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Bricks & Stones May Break Sean Stewart

5/8/2007 9:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean StewartThe son of rock legend Rod Stewart is being sued for allegedly launching a brutal brick-throwing attack on a couple -- an attack so violent -- the victims claim they feared for their lives.

In a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Tolabus and Ericka Stein allege they were driving in their Ford F150 on April 23, when Stewart began "swinging his arms, punching, throwing bricks and other items" at them.

As TMZ first reported, the alleged incident occurred after Stewart and two buddies were denied entrance to a private party. We're told Stewart became enraged after partygoers taunted him.

According to the documents, the couple endured "shock, horror, fright, worry, grief, shame, embarrassment, anger, chagrin and nausea."

The Steins are seeking unspecified damages.

Calls to Stewart's rep were not immediately returned.


No Avatar


It's about time all these over indulged celebrity brats are being held accountable for their actions! Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!

2725 days ago


He shouldn't have shown off his ignorance on his reality show. Before this, nobody really knew who he was.... now he is known for being an asshole.

2725 days ago

Nancy Drew    

Damzil is right,

Kid needs to grow up and fast, he is screaming for attention, must be tough walking in his fathers footsteps, to much of a good thing. Looks like a history of trouble.

2725 days ago


another ill raised Hollywood BRAT....throw the book at him.....

2725 days ago


I am so tired of these over-indulged children of these "stars" and rich people. Trust me, my Aunt knew Rod Stewart when he was a nobody playing in a band that only had gigs in local pubs in England. He is so low-class, he's lower than whale poop. Like father, like son!

2725 days ago


What a sad story. IMO

2725 days ago


...and let's hope Rod teaches his new son values.

2725 days ago


Okay is it just me or is this guy a little off? I first noticed it on Tyra when she showed a clip of them sitting in a restaraunt and then him randomly going spastically angry at Aaron... ever since then, every time I hear of this retard, he's acting like one big douche bag. Maybe he wasn't loved as a child? I don't know... but it's weird

2725 days ago


Another Hollywood Rich kid brat with toooooo much time and money on his hands. No doubt drugs too. Spoil your kids some more Hollywood. Your money has done alot for you and your supposed loved ones. Another friend of Paris Hiltons...Can't believe how blind you parents money, looks, and fame so much more than raising your kids with allowances, good judgement, morals, and religion to fall back on through out life?

2725 days ago


It obvious by watching the show that he's spoiled, conceited, and very immature. He should have to pay and be forced to take responsibility for what he did. He doesn't seem to want to take the initiative to do that on his own.
It shouldn't matter who he is, who his father is, etc. He should be treated the same as anyone else!! It's a shame that so many of the celebrities are so self centered, and aren't a class act like more stars use to be!!

2725 days ago

Scott T.    

I've seen clips of him here and there. He is the biggest D-head and the most ignorant A-hole on the Hollywood scene at the moment. I feel sorry for Rod Stewart for having such a loser as a son.

2725 days ago


What a pathetic LOSER! I hope this couple wins a HUGE lawsuit against this chucklehead and sends him into bankruptcy. Your 15 minutes of fame are over Seannie.

2725 days ago


He is a spoiled, No talent whatsoever BRAT!! the only reason he is getting attention is because of his name. They should put him and Paris in prison with the general population and not give them special treatment. maybe if they get bitch slapped a few times they will grow up and realize the world does not revolve around them

2725 days ago


This kid (should be a man @ 26 years old) really needs to institutionalized!
He is a danger to himself and society!

This won't be the last we hear about him!!

2725 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

No one is going to feel sorry for this little punk. He's the classic example of the no talent offspring of a famous parent. It must eat at his guts. Too bad.

2725 days ago
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