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Clive's Speech

Ain't Music to Kelly's Ears

5/24/2007 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After Clive Davis' very public display of rejection toward pop superstar Kelly Clarkson (via a speech that canonized Saint Carrie Underwood) on last night's "American Idol" finale, sources tell TMZ that SONY/BMG execs were apologizing to members of Clarkson's camp for their label head's rude behavior.

The 75-year-old owlish music mogul was tasked with speaking to the huge TV audience about the health of the "A.I" franchise and appeared to go out of his way to avoid mentioning Kelly's new single "Never Again" (which reached the Top 10 for heaven's sake!) or her forthcoming CD, "My December." Yet he somehow managed to find time to plug both Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee's new singles! Clive did briefly allude to two-time Grammy winner Clarkson -- but only to praise the talents of outside songwriters working with "Idols." Ouch!

Sources backstage at the finale report that Sony/BMG execs attempted to apologize to Kelly's team -- but their backtracking on behalf of the man with the golden ears fell on deaf ears. A well-placed source told TMZ, "Clive's actions, both delaying the album, and now this, tell you everything you need to know about how he feels about Kelly." That's no way to treat a 15-million-album-selling lady!

As TMZ reported
, the contentious feud erupted between honcho Davis and Kelly after she refused to make the "significant changes" to her new album (for which she wrote or co-wrote every song) -- that Clive demanded.

Artistic integrity - 1, The Man - 0!

A rep for Clive Davis told TMZ, "There is no truth to this story whatsoever. The focus of Clive's speech was on the recent Idol successes."


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Kelly's great....Underwood is just another singer if we needed another snoozer like Faith Hill. They both need personality transplants. Kelly can out-sing plastic Barbie any day...and doesn't have to look like a clone of millions of other blonde boring women to do it. As for Clive...let him stand as Exhibit A for the fact that money cannot buy class......... he's quite simply ...a rude old fool........

2710 days ago


Re: #100

Laren, I think your post, shows the most comprehensive understanding of the situation. I completely agree with you.

I'm a fan of both women (more Carrie's than Kellie's). Clive Davis is in a business--strictly to make money. I don't think he cares whose feelings he hurts or whose creativity he squashes, as long as he makes money.

If Kellie wants to branch out and create her own album, she needs to keep in mind who is paying the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs to make an album. If it's her money--great, go for it. If it's the record company's money, there are many people who deserve to have a say in how it's produced and what is on it. Personally, I hope it's a great success. Maybe it will show ole' Clive a thing or two.

But...if American Idol demonstrates anything, it's that there are so many talented, attractive and ambitious people waiting around, just dying for a chance. I hate to say it, but nobody is irreplaceable. A new TALENTED person could easily be molded into a commercial success and become a superstar before we know it.

We don't know what conversation took place between Kellie and Clive, but I hope she didn't burn any bridges. Unfortunately, it seems as if the record-producing industry is incredibly cut-throat. I'd like for her to be around for a long time.

2710 days ago


Clive always has to have the spotlight when the truth is that evry great discovery has NOT been his idea. He controlls acts right down to trying select songs and he doesn't always have the magic touch.

In a record industry that's been taking it in the shorts for the last half-decade, he should be glad that someone like Clarkson can move units. Will she move 15 mil this time? Probably not, because sometimes you become a victim of your own success but she sells better than most.

And BTW, I love the comments about Clarkson's appearance (ex: jellyroll). Half of you fat asses that post haven't seen the sunshine, let alone the fitness center in...ever so lay off the girl. Heaven fobid she look like the average girl. Thank go in an entertainment world that seems to live for flash over substance.

Read the screename.

2710 days ago

been there done that    

Those of us who were in the music business in the early 70s remember when Clive Davis was bounced as the head of a record company for using company funds to pay for a very expensive family celebration (more than $40,000).

He's always acted like he's God's gift to the world. He's half senile now and no smarter than he was thirty five years ago.

Trust me.

2710 days ago


Clive Davis was just RUDE RUDE RUDE!

2709 days ago


it's so funny how the haters make up all these lies. Kelly didn't say "american idol" at the grammys yet she thanked everyone who worked on her album, all the people she loves, and her FANS. The haters completely ignores the fact that in the people's choice awards, kelly said "thank you fans for voting for me in everything." Kelly always mentions idol in a positive light on interviews, she always defends simon, she was just talking about watching the show with her family and routing for jordan on Entertainment Tonight. Again, the haters obviously are just lying and do not know where they are talkings about. Also sticking up for what you believe in is not ego, it's called integrity. How can kelly have an ego when she donated 15% of her tour profits to breast cancer research, started the kelly clarkson scholarship foundation, participates in vh1 save the music, is a spokesperson for the march of dimes, and participates in the make a wish foundation..hmm she is evil now. ANother stupid thing to point out is that kelly is singing the way she does because the song calls for it. She is very clear and powerful on "idol gives back" and many many critics hailed her as the best that night, including the 3 american idol judges who said she was the best that night. Simon even went on to say she is in a league of her own and best singer there was on idol. Also kelly was in the CMT special tribue to reba and her voice was clear with a soft twang and veryyy powerful, even moreso than martina mcbride in does he love you. Again, how did she lose her voice?? Did she lose her voice here?

or how about

Her voice just happens to be versatile.

