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Taylor Hicks' Career Goes Idle

5/3/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What a difference a year makes!

Just one year after being crowned "American Idol" in the usual media frenzy, Taylor Hicks performed at The Grove in Anaheim last night -- to little or no hoopla. Taylor who?

While paparazzi and fans staked out the nearby House of Blues to catch Britney's wigged-out mime-a-palooza, TMZ was the lone camera documenting the noticeably tamer crowd at the Hicks show. The Soul Patrol has left the building.

As America nears coronation of a new "Idol," Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks should take heed: Sometimes when you win, you actually lose. Just ask Ruben Studdard.


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Taylor is awesome and cool and will be around for decades. Chris is good, mainstream rock, but I'd be surprised to see him around in 5 years from now. He's the 'IN' thing right now. Once that wears out, he'll be yesterday's news.

2697 days ago


Why is it that Daughtry fans are the biggest losers out there? They are the most vile, hateful, disgusting people that are fans of any American Idol contestant. Daughtry would not be happy to read their disgusting comments about his friend, Taylor Hicks. Taylor has never done anything to Chris, so just lay off. It's all about the music, and Taylor is very happy, doing well, and enjoying life.

2705 days ago


I cant't believe that so many people get caught up in all the bashing of Taylor. Give him a break, he came , he saw, and he conquered! Like so many have said, Taylor is laughing all the way to the bank. I was a fan from the first time i saw him audition on idol. I new he was a winner. His love for music is infectious. I have been laughed at by my co-workers, they think I'm crazy, but I know talent when i see it. I was going to see him in concert in Savannah, but the concert has been cancelled. Since i found out, i've been in a state of depression. So those of you who have been fortunate enough to see him, i am truly jealous. THe concert was to be my birthday present, now i will spend my birthday in misery!! Hope to get his book when it comes out. I am Taylor's biggest fan in Savannah and hope that one day i will get to meet him and see for myself how great of a person he is. I find it hard to believe that he could ever be rude to a fan, as some have said. So, here's to you TAYLOR HICKS, you are the best and i wish you much success in all that you do. SOUL PATROL WHOOOOO!!

2679 days ago


In my opinion, his career became idle as soon as he won and dominated the TV with that annoying Ford commercial. He's the Michael Bolton of schlock.

2728 days ago


TMZ: "Sometimes when you win, you actually lose."
TMZ, what a stupid comment.....When you win, you'll always be a winner.....Their lives will be forever changed whether they go gold, platinum, or multi-platinum. Their names will be known...maybe less in Vegas, but more elsewhere....give these people a break!

2728 days ago



that WAS an annoying comercial.

2728 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2728 days ago



What TMZ needs to investigate is why American Idol has ignored him completely this year. They never mention him and they haven't had him back to perform.

Everyone should realize how much that Ford commerical hurt his CD sales. After Idol last May, Ford ran that commerical into the ground. I hope Taylor made good money from it because it filled everyone's desire for Taylor Hicks for months.

He's a fantastic entertainer. I think in hindsight, people will look back on his winning performance as the PEAK of AI's success. It's downhill from here.

2728 days ago

Just my opinion    

He (the voters) screwed Chris Daughtry out of a win. I think had he lost instead of Chris, Chris would have won over Katherine.

Just my thoughts........

2728 days ago

SIck of Morons    

Chris Daughtry is the true winner of season 5 and Hicks (and everyone else) knows it.

2728 days ago


Trish, did you see him live?

Where are all his fans that voted for him? Proves what a silly show Idol can be when ppl vote for 'the underdog' over a better artist (McPhee) for the sake of a good story.

2728 days ago


Taylor Hicks career did not go IDLE. He is doing what he loves and is not into all this "album numbers" hype. Let the man be. I strongly believe he will become a very successful artist. And don't forget, Taylor is on a nationwide tour with most venues sold out. Taylor Hicks is doing just fine!!

2728 days ago


Chris Daughtry should have won. People got lazy and didn't vote. Nobody gives a real shi*t about Taylor the Hick.

2728 days ago

Mary T.    

Hear he is doing exactly what he wants to do...thank goodness it wasn't Mcfee or whoever

2728 days ago

Wasabi Pea    

Something about Hicks ........something that doesn't shout *star* or idol.

2728 days ago
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