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Celebrity Ass-trology

Nicole Richie

6/23/2007 10:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

nicoleric_gregg_14330087_400-1Is she or isn't she with child? What do the stars say about Nicole Richie's maybe-pregnancy with rocker Joel Madden? What about the possibility of wrong-way-related jail time? TMZ checked in with for all the heavenly answers.

Sunday, Nicole's horoscope reminds her that while her skinny socialite schedule is easy-breezy, not all of her friends have the same luxuries. "Your schedule is flexible, but your friends aren't. Check with them before booking." Perhaps that's Nicole's horoscope reminding her to give Lynwood a ring before showing up to visit Paris.

Her horoscope also says that Nicole will be getting "cozily domestic." No more late nights at Hyde and Area in Nicole's future? Will it be baby blankets and breast-feeding instead of oh-so-big sun-glasses and Vicodin from here on out?

On Monday, her horoscope reports that Nicole's ready to bask in some glory. Is that baby mama glory? "The stars say your efforts will pay off in a big way, especially if you don't try and rush the results." Is that a big BELLY way? And would those results be the results of an EPT pregnancy test? Plus if you're pregnant, minus if you're not! Either way, recommends her horoscope, Nicole should "sit back and enjoy the ride," "bump"-y or not!

And on Friday, Nicole's horoscope says that she's "always had a soft spot for someone who seems like they might be in need of a helping hand, courtesy of your generous soul." Now that Paris will be out of jail next week, Nicole's star sign is telling her to offer the frenemy hand of friendship over. After all, Nicole may be doing time sometime soon, and Paris could teach her a thing or two about life in the big house!


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Paris & Nicole.....

Stupid is as stupid does.


2682 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Nicole will make a great mom. She is witty and funny..sick of TMZ people trying to drag her down. There pics this week in the British Tabloids of Dina and Nicole laughing it up at the Ivey. Apparently Nicole has taken Dina's fight in the TARA/Dina feud of Stedman!

2682 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Go Nicole! Glad you are healthy and having a baby!

2682 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

#2 your pompous uneducated TRAMP... quit your insulting posts over Nicole. We all make mistakes...(your mother did by having you)

2682 days ago


Hangin judge Sauer is waiting for you, Nicole. FYI: I heard he really despises The Simple Life show.

2682 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

I want to know more about this Dina, Stedman, Tara thing... fill me in

2682 days ago


Just another vapid retard.

2682 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

God Bless you Boy Howdy... I am sick of all the hateful TMZ posters. Nicole seems like a lovely girl as does Paris. I do think that Stedman needs to make up his mind about which woman he wants.

2682 days ago



2682 days ago


What do the stars say?

The stars and planets have about as much effect on a humans life as a door knob. In otherwords, they don't say a thing and anyone who believes otherwise is simply and idiot.

2682 days ago


DUH...she would have to gain weight to have a baby...and we all know those girls would rather die than gain a pound.

OFF SUBJECT: Had to compliment Fox & Friends...the host (I don't say hostess..ugh..) looked "covered" yet "sexy." Good Job! Sat. 23rd
I complained about the women being I will compliment them when they look classy.

2682 days ago


Is anyone laughing their asses off that is so close to being shut down...I warned the little weasel just a month or so ago that when he crashes, the whole country is going to get off on it.... just like we did when his lil herpe crusted ho went to jail. :)

2682 days ago

Duke, Duke, Duke, - Duke of Earl    

Hey, TMZ, where's the story about Eddie Murphy's DNA proving him the bay daddy of Scary Spice? Why waste space with a lame story about Ass-trology? Give us the good stuff.

2682 days ago

just me    

I really think the child is at terrible risk if Nicole is pregnant. The risk of miscarriage rises sharply for women who are underweight and for women who are very thin, such as Nicole is, the risk of miscarrying can be as much as 70% greater than for women who are a healthy normal weight before the pregnancy. If she is pregnant, I really hope she waste no time getting obstetric care and that she is careful to choose an ob/gyn who is a specialist in high risk pregnancy care. I hope all goes well for Nicole.

2682 days ago


It's not bad enough we have stupid Paris freaks,
now we also have stupid Nicole freaks.
You people really need to get a life.

2682 days ago
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