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Pussycat Gets a Piggyback!

5/14/2007 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Scherzinger, the only recognizable member of the Pussycat Dolls, loosened up her buttons and went for a ride on the back of her boyfriend, "Laguna Beach's" Talan Torriero (what?!), during a Hawaiian getaway this weekend.

While there's no word on how in the hell he managed to land a babe like Nicole, there is good news for Talan. The couple's sexy oceanside romp has already lasted longer than his last relationship -- a three-minute engagement to celebuspawn Kimberly Stewart.


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Aww how cute. She has a great body

2682 days ago


Seriously, who are the other pussycats? I only recognize Nicole and Melody ( and just bcoz Melody cannnot sing! at all!)

2682 days ago


How does Talan get these hot chicks??? He's not that cute at all!!!! Did he even graduate from high school? He wasn't at the graduation ceremony on Laguna Beach.

2682 days ago


Is this the genius who couldn't even pronounce the word..... UNICEF? At a recent UNICEF an event where the Pussycat Dolls performed and were representing the United States, this moron, thanked UNICEL for having them, not UNICEF.......send these 2 idiots to Iraq. It's people like this that make other countries hate us........

2682 days ago

Just my opinion    

That was pretty funny smartiepants! Yes, these two people are not known for their brain power. But even I have to wonder how he landed Nicole for a girlfriend? He's not attractive and he's a drop out.

2682 days ago


Kempelstein Productions Announces Launch of Sedaris Branding Initiative

Silliness, inclusiveness to be key themes of product launches ranging from greeting cards to personal submersibles. With single women now a majority in the U.S., advertisers are standing up and taking note

New York, NY ( May 14, 2006 -- Myron Kempelstein Productions, Ltd., a major producer of numerous Internet-only television variety shows in both wide-screen and digital formats, announced today it had formed an alliance with well-known actress/author/comedienne Amy Sedaris to launch a range of consumer products -- some of which will make their debut in the American marketplace as early as Fall of 2007.

Sedaris, the New York Times best-selling author of the light-hearted approach to cooking, "I Like You: Entertaining Under the Influence," and a star of the recently released cult film "Strangers With Candy," is a well-known figure in international entertainment circles. In a recent profile in the Sunday Times of London, Ms. Sedaris was described as someone who likes to "live like a Girl Scout, working on activities, making crafts, being kind to animals, and being good to the community."

"Ms. Sedaris is both a Girl Scout and -- thanks to the producers of 'Shrek 3' -- a princess," says Kempelstein, an early pioneer in the field of groundbreaking video and audio presentations on the Internet and elsewhere. "That's a rare combination in today's sullied world of stardom, where drug-addicted starlets flash their private parts to all and sundry on a regular basis."

According to Kempelstein, while there has long been a clamor for a Sedaris-branded marketing initiative, it was the break-through 2006 performances of Sedaris in both the literary and wide-screen formats that made all parties feel the moment was finally ripe.

"Our focus groups feel Amy has a wide variety of desirable attributes," said Kempelstein. "But for the purposes of our branding efforts it was determined to focus on two of these: silliness and inclusiveness, two attributes that Americans have long valued but that now seem to be fading away thanks to the blindness of Hollywood and the media."

In particular, says Kempelstein, mid-life silliness would seem to be in high demand -- "and that's a key Sedaris value."

According to Kempelstein, marketers' eyes were recently opened by a New York Times article announcing that -- for the first time ever -- the number of women living alone in the United States has surpassed the 51 percent mark. "And we are talking about some very desirable women who remain single -- Oprah Winfrey, Condi Rice, Diane Keaton, Mia Farrow, even Cher," says Kempelstein. "A growing number of American women seem to be opting for singledom, and according to a recent article by the New York Times, this trend is starting with women as young as age 15. And it is Amy Sedaris who truly exemplifies America's modern single woman."

Sedaris herself notes that she has often been compared by her friends to the character Kay, who frequently appears in the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald such as "Easter Egg." "Kay is the single girl that the men invite into the smoking room after dinner because they know she can be counted on to appear shocked by their naughty jokes -- while secretly enjoying them," said Sedaris. "But at the same time, I also score highly with other demographic groups, such as women -- and even rabbits."

Concludes Kempelstein: "She is a single girl who is not a slut. I mean, she's got the goods, but she doesn't feel compelled to show them constantly. And I don't think any other actress in the country -- with the possible exception of Ashley Tisdale, and I have my doubts even about her -- can make that same claim. And so I think this opens the door to a wide variety of new products and endorsements of existing products. Let the sluts take all the endorsement deals for new perfumes, mysteriously-ribbed condoms, and anti-bacterial creams. And let Amy take the endorsements for wholesome things such as baked mixes, canned frosting and snack cakes."

According to Kempelstein, among the first stand-alone products to be launched under the Sedaris brand will be a series of greeting cards -- "probably marketed either through American Greetings or Hallmark's Shoebox label" -- featuring various existing photographs of Sedaris in humorous poses.

"There is a photo of Amy in which she is covered in sprinkles that has already become extremely popular among a certain subset of suburban teenage boys," says Kempelstein. "And the less said about that particular subset the better, but they do have substantial disposable income, and that's a good thing. And there will also be a set of holiday cards showing Amy holding a big baked turkey, similar to the photo on the cover of her best-selling book, 'I Like You.'"

A line of Sed

2682 days ago

Ben Watts    

HOT HOT HOT!! Currently the Hottest couple to date! More Hot pics of them PLEASE

2682 days ago

Ben Watts    

I thought Nicole was gay...I HOPE SHES BISEXUAL!

2682 days ago


Jane, you are naughty to be spreading such viciously true gossip!

2682 days ago

Ali B.    

I talked to Talan over the phone one time and he was really sweet.I wish him well with everything he does and his girfriend is HOTT!!!good for them:)

2682 days ago


DEAR NUMBER FREAKIN 5......................


2682 days ago

Emory (Future Celebrity)    

ok I'm so not the type to respond to blogs but because celebrities like me don't do that LOL. But how the hell did Talan get Nicole. OMG shes like so out of his lead, is he that rich ??? He must be buying girls like D&G every half hour. Nicole is like how old? Or maybe his dad just pay celebrities tto hang out with him so that he can get known for a Entertainment Career.

2682 days ago

Emory (Future Celebrity)    

ok I'm so not the type to respond to blogs but because celebrities like me don't do that LOL. But how the hell did Talan get Nicole. OMG shes like so out of his lead, is he that rich ??? He must be buying girls like D&G every half hour. Nicole is like how old? Or maybe his
dad just pay celebrities tto hang out with him so that he can get known for a Entertainment Career.

2682 days ago

eww yall are sick.    

cute couplee .

2682 days ago


Can you say "photo op"??

nicole is sleeping with jimmy iovine, EVERYONE knows that.

2682 days ago
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