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"Weak" Virgie Defeated in Court -- Larry Finally Free to Go

4/27/2007 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie -- LarryThere is no one else standing in Larry Birkhead's way.

Virgie Arthur's last-ditch appeal to block Dannielynn's biological father from leaving the Bahamas with the infant has just been denied. And to add insult to injury, the judge verbally and financially smacked Arthur, calling the appeal "weak" and ordering her to pay $3,000 in attorney's fees for wasting the court's time.

At one point, the judge reportedly said that he was "perplexed" as to why the case even made it into his courtroom.


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Thank God! Larry Birkhead and his child have been put through hell because of drug addicted behaviour. Finally justice at a high cost to this gentleman and his child.

2704 days ago

Just my opinion    


2704 days ago


I want to know who has been fronting her for legal fees. I'm sure she owes a whole lot more than $40,000+ even if O'Quinn is not charging. Where has she been staying in the Bahamas? Who has been paying for that? I strongly doubt her "family" has lent her enough money to stay in the Bahamas as long as she did. Where or who is the money supplier? Who is supporting her so she can do all these things? I've never been to the Bahamas I've heard it's lovely but not cheap to visit. Where is the money coming from now ? Would someone investigate that?

2704 days ago

Angelina soringer    

My prayers have been answered. It is amazing that the courts don't put Vigie Arther away for malicious acts against Larry and baby Dannielynn. This article made my day. I am glad that the court are finally getting fed up with this bitch of a woman.
If Larry is smart he will have a will made and make sure she gets nothing. Maybe he can get a restraining order on her when he goes back to the states so she can't continue this any further. If he doesn't do something and the courts allow her this time in their courts she will never stop until some murders her once and for all. that is something that will work for sure.

2704 days ago


Hey ya'll Larry lives in Burbank...and so do I . It is a great stop talking smack about it...Larry...take care of your baby girl..and God bless...

2704 days ago


I wonder if she is worried going back to Texas-------they probly can't stand her

2704 days ago

Mary T.    

Be a REAL man Larry....allow HKS to be in you baby's life....He could tell her so many GOOD things about her mom as she grows up...He was with her mother so much longer than you were.....You will show your true colors in the months to come....

2704 days ago

Drama Continues!    

Really at this point who cares where she gets money. I know she won't be seeing any of mine in the future. She did WRONG by her daughter, grandson and now her granddaughter.....if anyone should be charged in the death of Anna is VA....she's the one that drove her over the edge with her accusations about Howard or Anna killed Daniel....maybe her plane will crash on the way back to the US and no one will ever have to deal with her again!

2704 days ago


God does answer pray. It all comes down to what is right and what is wrong .This process will continue to work itself out . There is nothing like the power of pray. I am even praying for
Stern to stop holding up the inquest and speak the truth . You only do this if you are hiding something.
Speak the truth and speak it ever
Cause it what it will
He who hides the wrong he does
Does the wrong thing still
Stern follow this rule and you will free yourself of guilt


2704 days ago


WOOHOO!!! Take that beotch!!! At least one judge knows evil when he sees it. How's she gonna pay up now that her cash cow is free to go? I hope she never gets near that baby.

2704 days ago

THAT money??? what money???    

I think what the judge was referring to regarding the June 8 hearing was simply that "whoever is awarded custody" that date... the point is moot really, because once everyone steps back on U.S. soil, it will go back into court in the U.S. by the person who did NOT get custody in the Bahamas. These judges aren't STUPID!!! They know what they're dealing with where all of these U.S. citizens taking up time in their courts, are all about!!!

Well, it SOUNDED to me as though you were quoting from Access Hollywood. You know that sometimes at story is traded around based on one reporter's account. I don't know that MSNBC had a reporter there. I do know that the judges NEVER stated that the June 8th custody hearing was unnecessary. If you can provide a valid link and a direct quote from the judges, and not from a reporter's assessment of what they said, then that will be fine with me. Until then, I can tell you this--Tony Potts was extrapolating his own opinion as to the status of this custody case. I don't see how any judges in an appeal court could overrule the June 8th custody hearing UNLESS Virgie was appealing same, which she is not. She was only appealing the injunction to keep the baby in the Bahamas.
Posted at 12:34PM on Apr 27th 2007 by Rachel

2704 days ago


Congratulations, Larry! Being a grandma myself, I cannot imagine doing what Virgie has done. My thoughts are with you and Dannielynn and your family. Bring her home to a family that will love and cherish her.

2704 days ago


Way to go Judge!! Looks like Virgie, won't be getting any of the $$$$, she will need a job. Maybe Dunkin Doughnuts, will give her one. I guess her vacation is over. I wonder who is going to pay her lawyers.

2704 days ago


I applaud the Bahamian court system!!!!!!!! GO LARRY...we love you and pray for the best for your entire are a very evil money grubbing person. YOU HAVE NO were never a mother, what the hell ever made you think the system would see you as a grandmother. Go home...think about your own life and pray for forgiveness. We all as humans are not perfect, but deliberate meaness and greed are dispicable. As you are!

2704 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

I'm glad to see the Bahamian court has shown common sense, and disregarded this bitch's stupid request; I especially love how they verbally & monetarily smacked her down! I can only guess why she's doing this (seeing as how she apparently missed her visitation with the baby last week); she's in it only for the money, grand-daughter be damned.

What a disgusting excuse for a human being. I can only guess that, coming from a trailer park, this is how she lives her life (don't give a damn about anyone but herself, hurt anyone who prevents you from getting what you want, do anything to get money). What does this make her? You guessed it - VIRGIE IS A MONEY WHORE!!!!!

2704 days ago
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