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Kellie Pickler's Dad Busted Again!

5/22/2007 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mugshot of Clyde "Bo" Pickler Jr., father of "American Idol" Kellie Pickler, who was arrested (again) recently on several larceny charges.
Bo Pickler, Kellie Pickler
Bo Pickler was allegedly stealing old, run-down cars and taking them to salvage yards to sell them. Pickler has been charged with three felony charges of stealing a motor vehicle, and one charge of obtaining property through false pretenses. He is being held on a $26,000 bond in the Stanly County Jail.

Celebrity Mugshots Gallery: Click to launch photosPapa Pickler was released from a Florida prison in 2006, after serving a three-year sentence for stabbing his neighbor. Kellie was a presenter on the 2007 CMT Music Awards.


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Id do her for sure.

2674 days ago

give me a break    

I'm sorry, but I think TMZ just scrapped the bottom of the pond with this one. Kelly has been humilated by her past enough and has even apologized publicly for her father. Why would you post this knowing she probably reads this sight and feed her insecurities and pain?

Kelly PIckler deserves a great deal of respect to have overcome a past like hers and reminding her of her parents faults are just completely unnecessary. Get some class TMZ and stop feeding the vultures that love to degrade a persons being.

2674 days ago


as if there wasn't enough news to begin with. now we're reporting on the parents of former contestants on AI. WHO CARES. WHO CARES. WHO CARES.

2674 days ago


another idiot father that should have had a better than Lindsay Lohans father, Malculey Culkens dad, Jessica Simpsons dad etc....these are the creeps that keep procreating and live off of their children...nothing new here!!!!!!

2674 days ago

Kelly must be crying into her fake boobs..poor kid.

2674 days ago


Where's Rich Pants Candy when ya need her, I think she needs to make a visit to the pokey where pickler is stayin", ferget the letter this time.

Kellie, keep yer chin up, you deserve kudos for what you are making of yourlife, you have alot of people behind you. Sorry your parents are butt heads!

2674 days ago


2. Poor Kelly,
Her life is a country song. Hope she stays far away from this mess and thank goodness she has had the strength and character to rise above. Good luck to you girl.

Posted at 4:10PM on May 22nd 2007 by Startmakingsense

POOR KELLY, according to the story Kelly does not stray far from her trashy, stupid, ex-convict dad. She was arrested twice, and whats so poor about this Idol Reject and her claim to fame at CMT Awards. NOTHING BUT A LOSER....LIKE FATHER LIKE DAUGHTER....NOW L:ETS SEE HOW THIS SLUTS MAMA ACTS!!!!!

2674 days ago


Who arrested him? Boss Hogg?

2674 days ago


Kelly, we can pick our friends, but not our family. We alllllll make mistakes in life. You have a chance to get out of poverty, and make something great out of yourself. DOn't look back, go forward and keep walking. Its to late for some people, but not you. You are a wonderful singer, and you are beautiful. Keep on the right track, and remember that all people have dirt in their back yards. Somethimes you just need to scratch the surface alittle. Don't get intimidated by anyone. If you wanted to, you could find dirt on anyone. Get out there and prove me right. Luck....Love...Happiness

2674 days ago

a fan    

hey #7 get your facts straight- Carrie is a small town girl herself- and she doesnt have to be a parent to relate to the song yanno. You dont have to be a PARENT to understand what she was saying in that song. Theres roughly 3,000 people who live in Checotah- where Carrie is from- that to me is a relatively small town. Did ya bother to listen to her CD?? Carrie is amazingly talented and if you think otherwise you need to get your head outta your behind!

2674 days ago


It's amazing that Kellie isn't a head case with such a loser father.

2674 days ago

Spell Check.    

You might be a Redneck if...

2674 days ago


Kelly you have a chance to keep rising above that life. American Idol was your answer to a prayer. Keep rising and keep away from that man, he's no father---he's just the sperm donor.

2674 days ago


kellie, your boobs looks fine to me
you are my idol

2674 days ago

Michael Richards    

I'd love to pork Kelly. I love her new 'additions'

2674 days ago
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