Behar or something.

2682 days ago


The comments of Kelly and Buster have reminded me of what the undertaker said to me a while back when I had to arrange my son's funeral: watch out for paps hiding outside the crematorium. If they think it's a newsworthy story they will try and get a shot. We'll sort them out if they come anywhere near the building.

Why in God's name would anyone want a photo of mourners at a child's funeral? Well apparently, they would, but not on this occasion.

If they had, there were a couple of big lads of my acquaintance who would have been happy to go and say hello and take out a bit of the day's trauma on the parasites.

I live in the U.K, btw, I think our press is about as low as any for this kind of unnecessary behaviour.

2682 days ago


Where is it written that these people are not entitled to privacy? It seems to me that the paparazzi go too far in their attempts to catch them in compromizing situations then they snap away and earn tons of money that is paid by the various tabloids and magazines. I do not read any of them because of this invasion of privacy. These people are merely entertainers and nothing more of interest to me other than when their next movie comes out and if I want to go and see it or not. I do not know what the hell newsworthy it is taking a picture of Hugh Grant going about his every day life. Of, course, they provoked him to react and now they have their shot. Too bad Mr. Grant doesn't strike me as a combative individual - rather passive I should think. But when provoked, he will lash out the same as any human being. He cannot be faulted for this.

2682 days ago


I say TMZ do what ever you need to get the picture. I do not feel
sorry for rich famous people that make too much money in the first
place. Celebrities gave up their right for privacy the day they
decided to be famous. If you want privacy, don't become famous. Hey
Hugh, relax, it's not like they are taking a picture of you getting a
BJ! Remember the infamous prostitution bust for Hugh.

2682 days ago


thses paparazzi pigs get off damn easy. been thru the wars with these turd sniffers. a persons life no matter who ,you want to make a living????????? learn how to mop a good floor job, i presume this may be a bit to hard for these pigs to fathom. is private , unless others are invited in. like the old rustler days, to stop em . hang em. eventually the others may take the hint.

2682 days ago


He should be happy anyone is even taking a picture of him. He is an over rated B actor.

2682 days ago

I believe that unidentified object is a meal from they deliver weekly (frozen) or daily (fresh) in some locations including Hollywood... packs are left at your front door by, i could see that Hugh having come back from a run could have easily reach down and grabbed this - the packages typically include a freezer pack, but those things are pretty solid and could cause damage so maybe the meal was the right choice. Looks like Hugh is trying to keep the weight down

2682 days ago


Euthanize (sp) this talentless asshole

2682 days ago
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