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Sanjaya: Human Art Project

5/22/2007 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comIs Sanjaya Malakar really who he says he is ... or is he really an art school student pretending to be an "Idol" wannabe?

TMZ received a hilarious video of Sanjaya explaining that his "real" name is Bill Vendall, and that he is an art student at the Rhode Island School of Design. He "created" Sanjaya as part of his thesis, explaining, "The character was part of a larger art installation." That still doesn't justify the hair!

Sanjaya (or is it Bill?) also declares that you haven't seen the last of him, saying, "I might pop up on your favorite situation comedy. I might run for President. I might show up as you." Oooooooh, scary.


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Jason Wilkes    

I go to Rhode Island S.D. I know Bill. He's brilliant. We all knew and just kept our mouthes shut. It's a brilliant performance piece!!!

Way to go Bill!!!

I can't believe the world fell for this.

Craig F

2711 days ago


Talk about trying to soak up more than his 15 minute of fame. GIVE IT UP, ALREADY, KID.
You can't get into the white house under an assumed name. People in Seattle know who you are AND who your sister is AND who your mother is. JEEEZ. GIVE it up and go away. You're really not that interesting matter how hard you try. Go give me the creeps.

2711 days ago


I pray this is true!!!!!!!!! HA!! I'm sorry, but I just needed some closure on this season's
American Idol. Like I've said before.........AI has turned into a 3 month imformercial for the summer tour that pre-teens and their parents will buy tickets for!!!! I'm elated that someone might bring them (AI) out of the closet once and for all. Just goes to show how vulnerable we are to it on the local level, the Paris Hilton's of the globe, or just our own desire to experience (vicariously even) the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Love it when someone calls the ridiculousness of it to our attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2711 days ago


...........NEWS FLASH************SANJAYA IS AL QUEDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this dude, single handedly RUINED american idol,,,,,,,how funny!

2711 days ago


Sorry for the mis-spells. Too many marqueritas at happy hour today.

2711 days ago

bill gray    

Being from Rhode Island and knowing lots of people from RISD I am no the least surprised to hear this-if true-congradulations Billy Boy!!!

2711 days ago


Sanjaya is sooooo awesome!!!!!! Luv it!

Screw the HATERS!!!!!

2711 days ago

a girl    

is that a chick in the background? because if it is, she hot. if it's a dude, i might go straight! anyway, what is it?

2711 days ago

The Timeline    

That kid is brilliant. This video is extremely clever. It's satire, folks. He's making fun of his own celebrity and the public reaction to him. He wasn't the best vocalist this year, but once again he is proving to have the most creative ideas and the most agile mind.

Love. This. Kid.

And by the way, he was born in the United States. He IS home. Keep your homophobic and racist comments to yourself.

2711 days ago

costaMesaboy quedea,,,,,,,,,i mean sanjaya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hahahaha..........

2711 days ago


Notice the shaky camera pulls away when he says "Sanjaya" and some other words are not in sync with his mouth. I think they were goofing around and made this before AI and someone is trying to make it seem like it has something to do with AI.

2711 days ago


You guys are so stupid! It's obviously a skit for the finale or some other show. Whether he's Sanjaya or Bill he's damn sexy! Sanjaya is so versatile and charismatic he can do anything. He has the mannerisms of an art student down to a "t". I like this video and find it hiliarious.

2711 days ago


what 25 year old name is bill?

2711 days ago

Could it be TRUE?? ONE can only HOPE    

OK.....Sanjaya is NOT the best of singers, he can carry a tune tho!!! ....And, he should have been voted off AI long before some others. It is NOT his fault that VFTW and HS have such sick followers that they used this "young" man for their own purposes... WHATEVER his sexual oriantation may be or NOT....has nothing to do with anything.

If you don't want to see HIM....WHY did you watch the video?? WHY if you don't care for this young man do you have to use such ugly language about what he may be or not be...and WHY is what he does or does not do have one thing to do with YOU>>>>for pete sake folks...we have so many other BIG problems to deal with.......!!! If his 15 minutes are truly up...WhY are you still talking about him??? Hmmmmm...

2711 days ago


I hope Rico Suave shows up under a freakin bus ;)

2711 days ago
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