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"Idol" Censorship? P!nk Told to Change Lyrics

5/9/2007 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

P!nk"American Idol" may be able to tell their contestants what they can and can't sing, but they can't censor P!nk!

P!nk's pre-taped performance of her song "Who Knew" is scheduled to air tonight on "Idol" (after being bumped from the "Idol Gives Back" charity episode), but TMZ has learned that the pop star was originally set to sing her current racy hit, "U + Ur Hand."

We're told when the "Idol" powers-that-be realized the song made references to self-love, they asked P!nk to alter the lyrics to make them more appropriate for the "family-friendly" show. You know, like an exhumed Elvis! Well-placed sources tell TMZ that P!nk wasn't willing to compromise her artistic integrity (you go girl!) and agreed to sing her last single, "Who Knew," instead.

If "Idol" really wanted to protect audiences, there's only one person they should have censored -- Sanjaya!

An "Idol" rep had no comment. A call to P!nk's rep was not immediately returned.


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If Idol really wanted to make the show family friendly - they would cancel the show!!!!

P!NK Rules

2622 days ago


You know, it really doesn't matter. If you want so badly to see her sing, just watch the video on youtube or something.
Besides, Pink shouldn't be on American Idol at all. It's a singing show, and she's not that great a singer. Obviously she's not competing, but they need to pick some better singers to perform. Not just whoever's popular.

2620 days ago


Oh who knows:
Her comment was a little..erm..weird, but there really is nothing wrong with masturbation. She just went a litttttlle bit overboard.

2620 days ago


hey pink its cool and all with the nasal piercing and all but I like U+Ur Hand better. No offense or anything, but Who Knew is kinda sadder than any other songs that you've written and I like more energy out of your songs, k?

WHatEveR says hi, by the way!

2620 days ago


Hey pink some people may call you a bitch but whatever you rock, GIRL!

2620 days ago


Pink, You rock girl! American Idol was LUCKY ENOUGH to have you grace them with your presence. So the censorship dept. had to screw it up. I say hey at least you didnt have to deal with that jerkoff simon cowell. But hey in a match between you (pink) and simon, pink you could knock him out cold. Anyways, You were awesome singing on AI.
If they call you again ai, tell them hell no!

2620 days ago


Pink was awesome on AI that song was kinda sad though!!! All you losers saying she sucks i laugh at u cuz she may have been an opening act in the US but headlines20000+ arenas all over the world something Justin Timberlake can never do!! Also her CD Mizundastood was 2003 best selling album in the WORLD !!
she has actual talent unlike that retarded psychopath Britney Spears!

2620 days ago


i cannot believe that people would diss her stomach!
she probably worked like CRAZY for her abs and it makes me pretty jealous. i think her body is gorgeous!
so whatever, if you're dissing her abs why don't you just work your ass off to try and get better ones, and not insult someone who worked their ass of to get theirs.

2620 days ago


This is to Debra about the Sanjaya/Britney comment~
That slam about Sanjaya was awesomely true! I think He never should have made it to the final, and most people I know happen to agree with me. Nobody liked him!! And I can not believe you are bringing him up. Sanjaya is old news. And even though Britney suc-s, nobody suc-s worse than Sanjaya Malakar.

2620 days ago


To miss "Jenn"

TMI!!!! We did not need to know that. And this is about P!nk, not........ well, you know what you wrote about.

2620 days ago


P!nk... Is a Talent all her own, she kicks arse and always will, unnessecarry cenorship of her song is bull. U+UR Hand is So hilarious and it sucked no one got to saw it preformed. Who knew was good as well, but if P!nk can sing U + UR HAND on Ellen....then why not idol? American Idol needs to let some REAL idols sing their songs....oh ya and bring it on home JORDIN

2620 days ago


What would they have rathered her say "it's just you and your man tonight" because that's the only thing I can really think of that sort of sounds like hand and still makes sense. And also, how did they not know that song was about "self love", it seemed pretty obvious to me. Whether you like pink or not she isn't who people should be dissin on. Fox has to be a bunch of complete idiots. If I sang I wouldn't have changed my lyrics either,

2620 days ago


What's this? Pink's 'artistic integrity' being compromised.
I was'nt aware that she/he had any.

Frankly, for anyone who finds it acceptable to use lyrics to describe such as those mentioned, then they have NO INTEGRITY!!!

2620 days ago


I agree with AMERICAN IDOL, not this ridiculous so-called "Rocker" who thinks she's so cool she has to use an ugly pseudonym. American idol is watched by old ladies and ten year old girls, and is known as a family show. Not to mention all the angry mothers out there who will blast them for having a song about masturbation on there. I think the angry mothers are as stupid as you think they are, but American Idol isn't doing anything wrong in playing it safe and sticking to their image. If you want hardcore, DON'T WATCH AMERICAN IDOL, RETARDS!

2620 days ago


How can she have an ugly torso??? The girl's body is hard! Anyway, I'm glad she didn't conform for the American Idol-machine...

2620 days ago
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