Could a Baby Keep Richie Out of the Pokey?

6/22/2007 2:01 PM PDT
With pregnancy rumors running every which way, Nicole Richie and borefriend Joel Madden added fuel to the baby blabber fire. TMZ spies saw them purchase a $300 Born Out of Necessity chic leather diaper bag at Bel-Bambini baby boutique on Thursday. But even if she's not pregnant, Richie might want to consider getting knocked up real soon -- it might save her from following in Paris' shackled footsteps.

With her DUI trial set to begin on July 11, what judge in his right mind would send a pregnant waif to the slammer?! Oh the humanity! If she's found guilty, Wrongway Richie will spend a minimum of five days in jail, with the possibility of up to a year behind bars -- and we're not talkin' Hyde!

Anyone know of a good prison daycare?