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Kirstie Alley

I'll Have a Juror Sandwich

4/25/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was at Los Angeles County Courthouse when we spotted Jenny Craig spokesdieter Kirstie Alley, doing her civic duty ... jury duty, that is.

Alley waited impatiently on a hallway bench, sandwiched between several other potential Celeb Mugshots gallery: click to launch photosjurors for a contract dispute case, when she was heard saying, "What time is this thing over?" A fellow would-be juror replied, "4:40, and it's 4:30 right now." Kirstie proceeded to drop her head in her hands and let out a huge sigh.

We're not sure if she was sick of jury duty ... or just getting hungry.


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slow day huh?

2732 days ago

First Time Responder    

I think this story is horrible, I never respond to these things but I have to say at least she was there. Even though she is probably on the D list by now how many D listers even serve? Good for her for just being there. I would be frustrated too.

2732 days ago


TMZ you're a bunch of pathetic, heartless, ignorant fools. I'd like to see what your fat asses look like. At least Kirstie lost 75 lbs., which is more than I can say for your sorry selves. She is no longer fat, drop the fat jokes. Or do you have nothing more productive to do with your time. We should be applauding her for doing her civic duty instead thinking she's above the law, unlike the other hollywood pricks.

2732 days ago


You have got to be kinding ?? I have Jury Duty on May 7th, can I be on TMZ ?? Its every citizens duty to be on Jury Duty. Get real TMZ !!

2732 days ago


i quit reading tmz a while back because of something stupid they said, and for some reason i went back...what you said about kirstie being hungry, calling her "fat actress" and the "i'll have a jury sandwich" remark was just plain much weight did she lose, and you're still on her case!! no wonder all these young girls are killing themselves to be's stupid tabloid remarks like yours that drive them to it!! you should be ashamed of yourselves...pick on someone who deserves it, will ya? like alec baldwin and his "fat" mouth...or don imus with his "fat" mouth...

2732 days ago

no, you suck    

A worthless and mean spirited story by TMZ - AGAIN!
She is doing her civic duty , kudos Kirstie!- Why add the "fat" comments TMZ?
oooooohh.. it's "exclusive" - You suck TMZ...

2732 days ago


shame on you. kirstie alley has more class than any fifty other hollywood idiots combined. what did she ever do to you, to deserve this kind of insulting coverage from you? have YOU ever done jury duty? no, I didn't think so. go kirstie, don't pay any attention to morons like this. there are tons of people out there who love and respect you and have been inspired by your weight loss (myself included--I was told once that I looked like you and I took it as a huge compliment). You just keep right on being who you are.

2732 days ago

Thelma Lou    

What a horrible thing to say. Give the poor lady a break. I'm sure there are real stories out there.

2732 days ago


Must be another slooooooooooow day for news :-)

2732 days ago

Mary C.    

I was on jury duty last year with Gene Simmons of Kiss and he was bored too, but I did not take a picture with my cell phone, they deserve privacy.

Anyone who has been on jury duty knows is boring, Kristie can do what ever she wants and she should be commended by doing her american duty, not be criticized by looking "bored" and if she was eating, like Tyra Banks said "SO WHAT" slow news day ha TMZ!

2732 days ago


Just because you saw her in court does not mean there is a story about her to be told. The only story you told, without meaning to, is what a wasted web site this is. It's a mean-spirited, meaningless bash. Don Imus was fired for this, taking a cheap shot at people who did no wrong. But you're too trivial and pathetic to bother going after.
She was in court doing her civic duty; what were you doing there?

2732 days ago


I agree with Gel WTH cares? Why is this news worthy?

2732 days ago

T. Sh    

Kirstie is a fat slob...quite honestly, I'm surprised she didnt take a bite out of any of the fellow jurors.

2732 days ago


Fat actress?! Does this mean that a fat person is JUST fat? Is a person who was once fat but lost weight always considered just FAT? Why is it that no matter what Kirsty does, the story is about FAT? WEIGHT DOES NOT DEFINE A PERSON.

Kirsty on jury duty is not news--Kirsty's weight even less so.

2732 days ago


Awhh, come on TMZ. This is scrapeing the bottom of the barrel to turn something decent into a crappy news bullitin. Why don't you instead run a story on how darn hard she had to work to get back into shape. "FAT ACTRESS" my foot. Be fair and call it like it is. FORMER FAT ACTRESS, NOW GORGEOUS SPOKES MODEL. I like TMZ most of the time, but when you are so obviously hateful, I don't respect you at all.

2732 days ago
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