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'Dukes of Hazzard' Car

Sells for Almost

$10 Million

5/4/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Schneider's personal General Lee, the 1969 Dodge Charger from the "Dukes of Hazzard," sold today on eBay for a shock-absorbing $9,900,500.00! Car-ching!

John Schneider General Lee
The sale marks the second highest finish for an auto auction, the first being the $11 million 1987 sale by Christie's of a 1931 Bugatti originally owned by the Bugatti family. The General Lee was purchased by William Fisher, owner of Schneider, who played Bo Duke in the series, is currently starring in his own family film called "Collier & Co. -- Hot Pursuit!"

Schneider tells TMZ, "It just proves that when you clean out your garage, be very, very careful about what you throw away!"

The eBay page of the General Lee auction received over one million hits during the week-long listing. ON Saturday, Schneider is taking the car for one last spin, to fulfill a Reel Angels wish for an ill child who wanted a ride.


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Uh, punkybrewster...I think you were the one who was raised a fool. If I spend 25,000 even 50,000 on a car, am I going to hell too? So he spent 10 million in a car: I would too if I had the money. All this critisism about this guy "not helping the hungry, or saving lives" coming from the same people who critisize Brad & Ang for adopting from 3rd world countries... You're all idiots.

2706 days ago


What a bunch of bleeding heart liberals. If any of you had 10 mil giving it to poor homeless people would not be at the top of your priority list. The guy wanted a car and had the money so he bought it. Same as any of you buying a big screen tv instead of feeding some welfare mother making more babies so the welfare check will be bigger. I'll bet that each of you complaining never gives a cent to anything, you just like to be higher then thou. Get a life, it is not the responsibility of those that have to support those that just live for a hand out. Oh yeah, remember the next time you give change to that guy on the street he is most likely making more each year then you and not paying taxes, see 60 minutes for that story!

2706 days ago


LOL at Mike!!!

2706 days ago


All I have to say is I agree with Lor. The dude earned his money he can spend it on whatever he wants, why should you critisize him for spending his money. Im sure everyone that posted something bad about him spending 10 Mil on a car has spent a stupid amount of money on something they wanted. Live and let live!!! Not everyone has to give to charity. Have you ever heard the saying " Nobody ever said life was fair"!!!!!! And as far as homeless people go in America..... Get A Freakin Job!!!!!!!!!!! Mcdonalds is always hiring!!!!!!

2706 days ago


So what if he spent 10 million dollars, maybe you should just work harder and you can afford a nice car!!

2706 days ago


What a way to promote yourself by spending more than anybody else. People should look a little further into the details...this car isn't the actualy TV or movie prop and is just another replica. All the serious investors and collectors are agog over the stupidity of the bidders going over appraisal value which is way below $100K. I believe it's time to have some authorities look into the so-called Knife Collectors and the supposed profits this game is heaping......

2706 days ago


#14 you are pathetic, and most likely a Republican. It is really sad when someone spends $10 million on a car ( or painting, or piece of jewelry, or furniture) and children in this country lack proper nutritution and medical care, it really is disgraceful.

2706 days ago

some dude    

yeah people get real upset becuase some millioniare decides to waste his money on a car but where is the outrage at local governments spending extra money on no-kill animal shelters when those same local governments say they don't have enough money to help the homeless.

2706 days ago


Get over it Disgusted. That car is a collectors item. Isn't it up to him what he spends his money on? I'll be honest: if I won the lottery for 10,000,000...I sure as HELL wouldn't be giving it all to charity...anyone who says they would is a liar.

2706 days ago


FUNNY thing is, check out the buyers feedback. He is a guy that sells $10. drill bits. Do you are really think that if he actually had $10 million to buy a car, he would be waisting his time selling bits for $10. on ebay? My guess is, it never gets paid for. Also, the car is not even from the original show. He said he built it 10 years ago for his new movie that he funded. Also, there is a REAL Dukes car selling on ebay right now and it was from the ORIGINAL show. No reserve.... Starting at $150,000. Check it out people!

2706 days ago


OK haters.......I bet if you made 10 Mill. you would REALLY be thinking about the homeless. Nice sentiment but real....NOT. You are jealous fakes!!! HE stored the car and ownes it. It's his money and good for him!!!!

2706 days ago

Jim Shine    

The ignorance here is staggering! This car has been used to generate tons of money for charity. It is used for more charity work than anything else.

2706 days ago


I met John Schneider a couple of weeks ago when he was in carrollton georgia filming his latest movie "the Conjurer" He was an absolute sweetheart of a guy and talked about the movie collier & co as a work of heart..
I personally can't wait to watch it with my nephews and neices.
I'm glad he got some cash for the car.. he spent the better part of a decade in it..

2706 days ago


Wow, if I only new at a younger age that my passion for golden age television could have turned into a $10 million dollar profit I would been more of a collector.

2706 days ago


maybe the new owner feeds the hungry and gives back.. how can u judge him without knowing what he may donate too .. and who r any of u to tell him how to spend his money... how would u like it if i told u how to spend yours.

2706 days ago
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