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Pam Anderson

Still Turnin' Tricks

6/4/2007 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Anderson keeps blowing minds. Although Pam turns 40 on July 1, that's not going to stop the mother of two from walking around half naked! Presto! Are ya feelin' the magic?

pamela anderson
The star of a new Hans Klok "The Beauty of Magic" show at Planet Hollywood has Miss Anderson in Las Vegas three days a week until September. At Friday's opening, she strutted her ample stuff in a scandalously revealing one-piece. Abracadabra! What a piece!

On Saturday, Pam was caught on video getting close with the uber-luscious stripteaser Dita Von Teese -- and dancing her brains out at Pure at Caesars Palace. Battle of the titans!


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name withheld    

This is the hottest bitch to grace the planet. How does she keep that body! I have to see this show.

2697 days ago


Kid Rock is substandard waste. Tommy Lee at least was cute and beguiling and charming as hell when he wasn't knocking women around.

2697 days ago

James M. Buxton    

Pam looks awesome, so still freakin' hot.

Anybody who says otherwise is just a jealous overweight woman.

2697 days ago


i think her lower half looks great. it's the water balloon t*ts and haggish face that need some tuning up.

2697 days ago


trump that

2697 days ago


What dose this artical have to do with Howard K. I'm sure there are other sites on TMZ about Anna you can find to vent on. If you didn't know this is about Pam not Howard. Man get a life.

2697 days ago


She needs to put some freaking clothes on, enough already!!
She looks like crap without make-up and extensions. And don't get me started on those hard knock boobs. Her butt is flat as a pancake...I really don't get the hype. She is washed up. Best thing she has going are maybe her legs. Or apparently what's between them.......

2697 days ago


I heard someone say that to hug a woman with breast implants, is a somewhat strange experience, that the breasts feel hard and unnatural. My only comment about Pamela Anderson......she looks okay attractive and much better.....sans makeup.

2697 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Pam has fake boobs, fake lips, fake hair and I wonder what else is fake. I've seen her on Jay Leno and she has no personality, just sitting there with her big old boobs hanging out. She must have very low self esteem, thinking the only way she will be noticed is acting like a slutty hooker. When she gets older, those boobs will hang around her knees. It will not be a pretty sight. Put on some clothes, Pam, and try to raise your children properly. Does anyone know if she has been in porn movies?

2697 days ago


she has one of the flattest ass ive ever seen ...... just flat as hell ... lol , she should invest in some butt implants like ice-t's white ho hes married to... all FAKE breast with no butt at all looks nasty and weird as hell ..shes only 40.. damn she looks older than that.. the wrinkles in her face are telling the truth.. her face is all CRACKED -UP...she shouldnt have any wrinkles that young ...too bad if she was black she wouldnt have to worry about that because BLACK DONT CRACK!!!!!!!! lol damn all the botox in her face is no longer working.. she should invest in a face lift she was due for one 10yrs ago... and having kids doesnt mean you should look haggard.. shes been a bonafide ho in the business, just sleeping with every and anybody... now look at her - can you say DISH-RAG,HAGGARD,WORN-OUT LOOKING.... YUCK... that pancake butt of hers has to go... lol yuck

2697 days ago


How this affects Pam's son's will be seen 10 years from now. Because their mom is an famous Exhibitionist, those boy's will be dysfunctional. There is just no escaping it. They will grow up with a warped sense of what a woman should be, confused and disturbed.

2697 days ago


That is one MASSIVE liposuction scar on her thighs, ah, so that's how she keeps thin, which is the only thing she has going for her. She must be a very depressed person.

2697 days ago


She's got a bit of a gut, gaah, if I was a useless trash hag with no personality and my body was my only attribute I could do waaaay better than that!

2697 days ago


danced her brains out? well, it must have been a short time on the dance floor!

2697 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

uh-oh. I think I actually feel sorry (and embarrassed) for Pam;
I can't even bring myself to snark her.

2697 days ago
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