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The World Has Ended. Heidi and Spencer Are Engaged.

5/23/2007 7:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag, Spencer PrattStop what you are doing. This is a moment you will remember forever. MTV's "Hills" stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have done it. They're engaged. For now.

As Us Magazine just reported, the "world's best boyfriend" popped the question to his 20-(yes 20)-year-old fiancee last night in Santa Barbara. Obviously, she said yes.

According to Us, Pratt picked up a diamond encrusted platinum band at Zales a jewelry store in Brentwood, Calif.

Don't expect Lauren to be designing Heidi's dress. Her invite got lost in the mail.


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uh their stuipd , they havent even been dating a year yet its to soon and they both suck at life heidi should dump his ass and move back in with lauren she is the better person , spencer only wants to be famous he will do anything for that even marry that bimbo

2670 days ago


OMG that other poster is correct Heidi does look like a guy dressed in womans clothes..I hope this will be the last we have heard of them..but I don't think so....

2668 days ago


hey well congrailations heidi i hope your happy with the palyer...weel at least you no the truth about that bitch

2667 days ago


Congrats to rich stuck up losers who are fed with a silver spoon and have mommy and daddy pay for everything. Why not have a reality show about average middle class people who do their best to help each other and live life to their best ability?....oh wait people don't wanna see that.

2608 days ago


I'm getting Spencer a patch of grass so his horse teeth can graze. Heidi will get a special consultation from the show "Cheaters" so she can be embarassed again on national televison on Horse Mouth's actions.

2666 days ago


For those who don't know, they're form the MTV reality show The Hills. I don't like Spencer one bit, I think he's slime and controlling. But if they're happy (and who knows if they really, only they know), then congrats. I just hope that he doesn't continue his controlling ways that we saw on the show and that Heidi finds herself again. It's OK to blend your lives, but to completely change yourself for the other person (yes it's selfless) is suffocating and someday, if it continues, she will figure it out. I hope.

2666 days ago


Man. I am happy for them but Heidi really needs to open her eyes and watch the last season of the hills. Didnt she see how he was acting and how much she hurt Lauren. I feel so sorry for lauren. She just can never get a break. She needs to just find a nice guy who will actually really care for her. And the same for Heidi. She can do better then spencer. I mean he is a nice guy but the way his mind works just drives me crazy! Everyone you need to watch the hills sometime. its actually a pretty good show. But anyways CONGRATS!

2665 days ago


If thats really what makes them happy, I guess they should go for it....but on the other hand, they should be prepared for all the worlds criticism. Truly from what I watched in the show, Spencer is a butt. But on the other hand, it is a show with editing to make a story i said, if itmakes you happy go for it.

2665 days ago


Am I the only person on the planet to recognize this... Dontcha find it a little odd that in Heidi Montag's Wikipedia bio, it states that she was introduced to Spencer through Kristen Cavaleri (another idiot from a reality show who is being handed a film career without having any real talent for simply going on a reality show and making a fool out of herself). Kristen Cavaleri!!! who at the time was dating Brody Jenner, Spencer Pratt's Best friend.
Like that's how they met...! I THOUGHT KRISTEN AND LAUREN CONRAD HATED EACHOTHER... What was Heidi doing with Kristen. Seems Heidi's loyalty to Lauren was off in lala-land from the start just probably only caring about being closer to anything "fame"... Where did Heidi come from in the first place, I do remember her going to LB High.
That foursome is actually a perfect bunch: Heidi, Spencer, Kristen, & Brody - the most ridiculous wannabe famous egomaniacal talentless crew and people of talent are dumb enough to further that element by working with them. wtf? Entertainment industry today sucks - biggest bunch of spineless losers

2598 days ago


Hey, if the now partially plastic airhead thinks that this is gonna work/last, especially after watching the last season & seeing the things he did & said, then I hope shes enjoying life in lala land & I'm glad Lauren is the type of person she is & deals with things/ppl upfront and tries to only keep positive people around her

2664 days ago


EW. Both are annoying. Annoyyyyyying.

2596 days ago


@ Charline (#154)—Who says you have to stop being friends with someone just because another friend doesn't like her?

2596 days ago

Deez Boobz    

They are just not hot. What is the big deal. I've seen better looking regular people than these supposed "celebs". Can we all vomit now?

2664 days ago


Spencer .. someone who pretends to spend big .. making comments about how he will need a GPS for the ring he gave Heidi.. yet I think the GPS might cost more that her ring .. an accessory piece from the ICE store in Brentwood. His 15 mins of fame are long over .. let he and Heidi go start their life away from the cameras of Hollywood.

2592 days ago

Phil M.    

Am I the only one who thinks this clown looks just like Simon Bar-Sinister from the Underdog cartoons?

2661 days ago
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