Celebrity Ass-trology Nicole Richie

6/23/2007 10:41 AM PDT

Celebrity Ass-trology -- Nicole Richie

Is she or isn't she with child? What do the stars say about Nicole Richie's maybe-pregnancy with rocker Joel Madden? What about the possibility of wrong-way-related jail time? TMZ checked in with Astrology.com for all the heavenly answers.

Sunday, Nicole's horoscope reminds her that while her skinny socialite schedule is easy-breezy, not all of her friends have the same luxuries. "Your schedule is flexible, but your friends aren't. Check with them before booking." Perhaps that's Nicole's horoscope reminding her to give Lynwood a ring before showing up to visit Paris.

Her horoscope also says that Nicole will be getting "cozily domestic." No more late nights at Hyde and Area in Nicole's future? Will it be baby blankets and breast-feeding instead of oh-so-big sun-glasses and Vicodin from here on out?

On Monday, her horoscope reports that Nicole's ready to bask in some glory. Is that baby mama glory? "The stars say your efforts will pay off in a big way, especially if you don't try and rush the results." Is that a big BELLY way? And would those results be the results of an EPT pregnancy test? Plus if you're pregnant, minus if you're not! Either way, recommends her horoscope, Nicole should "sit back and enjoy the ride," "bump"-y or not!

And on Friday, Nicole's horoscope says that she's "always had a soft spot for someone who seems like they might be in need of a helping hand, courtesy of your generous soul." Now that Paris will be out of jail next week, Nicole's star sign is telling her to offer the frenemy hand of friendship over. After all, Nicole may be doing time sometime soon, and Paris could teach her a thing or two about life in the big house!