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Lohan's Accident Aftermath

5/27/2007 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was quite a Friday night for Lindsay Lohan. TMZ cameras caught the actress partying it up 'til the wee hours of the morning (3:30 AM to be exact) at hotspot Les Deux. A source inside the club tells TMZ that she was there "pretty late" after closing (ya think?) and stayed in the exclusive back room. Lohan then left with her ever-trusted buddy Jaz at the wheel.

Two hours after she left Les Deux, cops responded to a 911 call reporting a one-car hit and run at Foothill and Sunset Blvds. in Beverly Hills. Cops say Lindsay was driving her Mercedes and lost control and went up on on a curb.

Check out the video shot of the crash's aftermath! Cops also say they found a "usable amount" of a drug tentatively identified as cocaine in Lindsay's ride. Woops.

Cops say they arrested her at Century City Hospital where she had been taken by friends after the accident. They're waiting for results of blood tests to determine just what substances she had in her system. One thing the cops do know ... more charges could be filed in this case.

Poor Linds. She's in a heap of trouble. Fleeing the scene of an accident, coke allegedly found in her car and a possible DUI -- and she's under 21 to boot.

Nurse! Someone help this girl!


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LL, this hollywood skank deserves it, just in time to join another skank in jail (paris) ... now if only Britney can be charged with something and locked away for awhile!!

2705 days ago


Those clubs let underage people in and serve them drinks to get publicity. The police should hold them accountable. Don't serve drinks to underage people....

2705 days ago


No one seems to learn by example anymore these days. Her frenemy Paris is already heading to the slammer for probation violation relating to a DUI, and now Lindsay not only gets cited for DUI, she decides to drive with someone else's cocaine in the car (of course, we must note, It CAN"T be her coke, or at least that's what they'll say). And you just know that prosecutors are going to call upon that now infamous coke video to try and seal the deal in her getting jail time. Thank my lucky stars that I don't have children. I don't have to meticulously watch what "role model" behavior they take in. It's so sad, and Dina Lohan is even sadder. I remember when the coke tape came out, Dina had said that Lindsay obviously doesn't know who her true friends are, referring to the young woman who released the coke video. She ain't said nothing about the coke matter itself, but just that friends are untrustworthy. Right now, the convicted father is looking a hell of a lot more pure.

2705 days ago

tuna marie    

how has she lost royalities from this?

2705 days ago


You're right, "Paris". The Bar should be heavily fined ($25,000) and have their liscense revoked, Dina should do twice as much jail time as her daughter (4 months for Lindzy, 8+ for Dina in my opinion.).

2705 days ago


The police can close that club down and put enough pressure on Lindsey to tell who served her and sold her drugs. Then arrest them too.

2705 days ago

Tina M    

I'm with AdamG.....It doesn't make any sence.

Have a super long weekend in the U.S. go have some fun, see some family and enjoy what you have. There is more to live than Lindsay.

2705 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

2705 days ago


This article was written by celebrity justice. Why don't ya'll turn over the tape of her leaving the club also interview the patrons and find out who serverd her the alchol.

2705 days ago


Svedka Vodka was going to sponsor her 21st birthday booze fest, but because they would now get very negative publicity, they have pulled the sponsorship. It was reported on the New York Daily News website. It was reportedly worth over $100,000.

2705 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Hey AdamG, I'm not really Dina Lohan. I wrote those 2 posts to sarcastically & satirically point out that Dina Lohan is quite possibly the WORST mom around; permissive, deluded, an apoligist, enabling, moronic, stupid & weak. She'll make any excuse for her daughter, acting as a spin doctor, while not attempting to help her daughter address her problems. I threw a couple of really idiotic things in there, to make people laugh; those "she's being framed" and "it's racially motivated" remarks (of course it's not racially motivated) are so idiotic & stupid that anyone making those remarks would have to be a MORON; they don't have anything to do with what she's done, and only an idiot would say something like them. Sorry if it caused you any anger or annoyance...

Now that you know it's not really Dina Lohan who wrote them, and they weren't serious comments, please re-read them. I think this time around you'll start laughing about how moronic, idiotic & stupid those kinds of comments are. Although, seeing how moronic, deluded, idiotic & stupid Dina is, we may actually hear them coming out of her mouth soon...

2705 days ago


And why didn't they dump the coke on the way to the hospital??
Well it is a lessing for her life. Now maybe they will make her pay the piper and she will learn her lesson before she kills someone or herself. I do agree at this point. Shame on her mother. She should have tried to do something for that girl when she was younger instead of just patying with her.

2705 days ago


The police need to get to the bottom of this and find out who sold her the alchol and drugs.

2705 days ago


She's 20 clubs have been selling her alchol since she's 18 the police need to shut them down.

Some one needs to start a partition to close the clubs that serve to underage people.

2705 days ago


You are certainly a good impersonator, "Dina". ; ) I'm sure that is exactly what she will say when we hear from her, anyway.

2705 days ago
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