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Tracy Morgan

Ordered to SCRAM, Escapes Jail Time

4/28/2007 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy MorganTMZ has learned that "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan has copped a plea that will keep him out of jail, but he'll have to wear a high-tech ankle bracelet to make sure he stays off the booze.

Friday afternoon, in a Los Angeles Superior County Court, a judge ordered Morgan, who was not present, to wear a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) device -- an ankle bracelet worn to test for alcohol vapors that come out of the skin. The tests will go on every 30 minutes for 90 days. If Morgan tests positive for alcohol use he will have to start his 90 days over, and if he fails a second time he'll be forced to spend 30 days in a county jail.

Morgan will also have to complete five days of community service.

NYPD officers busted Morgan after he was spotted driving erratically in November. The bust violated the probation of a previous DUI conviction in Los Angeles.

Morgan is due back in court May 25, when he will be fitted for his new accessory.


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I think this Linda person is schizophrenic, isn't she the same person who spoke well of him on another page addressing this same issue?

2665 days ago


He looks ugly and mean in that picture...he also appears to have foam in the corner of his mouth. I think that show 30 Rock has a curse on it or something...its actors seem to have drug/alcohol or personality problems.

2737 days ago


Even minor celebs can get away with drunk driving. Hope you or someone you love gets mangled by a drunk driver.

2737 days ago


Hopefully, he learns his lesson now!! b4 he kills someone!

2737 days ago


He drove drunk--it's wrong. It can kill innocent people. But #2--Linda- wishing him or someone he loves, an innocent person, to be mangled, as far as I'm concerned, you are far more dangerous than any drunk driver. You are angry and bitter and scary.

2737 days ago

Howard is no Father or good Lawyer    

Why aren't these people in jail so they can think about the dangers of drinking and driving

2737 days ago


Gotta agree with #3!!

2737 days ago


So---to be on "30 Rock" do you have to be a thug who abuses your child, or a drunk driver?

2737 days ago


I am not in any way meaning to condone his behavior so no one needs to flip out, but I do think Thirty Rock is really funny. It is a shame that the actors on the show have to have such inescuseable behavior. I feel really sorry for the shows creater, Tina Fey. They are killing her show. That being said celebs need to do JAIL TIME. They are making it look like nothing to get a DUI. This is serious and dangerous. Look at all the celebs with DUIs those two girls on Lost, Paris, Eve, Nichole Richie, the guy from prison break that killed a kid. I am sure there are more but I can't remember them all. Can't they afford drivers?

2737 days ago

Steven TylerAerosmith fan    

This is beginning to be B.S.!!!!
I wonder how these celebs can sleep at night with those happy faces thinking, "gee, it's good to be famous, I got off, once again!!"
Yeah, well, if I ever become some high end politician in LA, I will DEFINETELY put an end to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This world is full of discrimination!!!

2737 days ago

Cape Codder    

While I also like the show 30 Rock and feel sorry for Tiny Fey that her show is being maligned by other castmates, I feel that it is totally wrong not to prosecute DWI/DUI/OUI offenses to the fullest extent of the law. My mother was recently killed on Cape Cod by a man who has 5 prior DWI convictions and had never served time behind bars. He has been charged with vehicular homicide as well as driving on a revoked license and was only taken into custody today, two months after my Mother's death, when his bail was revoked from a 6th OUI that he had been charged with in Oct. 2006 and is still awaiting trial on. If he is actually convicted as a repeat offender in Massachusetts he will only serve 2.5 years for my Mother's death and it will be a misdemeaner, not a felony charge. Our countries DWI and vehicular homicide laws are a joke in most states, especially Mass. When celebrities or people from influential families are involved it is even worse (if possible). I hope that Mr Morgan takes his sentence seriously and stops drinking and driving!

2737 days ago

george vieto    

A SCRAM bracelet on his ankle for drunk drinking is sure a case of punishment fits the crime for a celebrity.

2737 days ago


#11..heartbreaking story, I am so sorry for your loss. I agree with you about our laws for Drunk drivers. Anyone imho who is found to be driving drunk should get jail time period. So many celebs have a dui that its become common and no big deal but its just the luck of the draw that they are not Lane Garrison, Matthew Broderick, Rebecca Gayheart (all killed someone...not sure if Rebecca was drinking), what a horrible legacy ...
Paris Hilton
Vivica Fox
Nicole Richie
Are just the few this year...its so awful..when will they learn?

2737 days ago


We all have to understand that drinking is a disease. If u put one in jail who has not killed or harmed anyone but themselves or property(their vehicle) they r only considered a "dry drunk" meaning the minute they get out they will want to drink again. I say rehab. And Tracy I say "three strikes and your out". To be stalked by the paparazzi all the time would make anyone bitter and choose to mask it with something. Sad thing is celebrities can afford a driver or a taxi no matter how far they have to get from point A to point B.

2737 days ago


He really needs help.... time in jail might him to think about things.

2737 days ago
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