Also the thing about carrie is really stupid. Kelly paves the path for carrie. She went on idol because she wanted to find the success kelly had. Also, kelly's first season she has to fight the idol stigma because the show is new, she was barely promoted, the show was shown to only 8-12 million viewers weekly. Carrie was marketed a lot, did not have to fight the idol stigma, was shown not only to 35Million weekly, but her season was shown GLOBALLY. Of course her first album would do well. Not to mention she is blond and thing and has blue eyes. AMerica's poster image. Had carrie been a black girl singing the same songs with the same voice, she would not sell that much.

I hope karma punishes those who have been so abundantly rude and disrespectful towards kelly. LIking her music and voice is one thing, but degrading her and spreading lies is another. Kelly , depite how you feel about her music, is in fact one of the nicest celebrities in hollywood, yet it is ashamed that she is being bashed. We need more people like her in the industry.

2708 days ago


Kelly is not unique. She changes her style to whatever she thinks is hot and will sell. Now she is dueting with Reba because she has seen how successful Carrie is and wants Carrie's crossover appeal. Carrie on the on the other hand has remained true to her genre. She said she was country and she put out a country album. Because of the quality of the song writing and Carrie's voice, many non-country fans heard the album and are now new country fans as well. All thanks to Carrie.
Kelly did not pave the way for Carrie. The season of Ruben and Clay brought American Idol to America's attention. Kelly benefitted from their fame.
Ask the lead singer of Evanescence if Kelly is a nice person. Clive hushed up the media after video came out of Kelly and her boyfriend trashing that singer's house.

2708 days ago


Clive Davis and American Idol are awful business people. They're about who can make them the most money. To praise one, not another, too much praise for some and barely for others is despicable.

Kelly Clarkson's new single should have been mentioned. While Mr. Jackass did mention Taylor Hicks & Kat McPhee's new single, it was more in a derrogatory way, so no mention would have been better. To praise Chris Daughtry, enough already.... he is no boy wonder.... if his song wasn't chosen for the Home song and he wasn't constantly pushed, where would he be? He is no different than a zillion other rockers out there. He sang the anthem earlier and the blood vessesls were popping out of his head from screaming, awful. Carrie Underwood is good but enough already in her camp too. She butchered the beatle's song - everyone makes mistakes, blunders etc. Just Clive & AI pick who they want to push and they forget their other "children" - miserable bunch of people. Nobody becomes a star on their own... if they get the American Idol and Clive backing then they have to kiss their a$$es forever. Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Hicks will not do this - that's why no intro of Taylor Hicks, nothing about his CD etc. Carrie has been on 4-5 times this year. Look at the sales charts, CD & CU are always neck in neck. Every other artist in the universe have good and bad weeks, eventually falling lower on the charts. Not CD & CU they have AI & Clive Davis doing something that we will never know to keep them way up on the charts. Guess everyone has to make a living???

2708 days ago


I like Kelly but I am not one of her biggest fans---however- I feel that she has the right to voice her opinion and give her input in regards to her CD--she has earned it. Clive Davis was an icon in his time, but his time is OVER ! He's a total egomaniac (and good luck with druggie Whitney). Clay Aiken tried to stand his ground and give input to his last CD and Clive didn't like the idea that Clay didn't want to be his puppet, so he mandated covers for his CD. It's a good CD---but could have been tons better if it had been new material. I hope Kelly and Clay dump Clive and prove that they don't need him. Carrie is very talented, but right now I think she falls in to the 'yes man' category, and Clive is eating it up!

2708 days ago


#110 i hope you know that trashing thing of amy lee's house wasnt real... it wasnt even her house it was just an acted out pretend skit :)

2708 days ago


Clive Davis knows his stuff, otherwise he would not be in the position hes in,maybe Lil Ms Kelly needs to take heed to some of what hes trying to tell her............More Carrie Underwood.... Yes

2683 days ago


No, we don't need another Carrie.I like her voice and she is beautiful, but she has absolutely no stage presence.I really like Kelly and she needs to stay true to herself , but she should learn how to play the game a little better.As far as Clive...yes he knows the industry, but he needs to retire, he is out of date and too greedy.Someone younger with an open mind can actually get some quality, non mainstream artists back out here for some deserving attention.The constant saturation of mass produced, assembly line music such as what a couple of the idols have fit nicely into is getting and has gotten tiresome. But that is what sells big and fast. Another thing, he in no way shape or form gave any props to Taylor or Kat either.

2682 days ago
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