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Wrestling Superstar Found Dead

6/25/2007 7:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE superstar Chris Benoit, 40, his wife Nancy and young son were found dead in their Atlanta home early this afternoon, this according to

No further details regarding the tragedy have been released. Benoit was scheduled to appear at a pay-per-view event last night ... WWE said that there was a "family emergency" that prevented him from being there.

Benoit, a former World Heavyweight Champ, wreaked havoc with his signature move, the "Crippler Crossface."

The incident comes on the heels of the shocking death of former WWE wrestler "Sensational" Sherri Martel, and the supposed "assassination" of WWE head honcho Vince McMahon. TMZ has learned that the WWE is scrapping all references to the McMahon death storyline on tonight's episode of "Raw.'

According to the official WWE website, tonight's "Raw" will serve as a tribute to the wrestling great.

Police are investigating the incident.

UPDATE: ABC News is reporting that the deaths are being investigated as a possible suicide and double homicide.


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"Jim", What the Hell is your problem?!
Stop trying to make everyone look at the pictures.
Why dont You go killed Yourself You freak.

2646 days ago


Hey John, next time you're at the library you should pull out a dictionary and practice your spelling. "Trailer" does not have an "o" in it. And I thought you said you were educated. It is easy to make fun of wrestling but there is no denying the skill and athleticism these huge men have. Chris had all the athleticism but very little acting skills. That's what always held him down. Now the word is Chris' wife may have killed the kid (we don't know how) and then Crhis choked her in some type of fight afterwards. Apparently he poisoned himself sometime after that.

2646 days ago


Unfortunetly Benoit strangled his wife and child and then hung himself .. this is very shocking and very unfortunet... how can someone do that to a child?

2646 days ago


I had the opportunity to meet Chris when I working at a theme park in California. He came across as very a very nice guy. It is a shame that he died so young. He was a consummate professional and a great friend to many of the wrestlers in the WWE and no one should have a bad thing to say about him. He was one of my favorite wrestlers. Now he is gone, reunited with his best friend Eddie Guerrero in Heaven. Thank you Chris Benoit. Rest in Peace.

2646 days ago


why do it smell like mafia?

2646 days ago


Suckers! Ain't nobody dead. This is all WWE PR crap. The NEXT pay-per-view will have the whole fam damly will be declared salvageble , then resurrected by "The Undertaker".

2646 days ago


would you people quit bashing Benoit. There has been a tradrady here. WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. People keep saying murder-suicide.The sheriffers office is assuming that's what it was. RIP Benoit Family1967-2007. P.S Turned 40,11 days before he did . 5-10-67.

2646 days ago


"39. Scott,

The guy was 5'11" 250 lbs with about 2% body fat. If you ever saw the guy "scuffle" you'd see veins the size of licorice sticks popping out of his muscles. Unfortunately, the wrestling business has no sanctioning or governing body so these guys take steriods, human growth hormones or any other performance enhancing drugs with impunity. Steriods were originally developed to help speed up the healing process but as we have seen over the last few decades they have been used and abused by people from all walks of life. I never knew the guy, only saw him on TV but having been around the block a few times I would have to say the guy was a user.
Posted at 7:33PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Nobody's fool"

If you weren't a total idiot "nobody's fool" then you'd know that the WWE has random testing for steroids because of what happened years ago. A certain wrestler went and stated on the witness stand in FEDERAL court that Vince McMahon 'allowed' steroids to be used. After that, Vince put his foot down, and they started doing testing for steroids, and any other drugs. He runs a TIGHT ship at WWE, so that none of the wrestlers can hurt themselves. He got rid of a few that tested positive for drugs, what the hell makes you think that he's keep someone that's positive for STEROIDS??? You are an idiot. you say you never knew him, and never watched him, so why are you making these assumptions based on lies?? Just because some wrestlers back in the day used, does not mean Chris did. He was NOT that big of a guy, did you EVER see him at all? If you had, then you would definately know he was not using.

To some of you people, how can you just make the assumption that he's the one that killed his family? NOTHING has been stated as of yet. It's clear that a woman is as much capable as a man to kill. (anyone remember Phil Hartman???) We do not know if he did it, or if she did it. STOP trying to make him look like some horrible person. anyone that knew or met him can testify to the fact that he was a total gentelman out of the ring, and someone you'd want for a friend. I don't believe that he'd be capable to do something like that, I can't speak for his wife, but I know for a fact that he loved his kids more than anything. If someone was so devoted to their kids (he had 3, the other 2 were not home) why in the world would he off them?? PLEASE leave this man's legacy alone, and let his family and his fans morn his passing.

