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DJ Rips Candy: Those in $150 Million Glass Houses ...

6/19/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson and Candy SpellingYou won't find DJ Samantha Ronson with much to say about galpal Lindsay Lohan -- or their blowout before the curb-hopping incident that plopped the starlet back into rehab -- but when it comes to Candy Spelling, Ronson's sure got a mouthful!

Ronson wrote a MySpace blog to Spelling in response to Candy's open letter to Britney on TMZ. Ronson calls Spelling's tactics of reaching out to people through this site "insane," but adds that "it is nice to see old people using modern technology." Burn!

Sam proceeds to attack Mama Spelling, telling her to focus on her own children, saying she "doesn't seem to me like she is all set on the home front," adding that the only market for an adviser like Spelling is "maybe somewhere in Texas." What's wrong with Texas?!

TMZ cameras caught the DJ out last night going into Hyde -- and it was back to good ol' tight-lipped Ronson.


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It fun to see someone whos only talent is playing old style records on a turntable try to become famous.

And to see an old rich hag who has all the money she'll ever need still live in misery! What a cartoon!

2650 days ago


Candy Spelling has an education and is accomplished. She did not pursue a career for herself after she married Aron Spelling. Instead she has volunteered many hours to Thalians -- orchestrating charities and contributing lots of money to Social Services -- helping people who could not otherwise pay their own medical bills. For example, Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

What are Ronson's accomplishments? (other than sniping at elders, acting bitchy and beiing gay)

2650 days ago


"Princess" - Paris will win an Oscar one day??? Are you from planet Earth???

2650 days ago


I am going to respond to samantha, She doesn't know candy spelling nor do I but from what I have seen, HER children are two of the most caring individual's I have come across,other's could learn lesson's from them. She has no clue what candy's children are doing because Some do it from their heart as does Candy's children and don't want to promote the good they are doing. I admire Candy, Tori and Randy for their hearts and it's sad to see celebrities putting her down without knowing just what a caring family they are.. I love candy's blogs, they are full of insight and hope to read many more of them.
Candy, you and your family are awesome!!

2650 days ago


I like that #15, for some strange reason your joke made me laugh today.

2650 days ago


Hey Candyfan #17

If they asked her to write then they need to retract that one. I understand that everyone has an opinion so here is mine…

She should be the last one to say anything about anyone, when she couldn’t, didn’t want too, or just not smart enough to look over to her own husband and explain to him that other races did go to high school. And the white boy that was trying to be the stereotypical black with his so called up beat ness to the show, was more than slightly retarded.

I think after some of these Hollywood people stay in their mansions to long, or in the lights of the cameras, they tend to loose sight of reality. They cannot speak for the rest of us. And if they do, then at least has the decency to end their comment with…”of course people this is just MY opinion”. Even though we really don’t want to hear their either.

2650 days ago


I don’t know who this DJ is, and I don’t care. I think Candy should keep her opinion to her self in most cases. And I don’t know who Joey is, but at least he had the B** to write her back and let her know that she has no reason to be in his business when she doesn’t have all of his details.

As for #35…

You have got to be Candy Spelling herself. Well thanks for all the good that you’ve done in America that we all HAVEN”T seen or heard of.

Thanks Candy!! But try using your writing time to help others than giving you opinion on TMZ. I think giving a positive opinion is ok, but when you give your opinion on TMZ with your photo like you have Dr. credits behind you, then there is a problem. We are the general public with positive opinions, you are someone that should be posting things to let us know how we can you help others at certain functions dealing with our youth.

Yes the youth is bad all over, but the famous ones in California seem to be getting worse these day. You should think about helping them too Candy, instead of only speaking on a website, since you have the *means* to do so.

2650 days ago


Why don't Candy give her opinions and advice to her family first? And maybe someone will listen to her. After all of the coverage she had against her Own daughter. It is hard to believe anything that she says. Actions speak Louder than Words......

2650 days ago


The DJ goes to Hyde!!! Wow..............Hey, does "hip young Hollywood", like this creature, have any understanding that to be truly hip, a club has very likely never been heard of by most people?? That's just the way it has always been. Trash --esp. rich ones--wouldn't recognize anything cool if it were slammed up their asses. These losers are the natural heirs to their elders who would have thought it was really hot to frequent members-only dives in Beverly Hills. BTW I believe this person is a he/she. Take off a couple of more points for non-hipness. Sorry but gay tastes tend to be rigidly unhip.

2650 days ago


She looks like a complete is wrong with her eyes?


2650 days ago


I wanna drink Samantha Ronson's bath water (Ok so I need help and maybe some glasses but come on she's not that bad a looker) Alright that last statement was a lie I should only do her with my eyes shut. Candy needs to keep her trap shut though no one gives a rat's ass what she says.

2650 days ago


Texas is the incest capital of the world . It's also the home of Rosie O'donnell 's mother Virgie Arthur . The state motto is: Only steers or queers pass here .Finally last but not least the only good thing to come out of Texas Is .eastbound interstate 30 ............

2650 days ago

this is my name    

"old people"?

as if spinning records were a true talent?

mama spelling has more class in her big toe than this little man-child has in her whole anorexic body.
maybe she-male should stop slinging coke to lohan, and shave her eyebrows instead of ripping on someone with class.

2650 days ago


#50 that is not true. Candy has many fans and we look forward to her blogs.

2650 days ago


#29, are you delusional? I think it is time to take your meds. Paris is famous for being nothing. She is the crap that sticks to the toilet bowl after you flush. She is a waste of space and she probably will overdose before she reaches her 30th birthday!

2650 days ago
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