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The Case of the "Deal or No Deal" Case

6/1/2007 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four Georgia women are pissed that they had to pay 99 cents to play that "Deal or No Deal" Lucky Case Game -- and now they're charging in a federal suit against NBC that it's just a form of illegal gambling. Wanna bet they didn't win?
Deal or No Deal
In the suit, which was filed yesterday, the women allege that the promotion -- in which viewers text numbers to pick what they think will be the winning briefcase -- constitutes illegal gambling, and is actually a lottery under California, Massachusetts, and New York state laws, because they had to pay a 99 cent "premium" fee to play. There's no charge to play via Internet. Prizes in the game range from $10,000 to $100,000.

The plaintiffs, who are seeking unspecified damages and are seeking class-action status, also names production company Endemol USA in the suit. Press reports suggest that Howie Mandel wasn't touched by the suit.


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They didn't HAVE to pay, no one had a gun to their heads it was their choice, if they didn't play they wouldn't be out .99. How foolish they sound!!!!

2678 days ago

tAz ratul    

This is kind of ummm ..^%^ @$# STUPID!! Did NBC somehow, someway force these chics to play . . Maybe NBC sent out a signal for just them to vote . . and vote more than once. Unreal!!..There has to be some kinda law to prevent funding for B.S. cases as such.

2678 days ago

Suzyq cali    

Wow, have these women never bought a lottery ticket, gone to a casino or maybe played bridge for money? I doubt it. I've called the number. Can I get in this lawsuit,LOL....

2678 days ago


Howie mandel originally from hamilton Ontario Canada (no matter what his bio states) is a big mouth that has reached a measure (about one inch) an I have to wonder why.
Having met the jerk years ago I still recall the abrasive,smug,egotistical moron always looking in a mirror. (it isn't going to improve Howie)
His rabbi hated him - his community ignored him.
Why is he in TMZ?

2678 days ago


I laughed so hard after reading this, that I fell out of my chair. Don't they say that there will be a 99cent charge..HELLOO!!!! What a bunch of dummies!!!

2678 days ago


They are probably 4 fat Georgia broads and just jealous of the models.

2678 days ago

blue man    

You guys commenting are really dumb..the 'lucky case game' has taken in over $100 million dollars...and there is no doubt it is illegal...these '4 Dumb broads' are going to get rich!
you guys are really slow...

2675 days ago

blue man    

these girls are smart you dummies..wake up!!! this show has collected $100 million on the lucky case game. You go girls

2675 days ago


What total idiots!! Dont they know that they not paying to "play" the game they are paying for the text message!!

2674 days ago

blue man    

what text message heather?

2672 days ago


You paid 99 cents... GET OVER IT

2678 days ago


I know they seen the text wrote all across the bottom of the screen there is a $.99 fee and they still voted thats them $.99 WOW thats a lot

2678 days ago


People will sue for anything nowadays!! Give me a break! 99cents????? What a joke!

2678 days ago


The $.99 fee is probably a text fee charged by cellular phone companies for text messages, and not a fee to participate in the game. That's why it is free to play on the internet.

2678 days ago


Must be four blondes.

2678 days ago
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