2646 days ago


to #568 roger c . This is not a joke . This is not a vince hoax. The Benoit Family are deceaced.

2646 days ago

Have Hope    

Guys! You have to keep hoping it wasn't murder-suicide! You're saying it's so awful when they haven't confirmed it yet! Just keep hoping it isn't and maybe your prayers will be heard.

2646 days ago


Well first of all I am a wrestling fan. Remember it’s called the WWE and the “E” stands for entertainment. It’s a show just like CSI or any other show. It’s not like the NFL or the NBA. Don’t get me wrong pro wrestling is fun to watch, and the wrestlers do get hurt. But in reality no matter how big you are, kicking someone in the head several times would cause them to become unconscious or have a have major brain damage. So, yes the majority of the blows are fake. When they are inducted into the hall of fame they finally admit to that fact.

Now Chris Benoit, was an amazing wrestler anyone who can jump off a top rope and head butt a mans’ shoulder is really putting his career on the line. Now in terms of killing his family that’s not cool and I’m not desensitized enough by wrestling to think that it is alright what he did.

Now as for the possibility of him taking drugs, I am sure we will never know. Usually, that is never revealed to the public; and usually only occasionally. No, if you search on the internet and also news publications you will find many professional wrestlers do use cocaine and other pain killers, because of the terrible injuries they have on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, I have done bodybuilding for several years, I know many pro and amateur athletes, and I know the difference between someone who uses steroids for a long time. I will say that it appears to me that, “I think,” Chris Benoit was using enhancement agents for a very long time. Usually the best way to tell is, as a person gets older they should loose muscle, which starts in your early 30’s. So if you see an athlete who is bigger then he or she was when they were in their 20’s well, then the writing is on the wall.

My heart goes out to the remaining family. If it’s revealed that he had any type of drugs in his system the remaining family should speak out publicly to prevent it from happening again.

2646 days ago


Comment 540 could be correct. Nancy could have called Chris to come home because of an "emergency". She might have killed Daniel and herself because she was distraught or could no longer handle the constant travel schedule Chris had to deal with. Remember, Nancy had been pretty much out of the business for almost ten years. Chris, when he got home, finding Nancy and Daniel dead, then could have killed himself, not wanting to live without them, and being the emotional guy he was. Let us wait for the autopsy results and the completion of the police investigation and not pass premature judgments. Let us try to remember Chris for the superb wrestler he was and the general all around good guy he seemed to be and the respect he was held in by all. Let us remember Nancy for being a good wife, mother, and former wrestling manager and entertainer (as Woman) that she was. And let us remember that Daniel was an innocent 7 year old child. It is sad when emotional and/or mental problems can lead to tragedies such as this. RIP Chris, Nancy, and Daniel.
JeffTheWiz, a wrestling fan for 45 years

2646 days ago


Just a word of caution to all those people posting about what a 'coward' Chris was.

It's pretty likely to come out that this was not a planned pre-meditated event. Most likely drugs or temporary insanity is what led to this evil being committed. And that is really scary because here he is, a dedicated and disciplined athlete, who spent years giving 110% to his fans, and then something snaps, or whatever and this tragedy befalls his family. He loved his family. These actions were not those of the Chris we knew.

How suseptible are we to such a fate???

I've worked with some pretty talented people, and I was very close to a superstar employee who suffered a terrible break from reality and is not spending his days heavily medicated to control his psychotic delusions.

What can I say, there but for the grace of God go I

Let's have some compassion for Chris and his family
and let's keep them and their families in our prayer, they are now living a nightmare.

2646 days ago


I sincerely hope this was not a murder suicide as being reported, if he did kill his SEVEN YEAR old SON how can we respect any of his PAST SUCCESS? Killing yourself is one thing but a SEVEN YEAR OLD INNOCENT CHILD whose LIFE is before him is ANOTHER. I hope for his resting sake it does not come out and destory his legacy.

2646 days ago


First of all, i'm german, so sorry for the bad english.

I didn't read all this comments, but John yours are redicules.

Someone just died and you're writing hard stuff like that. If you would know the Wrestlingbusiness and be up to date, you would know that, especially the last time, Benoit enjoiyed his time with the family. So there must be reason for this.

R.I.P. Chris Benoit. He was without a doubt the best WWE Wrestler at this time. At Veangeance, he should be the ECW Champ. It's so damn sad. Even if he wasn't the best on the Mic, there was evertime something, that made him one of the good guys in front of the Camera.

2646 days ago
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