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The World Has Ended. Heidi and Spencer Are Engaged.

5/23/2007 7:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag, Spencer PrattStop what you are doing. This is a moment you will remember forever. MTV's "Hills" stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have done it. They're engaged. For now.

As Us Magazine just reported, the "world's best boyfriend" popped the question to his 20-(yes 20)-year-old fiancee last night in Santa Barbara. Obviously, she said yes.

According to Us, Pratt picked up a diamond encrusted platinum band at Zales a jewelry store in Brentwood, Calif.

Don't expect Lauren to be designing Heidi's dress. Her invite got lost in the mail.


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Larry wanna a cracker?    

This is funny. Most of comments I've read are asking WHO are these people or complaining you gave them attention. :)

Whoever they are, they both look anemic.

2688 days ago


Yuck. Spencer always gave me douche chills. And I'm a GUY.
My Creep-Meter always went in the red zone when he appeared on The Hills.

2688 days ago


GAG, I'm gonna barf! They deserve each other & what makes them think anyone cares? She's a backstabber & he's a leach! I guess her new flotation devices made him go crazier than he already was!

2688 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Whoever they are, they both look anemic. by Will

Or jaundiced.
Seriously, these two do look unhealthy for their ages.

2688 days ago


First off - he looks like a cross between a buck toothed beaver and a frog. She's just your typical wanna be actress who went and got one of her many surgical procedures done to fit the mold of some blonde bimbo. Girlfriend you are really stupid. Wasn't he the one that had two phones so could be a supposed "pimp." Why in the world would you want to marry this piece of trash?

2688 days ago


great, two more usless vapid waste of spaces off the streets!

2688 days ago


OMG!!! IS she frikin crazy?? he is a loser and a cheater i sware (is that spelled right) that girl needs to grow up and open her eyes!!! she is so pretty she can get whoever she wants wit a snap!!!!!

2688 days ago

smart one    

She is got to be the most stupidest person heidi is got to be an idiot to think that her relationship with ass@#!* is going to last all I knoe is that when her man leaves her she is going to be alone cause the most important that was always there will not be ther for her and she will be alone all I got to say that KARMA IS A BITCH!!!

2688 days ago


Its so hard these days to keep that 15 minutes of fame..... Spence your a loser!

2688 days ago


Heidi is a moron! He is scum!

2688 days ago


who cares!!!! two nobodies=two nobodies...sorry spencer, this isn't going to be your big break. YOU ARE STILL THE WORLDS BIGGEST TOOL BAG!

2688 days ago


Thank heavens! Maybe now they will go away! Spencer has proven to be nothing BUT a user and Heidi is just totally stupid to believe his lies! Good luck to chipmunk cheeks and Heidi, the world's WORST best friend ever created! Now, can they disappear? No one cares! Enough already!!

2688 days ago


Eww...ewww....ewwww....this makes me want to puke. I HATE that little weasel. Big mistake Heidi! Big mistake.

2688 days ago

Dawn Day    

WHO are these people and WHY would we care about their supposed engagement?


2688 days ago


Heidi and Spencer; why the LONG faces? GAWD, what a couple of beasts!!!! For the love of money, why can't these rich kids spend their plastic surgery money on fixing their most obvious flaws??? Heidi's sportin' a massively long brick chin just like her man. How cute!! Post about them again when they OD. Otherwise, end this Z-list barrage of nobodies doing absolutely NOTHING!

2688 days ago
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